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Pixel General Nuclears no longer unused robots and ohter drawing(now taking requsets only one at the time)

Discussion in 'Art' started by General Nuclear, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Nibolas O Anelbozas

    Nibolas O Anelbozas Spaceman Spiff

  2. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    Your telling me i weren't?

    Anyway one thing i have never liked with many games is that you can never see the items your picking up or where they go after you have picked them up.
    So that's why there shall be no bottomless magic bag of holding in any of my games. In my universe we follow the law of physics! nothing may appear or reappear out of nothing.
    And seeing that neither of the robots have any pockets then i will have to make it so that you can only hold two items at the time and maybe let you place some items on your head. and you will have to put down the items and pick them up again. but you shall able to bring with you any item from the beginning to the end through the game with you. So you can go around with a toilet plug where ever you go, if you manged to sneak it with you. also you can still combine items with each other even thought they are not in your claw hands.

    bips fencing with toliet plugger.png

    *bips* En garde!

    Also i really want to make the player truly want to play the game over and over again that's what defines a good game.
    also there haven't been any game for me lately that have made me want to play it over again because most ending are just 'yes and so everything was don and all questions was answered' even the games made to be played over again don't managed to make me play it again after i have won it. except undertale.

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  3. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    I really need to establish a schedule for when i am gonna work on the game or its gonna take 50 years or something before i am don.
    somebody nag at me about the progress of the game.
  4. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    in celebration that i managed to retrive some of my lost progress here is bips doing this dance that i also ironicly lost before i got to show it here.


    better add the walking animation progress here before i lose it again.

    anyway most my progress on legs walking animation was on my old stationery pc so i will have to do the same with that some time later.

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  5. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    So i really haven't been in shape and i haven't had the time to draw anything lately but it have given me some time to think about the plot and mechanics.

    One thing i have been thinking about and even have been suggested by my brother is maybe the major plot twist was you where a human in a robot suit after all who was just imagine it all.
    But then i remembered that i Absolutely Hate those plot twist in games, its mario 2 all over again and all your work was for nothing Bah!
    Instead i thought maybe i can make the robots or humans to think that you are human in some way or another maybe pretending that you are being remote controlled or something. :disguise:*beep bop bap* whats up fellow humans?

    or even reprogram or fool/confuse The crazy killer robot organization terrorists into thinking that they are all humans. to get a another ending where they stop almost all attacks on humans because they are seen as their own. that or they suddenly starts going after each other instead.

    Yeah both sounds good. total chaos ending for the killer robot organization sounds good while half of them turns agains each other the other half will start to protect their fellow ''humans'' and real humans instead.

    Some other things i have thought about is maybe i could add real time events and time to it all to make it feel more alive so people would walk back and forward to work as time passes by for their daily routines. which again gave me some mischief ideas based on neighbors from hell to mess up with their routines. For those that want to play like that.

    memo to self Piskel was the gif making site i used to make gifs.
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  6. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank


    been working on human npc templets and npcs and backround storys.

    Also i figure i could work on making up some achievements to get the gears of progress to turn a little faster and to help out on the plot of the story.

    • *Dare to be stupid.
    Win the game by combining, saying and doing the most stupid and ridicules things and somehow not die.
    (Side note)
    I am planing on letting the player do a whole lot of stupid stuff but only a few things actually pay of doing.
    Because some times in life it pays out to be idiot but almost never and thats why you shouldn't try it out.

    • *Domo arigato mr roboto.
    Make a actually trustworthy human disguise for any of your robot characters. and win without blowing your cover until the end
    (Side note)
    Hard to do because of their inhuman physical appearance and rare items you need to get but not impossible.

    • *The three laws.
    win the game without breaking any of the three laws of robotics.
    (Side note)
    1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
    2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
    3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws
    • *Mother*bips* (hidden achievement)
    Turn the swear filter off with a cheat code and discover that one of the npc robots that have been communicating with beeping sounds have actually been just constantly swearing the whole time.
    (Side note)
    inspired by a old internet joke about R2D2

    • *Heros are Hard to find! Win or lose.... You gotta give it a Try.
    Finish the game a true hero by saving life for no self gain or fame.
    (Side note)
    There will be more then one occasion when some will need to be saved in the game but not always as drastic or in a way that you need to throw your self at it without thinking,
    Sometimes you just gotta act without think or they will not make it and sometimes you gotta use your head or they wont make it. if the situation is dire you can't question it all. no matter what you think is right or wrong.

