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Friend can't find local Host on Switch

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sarah12Cross, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Sarah12Cross

    Sarah12Cross Space Hobo

    I'm new here so sorry if this is in the wrong area but I need help understanding what problem I have.

    So my friend and I got stardew for switch, this was before we added each other as friends on our switches, we started a local server on mine as host, everything fine. Then when we try online we gotten our friend codes to do it (we realized Nintendo has friend codes for switch lol) so online works when we are not together.

    Now here's the problem, when we try to get on local play my friend can't find my hosted game anymore, like it doesn't appear for them when I have the server running yet it doesn't show up for them even refreshing multiple times, we have to do online even if we are in the same room, but that's a hassel to do and the wifi can't handle with others using it if we are together. So why can't my friend get on my local server anymore if he was able to before we became friends on our systems?

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