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Bug/Issue Game performance (Lags)

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Cat_Fuzz, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. fdfdf

    fdfdf Orbital Explorer

    what is it about npcs that lag the game out so much?
  2. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    AI processing can be very taxing. Each NPC AI is independent, from one another, so their actions need to be processed separately. So the more NPCs on screen, the more AI needing process, so more resources are being devoted to that task. Each NPC calculates their own paths and reacts to whats going on on their own.

    Most other games use "mob AI" which is very basic and can be processed quickly, but then the NPCs all act the same. Games like Left 4 Dead is a good example of this and why the NPCs are stupidly predictable. Their paths are static, where as in Starbound, they have to dynamically calculate their paths based on the terrain since it can change at any time.
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  3. fdfdf

    fdfdf Orbital Explorer

    i imagined it had to do with pathfinding. is there no simpler pathfinding algorithm they can use?
  4. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Well I don't know exactly what they use, but I would fathom that even if there were a better method, it wouldn't be all that much better.
  5. malufeenho

    malufeenho Void-Bound Voyager

    I just give up from this game. I was playing offline alone and for some reason i was kicked from the server... Good one!
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  6. TheBlackSun

    TheBlackSun Void-Bound Voyager

    Even offline and single, your game creates your own, offline server to "connect to" and play on, AFAIK. It's using the same API, just doesn't connect to a server on the internet. Doing things that way makes development easier, and allows for drop-in and drop-out gameplay, when you allow other players to connect to your server / world. There are quite a few games doing that.

    As for the "disconnect" - something went wrong, clearly. Maybe not enough performance available?
  7. malufeenho

    malufeenho Void-Bound Voyager

    probably... Since the release this game is unplayable for me. I mean, i can play for a time, 2 hours mostly, no problems than the game start to slow down and freezes at random. Funny thing is that people says that this server thing was running trought the beta phase but i never had any problem with this game until the 1.0
  8. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Sound like maybe not enough memory. The progressive slowdown and random freezes is consistant with low memory and the game having to wait for page file swapping.

    The game has used the client/server model for a long time.
  9. malufeenho

    malufeenho Void-Bound Voyager

    so it make no sense for me why the game started to work really badly after the 1.0 i was playing it weeks before the final release with zero issues
  10. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Im not going to address that issue because I cant verify it actually being an issue. And that is not me calling you a liar or anything. I simply can't verify it was actually ever an issue, so I can't speak on it.
  11. TheBlackSun

    TheBlackSun Void-Bound Voyager

    I've actually encountered a similar problem as soon as v1.0 released. If I recall correctly, it had been running buttery smooth prior to that update, even in areas with lots of NPCs my FPS dipped just very slightly.

    After v1.0, I noticed incredible, near-unplayable FPS drops in such areas. I looked up the actual numbers from my old post in this thread, and it used to run with hundreds of frames [I even looked into framerate limiters because, who needs 200 FPS] with rare, short drops to 30 - but after 1.0, it ran at 30 FPS at best with drops to as low as, no kidding, 1 FPS. These horrible slowdowns occurred mostly in my ship, upgraded to maximum, stuffed full with stuff with barely any tiles free - which ran, like the rest of the game, at a smooth 100+ to 30 FPS minimum before.

    They changed something fundamental going from pre v1 to v1 release of the game. It was supposed to improve performance, and probably did so in the majority of systems, but mine's not a modern system anymore, 1.7GHz dualcore from 2008. Which did, again, run the game incredibly well before the update released.

    After the update, I had to externally edit my save to downgrade my ship one step, and adjust the interior of it accordingly, just to be able to hit a semi-playable 15 FPS or whatever mark it was. Outside of my ship, I can live with about 20 to 30 FPS, but man do I miss my higher framerates. They probably optimized the game for modern multicore processors or something like that.