    I Also though of maybe adding perma death for the npcs as in even if you try to reload a save then they will still be dead to prevent people from killing all the npcs and to give some real guilt and to teach people that some day you may stumble across someone in great need and if so then you can't just walk by. the only way to get them back is to start a new game from the start on.
    you may be a immortal robot that can be rebuildt over and over again but they are not. the life of a is more worth then the life of a robot even though they are against you for now they can change if they want to.

    • *Boot up the sleeping giant.
    Unlock cletus as your second playable character to play as
    (Side note)
    Of course i wouldn't just let you play all the characters right away you gotta earn for two main reasons.
    1. ones a player usual is finish with a point and click adventure they would leave it without returning back to it even with multiply endings because they would most times just youtube walkthroughs to get the ending they want but this way they can't just youtube them self out of this game.
    2. With this the player will get ten times as much contents out of the game as they would with a normal point and click adventure even with multiply endings because every character is different.

    • *Time traveler. (hidden achievement)
    preform a action only a time traveler would be able to do or know about.
    (Side note)
    Every gamer who have ever reloaded a save is a form of Time traveler. But there are some ways to fool your game even if your game have Rogue like mechanics. so i am adding some things your not suppose to be able to do but if your managing to do it then you would get this hidden achievement.

    • *human after all.
    Get the ending hard where you fool the killer robots into thinking they are humans.
    (Side note)
    This also unlocks nameless the fourth playable robot which is short of the easy mod to play as. seeing on how he can do all the things that makes the other robots stand out.

    • *Detective* (hidden achievement)
    Solve a hidden murder mystery mission and catch the killer.

    • *Makers friend*
    become a friend to all of the human npcs that can be befriended at ones.

    • *Out of my way, I'm a motorist*
    Drive a car (only possible for bips and nameless for obvious reasons)
    I though about adding a car mini game where you actually drives a car like manual samual.

    • *Arm your self*
    (only possible for legs)
    Find a way to literally arm legs
    side note the main reason he don't have any arms is because he is just a pair of exsperimental robot legs, his computer can not run both his legs and his sentient program at the same time. so he would have to find another computer mount on to be able to use any arms.

    • *This was not what i was hired for*
    (only possible for cletus)
    get hired as a bodyguard as cletus, but don't let anyone use you as a hired goon.

    • *My hat, it has three corners,
      Three corners have my hat,
      And had it not three corners,
      It would not be my hat!*

    Find a secret tricorne hat.
    From a old nursery rhyme that is burned into my brain.
    (side not each of the robots can find it and they will sing that song if they wear it. even possible for legs)

    • Da Coco nut nut
    Inspect a coco nut
    and listend to da coco nut song

    • *go make a friend*
    Construct a robot out of robot parts.
    (giving it the sentient program is optional but it can't do much without. but if do give it the program then you would have to baby sit it. can not be don by legs)

    • *you are Pirate*

    A montages to Secret of monkey islandTM.
    Say that you want to be a pirate to the first npc you meet and pursue a goal to become a 18ts pirate
    you would have to find someone who knows how to be a pirate and complete three goals, his goals are

    *wining a sword fight with sword fighter.

    *dig up a buried treasure.

    *Stealing a valuable item from someone of significance interest and social rank.

    • *Up-up and away!*
    Become a superhero, and get a superhero ending. fight crime, save lifes, be a role model. make the world a better place.

    *more coming later ones i remember them all.

    And i have been working on your animated gif i promised to you @The Purple Dragon.
    And i want to work on the two comics i have been wanted to make to @Crossfang but i have been able to find the inspiration to continue so sorry about that.
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  7. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank

    Nice concepts.

    About my request, you can just shove it away if you want. I want you to just focus on your project :)
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  8. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    I am don with @The Purple Dragon 's request but i forgot to resize them so i will do that later unless you would just want in this size?
    Also @Crossfang got any tips on how to resize them without having make them all over again in a bigger size?



