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  1. The Purple Dragon

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    name: Neon Octane
    gender: Male
    Race: Novakid
    appearance: A bright orange with a sideways 'S' brand, is normally built and wears dusters over other clothes (and body armour). He has short "hair" and a mild accent. Is normally very happy, but becomes a terrible adversary when determined.
    Backstory: He grew up with his family on a small ranch where his father taught him to shoot at a young age, he decided to get on the first ship he could when he left home and became an asteroid miner.
    Personality: Happy and sarcastic most of the time, but is very determined and fierce when backed into a corner.
    Starter weapon: Twin revolvers named "Mags" and "Clyde", both a high calibre and polished to a gleam.


    ranged proficiency(aim and such): 7
    meelee damage: 4
    meelee proficiency(Swordsmanship, precision): 4
    Toughness: 5
    strength: 4
    Intelligence: 5
    perception(how well they can sense things): 5
    speed: 6
    sanity(how sane they are. this starts at max, but can be lowered to add points in other places.)10
  2. Roland Weiss

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    You do realize this thread has been inactive for more than a year, right?
  3. The Purple Dragon

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    Yeah... but I liked the idea and was hoping for a revival.
  4. Roland Weiss

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    Don't get your hopes up; and it doesn't help that the RP forum is a little lacking in active players.
  5. Jonathan01013

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    So being omnipotent would be "godmode"? What about nigh omnipotence?
    (D*rn I can't RP in the OCC section?)

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