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Modded FurryBound Revival - A furry friendly Starbound server!

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by Geodeek, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Code_Rym

    Code_Rym Void-Bound Voyager

    Okay cause I was trying to find a server that supported the Viera race and I've yet to find one yet. Also yeah I'm back.
    Not sure exactly what to play then.

  2. Lindazana

    Lindazana Cosmic Narwhal

    Whoo, update! And wow, I contributed, double whoo! I'm a little leery of Gyrusians, due to the wide-scale and multi-dimension aspect of the mod, but most mods can safely be removed if they go bad these days. (All blocks turn to dirt, items to PGI, and furniture just vanishes harmlessly).

    That said, to those of you that both read this thread and are bored with how many races use the human ship, you can replace the ship file of the character with that of another race. Recommended you upgrade said ship to T8 before swapping, as it will revert otherwise on upgrading in-game. (Note to remove all desired items from your old ship first).
  3. Cobalt Lightning

    Cobalt Lightning Existential Complex

    So, anyone else figure out how to permanently modify the outpost, and have it not revert when you leave?
  4. Lindazana

    Lindazana Cosmic Narwhal

    There's the moon-bunny race that the super SBG race mod adds, if it's the bunny ears that were your thing. If it's outfits, between the felins and nekos they have a ton of clothes you can make, buy, or steal. If it's revealing clothing you are after, the Kazdra have several, and the T1 orcana as well. The assorted crafting things mod has several playboy bunny-suits (I kid you not).
  5. Lindazana

    Lindazana Cosmic Narwhal

    ...Welp, got a bug report :rofl:. PGS works fine in singleplayer, but flips out if you try and place it in multiplayer and crashes the game. Is it in the server files? Because it vanished both it and the pack and print crafting skull from my walls on logging into multiplayer...

    Edit: Both crafting stations for PGS vanish on logging into multiplayer, and blocks bought from PGS turn to dirt as well, as if the server doesn't have it installed/in the right path.
  6. Geodeek

    Geodeek Pangalactic Porcupine

    Since there are always people online when I go to update the assets, I've automated it into the nightly restarts. So, the mod isn't in the server files yet but will be shortly after 0600 CST.
  7. Psychicgammarays

    Psychicgammarays Subatomic Cosmonaut

    That's likely because the Viera, in their fictional canon, are a mostly female race. Males are never seen in the FF universe. It has been published that they do exist, though in secluded areas and apart from the females of their kind, only meeting when absolutely necessary. Gotta love that FF lore amirite?!
  8. Code_Rym

    Code_Rym Void-Bound Voyager

    Mhm! But there are still males... please can we add Viera ; -;?
  9. pokemonhuggies

    pokemonhuggies Aquatic Astronaut

    well im having trouble staying on when I go tho the outpost my game crashes
  10. LOL BALL

    LOL BALL Existential Complex

    Right now, my only problems are random occurring frame drops and the fact that my two crashing characters are still unusable in the furrybound server.
    The strange thing is, both characters crashed on a savanna planet, and they both just close out the game the same way. Everytime I try to rejoin the server using them, it still closes out. :(
  11. Geodeek

    Geodeek Pangalactic Porcupine

    When did this happen? Everything works fine on my end and I've been the only one to join the server since the assets were updated.

    Please, please, PLEASE post your starbound.log after one of those crashes. I've been trying to squash that bug for an excruciatingly long time. The only reason I can't fix it is because I don't have a log.
  12. pokemonhuggies

    pokemonhuggies Aquatic Astronaut

    ok I will try hey im on now whats your steam oh and just to let u know can u put you modpack for the server on this site for some reason I cant download it
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2016
  13. liopi

    liopi Pangalactic Porcupine

  14. Geodeek

    Geodeek Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'll have to make sure it doesn't impact stability and get the authors permission. Assuming neither of those are problematic, it'll be added in the next cumulative update.
    Assuming it doesn't impact stability, it'll be added in the next cumulative update. That said, we need to start slowing down on adding mods. The pack is already massive and somewhat shaky as it is.

    I'm afraid I can't upload the pack here (as it's 27 times the size limit) but I can put it on a different host. Give this a shot: LINK
  15. Cobalt Lightning

    Cobalt Lightning Existential Complex

    Could be the pony pack, honestly.
    More than once, it's crashed my updating, as it has over 5000(!) different files.
    Same for starmount, as well, over 18k, there.

    IMO, We could probably do without Ponies or Mounts. We got Hoverbikes by vanilla. Ponies were removed pre-revival because of their size and no one really playing them.

    In Comparison, Sergals have little more than 3.3k separate files, Pelegaci has less than 5k separate files, and Avali have less than 2.5k

    EDIT: Post-Update, Aura Seeker's bugging out, again.

    A complete uninstall and reinstall of Lucario mod (that is deleting the mod entirely and replacing it) fixes it.

    EDIT 2:
    I do NOT like that chatbox. 's too intrusive.
    Thankfully I can remove it and doesn't affect my ability on the server.

    Perhaps you should make an 'optional' pack, for things that wouldn't matter client-side, like the chatbox, the extended song-book, them lovely avian tail feathers shakin' like the money makers they are.

    Ahem... but yeah, Client-side mods likes that.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2016
  16. LOL BALL

    LOL BALL Existential Complex

    Learned from Geo that it's because it tries to duplicate a couple files in the mod.
  17. Geodeek

    Geodeek Pangalactic Porcupine

    Come to think of it, Starmounts was mostly non-functional last I checked. It should probably be removed regardless.

    As for the Aura Seeker, I think this happens when merging new and old modpacks. When the new modpack is simply tossed into the old one, there is a substantial chance that old assets will be left behind causing duplicates and overall instability. Instead of merging the two folders, it would be much better if the old modpack were deleted or renamed before setting up the new modpack.
  18. Cobalt Lightning

    Cobalt Lightning Existential Complex

    I figured that's what was going on with the duplicate thingy again.

    Now I'm getting these weird mini lagspikes, like my game's freezing up for half a second every 2 or 3 seconds.
    Running OpenGL 64, but not even hitting half of CPU or GPU Usage.
    Bbad enogggh ttht my text ssometmes loks like this.

    Now, I'm not saying that Starmount is what's causing it
    But Starmount is PROBABLY what's helping cause it.

    Nevremind, the Lagspikes ARE Starmount.
    Removed it, and they went away.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2016
  19. Lindazana

    Lindazana Cosmic Narwhal

    A less severe option that would cause less protest would be the trimming of mods. If you're careful, you can remove items and recipes from a mod without harming the rest. Like, say, the 2 billion stuffed ponies that you can make at the printer, nanolathe, AND spinning wheel...
    Related to the sergal mod, may want to look into if anyone plays one or not. The sergal villages are force-field protected (and I've never found the generator) so the only thing non-sergals can actually get from them are a few pieces of clothes, not even blocks or furniture. They also implode when talked to.
  20. pokemonhuggies

    pokemonhuggies Aquatic Astronaut

    actually I go most of it to work um if your on today ill see if u wont crash me lol

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