    Also i remembered that @MistyTheNeko never said if he was satisfied with his request.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
  9. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    forget it i found out now


    it was suppose to look like you sneezing

    anyway so what do you think?
  10. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank

    The animation is 10/10, good job on this one, give yourself a pat on the back :D
  11. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    Yeah! Those are awesome! Fire sneezing is a good touch!
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  12. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    I haven't been able to work much on the game lately because i have been busy helping around our new house i am gonna move.
    But i have been able to make up a few eccentric characters.
    The first one is a typical cowboy gentleman business man. or at least a gentleman towards humans robots on the other hand is a diffrent story. he can't stand the thought ot self aware robots gaining control over them self.


    The second is a old school punk mechanic that may or may not help you case you get damaged. she got nothing against robots sentient or not. There are more characters i have started on but only a little as you can see i am not even don these characters i haven't fully desided on how they should look.

    Npc phoenix.png

    i wasn't sure if i should try to draw her with a double mohawk instead but i couldn't draw it right.


    A robot receptionist i made for the robot hotel (not to be confused with a hotel for robots)
    she is not sentient by the way but you can turn her into becoming sentient but that would cause trouble for you and her.


    The director for the hotel. haven't been able to come up with a personality for him yet.


    rii suggested that i should add a emo in the game. haven't come up with a personality yet.


    Jinngo based on my big brother.
    he is very goofy vitty and confident and chill guy often cracks up a joke on your situation. and can mimic a lot of voices.
    also yeah he used have a mohawk now he have that hipster look also yeah he is pretty buff.
    my best jokes comes from him.

    one character my niece made actually
    she have no name or personality yet.

    and some more name less characters i am working on.







    Also if you wonder why everyone looks confused it is because a robot coming up to you and talking to you isen't exactly normal you know.

    so what do you guys think.
    also feel free to add any suggestions for a character here if you want you can make your own character i can put in. or you can make it your self with one of the mannequins just copy paste it in to paint and draw on details your self.
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  13. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    This may not seems like much but i fixed a pixel problem with this arm and i used a unnecessary long time on so i am just gonna leave this in case i am the most unluck guy in the world and have the pc crash for the... i have lost the counting anyway DAMN YOU WINDOWS 10!! AND ''GAME BOOST''!!!

    *give recognition to the sun!*

    ♪crab people, crab people, crab people, taste like crab. talk like people♪
    Honestly i have never seen that episode of south park because i don't watch that show but my brother keeps singing it every time i mention something that reminds him of the crab people.

    You have no idea how much time i used to figure out how to be able to spin his body around like i did with the spining cletus emojie head but i finally figured it out now so i am gonna add that here some time in the future.
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  14. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My first dance to bips although i didn't draw the leg movement right (even though it looks funny like that too) i am gonna fix that another time.
    the main reason i actually took this dance is because it is very easy to animate (except that i messed up the legs a bit because i am lazy sometimes)

    As mandatory here is the peanut butter and jelly time song and the moon song that are often associated with that dancing banana.

    *edited* take two

    Fixed the legs more or less and added two frames but couldn't get the arms right in those two frames.
    making him do all kinds of dances helps me with animated the rest of his movements more correctly.

    Gonna make him do a 360 with his torso another time.


    Bips doing a cossack dance first attempt.

    memo to my self remember to round up all the other robots i am gonna use.

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  15. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    cletus tube leg walking..png
    just adding this progress here because i have a bad gut feeling that if i don't add safey a copy anywhere i might have to redo all this work over again!

    Drawing his tube legs are a true pain but i am not changing his design just because of that!
    Normally you just need 8 frames for a walking animation but that dosn't look right at all for anything with tube arms or legs so i am probably gonna need about twenty or so just for his forwards walking then i have to mirror that for the left side and fix a few minor details like putting his chest hatchet on the right side.
    also i had to re draw his legs more then ones because i based it on human legs. I found out that i had to take the movement from a elepant's back legs and a penguins Waddling to make it look right because he don't have hips.

    and i haven't even started on his tube arm movement.

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  16. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank


    First experimental gif of cletus walking animation.. well not the first but the first i have uploaded here.
    i haven't polished it or added any animation to his arms or fixed the drawing errors or even cared to measure any of the frame boxs or anything about it. i just had to see how well his movement on his body and legs was cooperation.


    a slower version
    i now see that i used one of the frames twice which is why he suddenly skips.
    oh and it turns out that i only needed twelve frames.

    I think i should make his body movement match his leg movement. but first i am gonna try and see if i can fix this first.

    urgh turns out i have to add more frames then 12.

    i need 14 frames so two more but i don't know how i should do that with his torso from side to side because that only needs 12.
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