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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Cruzat0r, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Cruzat0r

    Cruzat0r Space Spelunker

    1. If you die in multiplayer you're heath, xp, and cool-down ui is invisible.

    2. if you jump onto a platform that 2 blocks high, you lose the ability to jump again.

    3. Sometimes in the Sky Meadow level, enemies get stuck on the jump pad on the far right of the map, making a long and excruciating experiance to kill said enemy, witch usually ends up being a child.(not sure if this only happens in multiplayer because i so far haven't seen it happen in single player)

    4.(This is also a multiplayer glitch)The usable item that spawns a chest called Captains [something] is weird in multiplayer. I've seen that it spawns a chest visible to anyone within a multiplayer game but in different areas as if they also had it. If you open it as it being your item, the chest dispels for the other persons, If they have the item and you open the chest that spawned near you, the item goes to where the item users chest was. This might not be a glitch altogether because this is helpful, (Ex: Like if you didn't have money but you spawned the chest for them to buy. They are in a different area but they buy it for you and you get the item) and does seem like an adjustment made on purpose, but it's hard to understand the mechanics of its multiplayer use. So if that's the case, then if you could, make that a description somewhere explaining it.

    5.Having the Command artifact gives you the ability to choose whatever item you want, even if you haven't unlocked the item properly yet. That definitely needs to be changed.

    6. This one is really technical and not as important. When you alt tab out of the game, the icon is not apparent on the taskbar, at first this was confusing but we soon realized we could get in by alt tabbing our way back in.

    7. This one has been apparent, even from way back when in risk of rain's early release. Sometimes the other persons in multiplayer end up going in a direction that is possible (Like something you can climb, or simply not making a jump bewteen some gap) then snapping back on the direction they where actually going all along. This happens allot more often when spectating a player after dying. (this might be a connection problem but out gameplay is almost always smooth though and though)

    Hope you game devs read this and found this helpfull in any way possible I really appreciate what you guy do to this game and its honestly been one of the funnest experiences in a long time.
    Thank you.
    • Cruzat0r

      Cruzat0r Space Spelunker

      I have another i got to add:
      8. Sometimes, (only in multiplayer) does one of us get, stuck. Unable to move left and right, we can shoot, jump and all that but its like the left and right key don't work. This usually happens around something that that you can climb like, a ladder or a rope, and i beleive thaty has something to do with it.
      • Combineguy5

        Combineguy5 Yeah, You!

        Mostly just confirming things here, mostly with 3 and 8, but I'll go ahead and mention all of them as I have at least a bit to say on most.

        1. Wouldn't know about this one, I don't often play multiplayer.
        2. This happens not necessarily when you jump 2 blocks, but rather when you perform a "perfect" jump... That is, you hit the ground without actually falling. This means that items like the rusty jetpack change the requirements for this glitch to occur.
        3. This definitely happens in singleplayer too. The jump pad launches them stupidly high in the air, often far beyond the reachable areas of the map, and they drift back down very slowly. I once saw one get launched so high it took a full 15 seconds to come back down into the visible area.
        4. No idea about this one either.
        5. Not sure this is actually a glitch, but I agree it needs to be changed.
        6. This is not a problem with Risk of Rain specifically. Not sure exactly what the details are, but from what I've heard the team for RoR can't do anything about this.
        7. I'm 90% sure that's a lag issue. In my (limited) experience, that's one of the things that require the least amount of lag to start happening, so it can happen from lag without any other noticeable effects.
        8. This happens to me in singleplayer too, but usually only when I first spawn on a level.
        • gufufu

          gufufu Space Hobo

          2. wat
          i read that 6 times


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