    But yes, TL;DR:
    Can confirm horrible, horrible want-my-money-back level of performance crash hell after v1.0 update (on older systems which used to run the game at very high FPS before).
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  12. Hell Scream

    Hell Scream Intergalactic Tourist

    I think we all need to start looking at refund procedures and getting our money back.
    I'm sorry but this is degraded to an unplayable state.
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  13. malufeenho

    malufeenho Void-Bound Voyager

    yeah i didn't want to talk like that but i really thinking about ask a refund. I just can't play this game anymore, worked flawless until the 1.0 version now i can't even play warp on stances because the game takes 5 minutes to load ONLY to send me back to the ship and another ridiculous thing...
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  14. fdfdf

    fdfdf Orbital Explorer

    Man if there was at least a site to go to where we could see their progress on the issue I'd feel better
  15. Xavier Darkheart

    Xavier Darkheart Pangalactic Porcupine

    I've done a great deal of forum diving, and I can attest to the fact that the 1.0 update has caused a great deal of issues for players, and has gone all but ignored by devs as well....in fact I used to play this game HEAVILY modded with no issue, and the 1.0 update made the game so slow it was unplayable even in vanilla, I got maybe a frame each 10 seconds, and there are far more people with worse issues, and the common reply to said issue is "obviously your pc is garbage" even when most specs I've seen after prove that assessment incorrect. For some unknown reasons the game just stopped working for a good chunk of players, new, and old, and those of us that have been around since this game first hit steam are rather upset that nothing is being done about it. I've actually given up for the most part on trying to get CF devs to help, and have had to accept that a game that I love is for all intents, and purposes, dead for me, as I will likely never be able to make it work again.
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  16. mariofludd

    mariofludd Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This thread was created in 2016, It's now 2018 and absolutely fuck all has been done or even mentioned about.
    I've had this game for a very long time, and it was fine before 1.0,
    RAM: 4 GB
    Prcoessor: AMD A6-7310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
    Video Card: AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics
    Dedicated Memory 1.0 GB
    Total Memory 3.0 GB
    Driver Version: 21.19.414.2560
    OS: Windows 10 (build 16299) 64Bit
    Version 10.0.16299
    BIOS: F-22
    Version Insyde F-22

    I'm noticing that alot of people with AMD stuff have problems, but there are also people without AMD stuff that have problems.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  17. Ispano

    Ispano Phantasmal Quasar

    I haven't played in a long time, but I remember having issues, that still happen with huge FPS drops for a few seconds when loading certain things. The two places, outside of the Ruin Portal, I noticed were my ship and my farm. It wasn't until today where I think I figured out what it might potentially be. So on my ship, all my storage containers are near the back of the ship. And when I would run to the back, it would stutter some, but then be fine when i'm there. It would not stutter if I ran to the front of the ship. So I picked up half the containers and their contents and moved them to the front of the ship. It now stutters in both directions. For my farm I could stutter running from either side to the other, and I have two coolers for each perishible food item grown. Which means containers everywhere. Doing some more testing however, it seems to only be containers with perishible food. If I move the non food containers to the other side.... no loading issues at all. But moving even ONE fridge with food in it over, and it stutters moving to that side.

    EDIT: Took some of the Fridges to a barren world I was working on, where it never stutters at all. Just one fridge with food in it causes stutter when I move to the area it's in. Fine once loaded, as above. Add more containers with food, and more stuttering ensues when moving to that area.
  18. MotherGrim

    MotherGrim Space Hobo

    I've been playing the game since it was first released, just started playing with my fiance at the beginning of the year. Now, suddenly, as of a few days ago, it's giving the strangest lag where our FPS? Smooth as silk, except for once every ten seconds, where the game literally just STOPS, for a good five seconds or so. Both of us have died a many times, thanks to this, and it's basically made the game unbearable ...

    I've done everything I can think of, until finally coming to this thread, and reading every page to see if there was a fix.

    I don't know if this lag is unique at all. It probably isn't, I just think it's strange that there's literally no problem at all until it decides to just STOP out of nowhere. And I see there hasn't been any response from the devs in this thread either. Has anyone had even MINIMAL success with anything they've tried?
  19. badlazer2

    badlazer2 Aquatic Astronaut

    all of you can try using Jetbooster - is as it says it boosts your computer drastically.
    my pc plays starbound with 20 fps max
    and after using this booster it goes to 57 fps max.
    it is a great booster. you should try it now
  20. Multistream

    Multistream Void-Bound Voyager

    My starbound is lagging as well after 1.0 update. It periodically freezes all physics for 10 seconds, so player can move but all npc, dropped items and trees are static, then it completely freezes the game for 5 seconds and physics reverts to normal. I also checked log nothing wrong exept GL_INVALID_VALUE, but it is common problem and nobody knows what it really affects. I hope devs will do something for 1.4 after half year of development. Also I wonder if there is an way to disable multiplayer if it affects perfomance so much

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