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Glitch Aging

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Negative Infinity, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Negative Infinity

    Negative Infinity Void-Bound Voyager

    A while ago I posted a question about how the Glitch actually age. I am working on a fanfic and one of the characters will be Glitch. So I put some thought into it and came up with a system of my own. I was going to just use it in my fanfiction, but I decided I'd also upload it here so people can look over it and maybe add some ideas of their own onto it as well.

    The original question was 'Are Glitch built like adults, or are parts added on as they age?' btw.

    When two Glitch ‘parents’ decide they are ready to create an ‘offspring’, they collect parts that ‘feel right.’ When all parts are collect to make a baby-sized Glitch, they enter a trance. In the trance, they literally put the pieces together to create a baby Glitch, but they must also make the ‘newborn’ able to be upgraded later in life. When the baby is complete, the parents return to their normal lives, albeit with a new child.

    Aging to Six:
    From the moment of ‘birth’ to the age of six, the parents of a young Glitch (or the guardian, if the parents are for whatever reason absent) will collect parts for the young Glitch, starting a month before its birthday. When the birthday arrives, all three enter a trance where the young Glitch is modified. These modifications tend to be of size, but can also be of programming, such as if the Glitch is born to be a knight but for whatever reason they are failing to understand how to be a knight.

    Six to Twenty:
    Starting from the age of six, the young Glitch will seek out their own parts. Every birthday, they will enter a trance where they will be able to modify themselves, though usually only in size, other modifications might include personal touches, like paint, or head accessories (though both of these don’t normally come into play until the age of fifteen). This period ends at the age of twenty, where the Glitch stop these trances (and thus modifications) until the age of seventy.

    Twenty to Seventy:
    From twenty to thirty, the Glitch do not enter trances like those in their early life. The only exceptions are if they are creating their own child with another Glitch.

    Seventy to Eighty:
    If a Glitch survives to the age of seventy, they will once again enter trance-like states. This time, instead of the trances being used to show growth, they are used to show age. Glitch in these states tend to shrink a few inches after every trance, and those with active careers, such as knights, might hunch over somewhat (to reflect bad backs). This is also the time when most Glitch retire, exceptions include kings or their advisors.

    Eighty to One-Hundred:
    During this time the Glitch once again forgo any trances.

    One-Hundred to One-Hundred and Five:
    In the last five years of life, assuming the Glitch has lived this long, they will enter four final trances (ages 100 through 104). In these last trances their paint will have worn out a lot and they will become less active, mentally and physically. All Glitch die of age on their 105th birthday. The only exception might be if a self-aware Glitch somehow gets around the pre-programmed death.
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