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  1. Blue

    Blue Former Staff

    The following are items that I feel would make life easier on the player, mainly doing with changes of improvements to the UI.

    1. Hotbar Switch - Pressing Left-Ctrl could toggle your on screen hotbar between the 3 different inventory lines. This would make it easier to access the items on the second and third rows of your inventory quickly without having to open inventory, and rearrange things.
    2. Library Collection Window - Much like the menu of collections for all other items, I feel it would make life easier if when you clicked on any bookshelf in the library, it brought up a window of Book Collections. It could only be access in the library and as you find books they un-grey, and you can read them from this window... Currently, trying to find where exactly to click on the bookshelves for each book gets a bit frustrating and monotonous. Even with the NEW BOOK icons, it takes me 10+ tries to locate the right spot to click.
    3. Unified Inventory Controls- Currently, when you are in your inventory, you can click an item, move it around, and organize things manually. But Storage Boxes, they don't let you do this and have a different control scheme for some reason. Instead, clicking and item auto-moves that item to the box and from the box, which makes managing the inventory in the box screen impossible without closing the window and re-opening the menu. Why is this the one window where the controls are different? Especially when Shift+Click could be used to move things automatically.
    4. Hay Access - Currently, unless it's a rainy day, and your chickens have eaten some of the hay in the coop, you can not access the hay which is required for a bundle in the community center. I had to wait 6 days for rain to complete a bundle. Why is it you can't access the hay at any time? I understand it gives you 'how much hay you need' when you click the hay storage in the coop/barn, but could it default to 1 if you don't 'need' any?
    5. Full Year Calendar - Adding Up and Down Arrows so we can view the full year, and see birthdays ahead of time, to get an idea, would be nice. Since nothing changes from year to year on the schedule, I am unsure why it only shows the one month.
    6. Visible Weapon Stats - When selling weapons, your weapons don't show damage and stat values, only the price. It would be helpful in comparing current weapons to sold ones if it showed the stats in the shop window when you hover over your own weapons.
    7. Set Alarm - Being able to click on the clock and set an alarm for a certain time, so the game notifies you when that time has come, would be very helpful.
    8. Notepad - Adding a menu item that acts as a notepad that you can type whatever you want to remind yourself of things later, etc. Multiple pages would allow for manual tracking of information like townsperson favorites and things of that nature. Maybe even a TO-DO page, with single line texts, so you can mark things you need to do, and checkmark them to have them display on the screen when you are walking around.
    9. Lock Hotbar - Not sure about anyone else, but I like my weapons and tools to be in a certain order. This makes the SORT button on the inventory less of an aide, and more of a hassle. But if we could mouseover an item in the inventory and press F or something, and lock that slot, so it is not affected by sorting, It would be very helpful.
    The next couple are just a few things I feel would make the game a bit more easy to handle without requiring wikis, or keeping pads of paper with info all over.
    1. Learn Favorites - As you give gifts, and find out through people in hearsay, allow the player to learn their favorite gifts that can be viewed on mouseover on the collections screen, with a small version of that NPCs head appearing in the tooltip for that item.
    2. Learn Routines - As you get to know people, you get to learn their routines. So if you are at least 5+ hearts with someone, mousing over their icon on the relationship screen could show you "[NAMEHERE] is usually in the saloon right about now."

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I may add things later on.
    - Blue
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    • CharmingOwl

      CharmingOwl Space Spelunker

      Hotbar Switch! This would be great!
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      • kazuutenshii

        kazuutenshii Space Hobo

        I assume most of this will actually be implemented after like a couple of updates because those are the missing parts of the game that needs fixing and putting in :D
        • Blue

          Blue Former Staff

          It's always best not to assume something will be added unless its already been announced somewhere. That's how you find yourself disappointed later.
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          • CharmingOwl

            CharmingOwl Space Spelunker

            I have another one:
            Simplify usage of chees press, oil maker a.s.o.

            Example: I have truffles in my inventory, but not in the toolbar. Just because I've done a lot of stuff like collecting truffles, milk the cows, pick up the eggs...
            So after that I walk over to my gadgets and then I need to move all the Items into the toolbar for putting them into the oil maker and the cheese press and the mayonaise machine.... and... and... and this repeats every day. It's kind of annoying by time.

            Why not just define/adjust a priority (e.g. duck egg before chicken egg, gold quality after silver after normal...) and I have just to interact with the machine by clicking it and the machine gets loaded with the item in my inventory. This would be similiar to cooking. All the stuff in my pocket and the fridge is available and I do not need to put it into the kitchen.
            • Blue

              Blue Former Staff

              The only issue with that suggestion, is I personally only put in non-starred items into those machines, while I know other players who put only starred items in. So there is no way to prioritize in a way that will appease everyone. The CTRL button hotbar switch I listed would solve this, as you wouldn't have to move anything around in your inventory, just press CTRL once or twice.
              • CharmingOwl

                CharmingOwl Space Spelunker

                But if one could prioritize in the options dialogue...?
                • Blue

                  Blue Former Staff

                  Made a few edits in my post.
                  • deukahng

                    deukahng Big Damn Hero

                    I like all of these, but I LOVE those last two. Having to tab out to the wiki every time is draining, and not having the player 'learn' these things kinda invalidates the usefulness of hearing those tips as dialogue.
                    • Xamerzan

                      Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

                      I REALLY like these ones! I think it'd also be nice once you get to 5+ hearts with someone and (more or less) know their schedule that they'd show up as animated colored dots on your map depending on where they currently are. I don't know if that'd be extremely useful, but I'd like to have an idea of where certain people are at certain times just by opening my map. ;)
                      • deukahng

                        deukahng Big Damn Hero

                        As there is indeed a mod for that, we know it's possible. We'll see if CA adds any of these convenience features in 1.1
                        • Blue

                          Blue Former Staff

                          I think the one issue that mod maker had was that each area of the map is one solid tile area, and it can't show specific locations inside that area. But overall, it would be helpful to know what part of town people are in.
                          • Anrui

                            Anrui Space Hobo

                            2. I like this one, I'd love to be able to get a list of my books instead of randomly clicking till I find what I want to look at.
                            3. I found this to be very weird for the longest of times. Why won't the game let me move stuff like in my character inventory? I did get used to the different chest mechanics, but I'd like to be able to move stuff around as well. Could help with organizing chests.
                            4. Spend 100 gold and buy 10 hay from Marnie. Honestly I wish I could access the Silo inventory and add hay I purchased from Marnie to the Silo hay.
                            5. Would be nice.
                            6. I'd love this one too, if I may add, I wish I could put weapons,rings, and boots in the sell box at the farm. Currently the Adventure shop buys are the only ones you can't put in the sell box at your farm.
                            7. This would be a very cool addition!
                            8. A very simple notepad would be great because often times I find myself forgetting some things I need to do. Like I will tend to my crops and animals in the morning then start heading to the mines only to remember I forgot my sword when I get there. A notepad would help me to remember what I'm planning on doing.
                            9. This would be neat as well.

                            I'd love the learn favorites and learn routines, it would make the game a little more friendly and less based on memorizing all of this.

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