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Frame Drops Results Into Unplayable Game

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by AccountPrivacy, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. AccountPrivacy

    AccountPrivacy Pangalactic Porcupine

    I don't know where to write about this so I will do it here and hopefully someone will look at it. The problem is you managed to do something to the game that made it basically unplayable. On the random planets I have 50fps and drops down to 15fps. On the ship it's 15-20 fps. I can't play this game anymore like this and this is my fav. PC game. My PC runs GTAV on highest settings yet this low quality pixel game that use to run on dualcores and basically potato PCs now can't work properly on better newer ones. What the actual hell happened. I tried everything possible on singleplayer and on my friend's servers and nothing helped, the game is simply broken and I am finished wasting my time with this mess. Fix the game please I want to play the damn thing and not wasting my time trying to fix it.
  2. GalacticChris

    GalacticChris Space Spelunker

    Hi, I seem to be having a similar issue to you. Is it the case that the frame rate keeps fluctuating? And is the title screen slow for you too?
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  3. Marinebeast

    Marinebeast Existential Complex

    Hey, at least it runs at 15fps for you, it rarely gets above 5 for me. ;)

    What kind of graphics card do you have? There seems to be some running trend with 1.0-and-onwards Starbound not playing very nicely with Intel graphics cards; both my personal laptop and the public family one can run bigger games with little problem, but Starbound trips them both up, and they both have Intel graphics cards.

    My girlfriend's laptop, meanwhile, is about 3 years old but runs current Starbound at 50fps consistently with no trouble at all, and it has a different graphics card.
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  4. GalacticChris

    GalacticChris Space Spelunker

    Hey, I know you were't looking for a reply from me, but I have an intel graphics card too and I'm having problems. Has the game been slow for you from the get-go or have the issues only come up recently?
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  5. Marinebeast

    Marinebeast Existential Complex

    It's been consistently extremely slow since the 1.0 update, and only got worse from there-- I can't even get off my ship, it takes so long to even just boot up SAIL and teleport down. Either the game locks up in its slowness or I just give up.

    It's only when I get ingame though; I can start the game and make characters decently enough, in maybe 20-30 fps. Then it drops to 0.2-0.8fps on my ship, usually the lower end of that.

    Before the 1.0 update, the game ran pretty much perfectly! Something changed somewhere and then nothing was ever the same. :eek:
  6. Chris.P

    Chris.P Space Hobo

    I see. Btw this is GalacticChris, I just can't seem to log in to that account at the moment :/ But yeah, I got the game January last year and it ran perfectly, then I stopped playing it for a while and when I went back onto it it was all jumpy and slow, I guess that was after the update. Huh, hopefully it'll get sorted.
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  7. Ygrek Starmagedon

    Ygrek Starmagedon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I have even worse shieet than you guys. On beta version I played Starbound normally. But with the 1.0 the graphics don't even load when playing the game, and in the main menu everything is slow like hell and even creating a character and changing options takes some time. I know that my problem is cause Starbound is using now OpenGL instead of DirectX like on beta. Maybe it's also your problem? Maybe just update your grapic drivers and it will help. Personally, I have too bad grapic card for needed OpenGL drivers version, so I still can't play. (but it helped me with other game which also uses now OpenGL instead of DirectX :rofl:)
  8. AccountPrivacy

    AccountPrivacy Pangalactic Porcupine

    I have a ''AMD Radeon R7 200 Series 2GB'' , right now. My previous gpu died thanks to gtav but that's another story. Resolution is 1080p but I play Starbound on 720p because it doesn't supports 1080p for some reason. When I click on it nothing happens. I get somewhat better performance on integrated graphics but I don't plan on taking out my gpu to play Starbound. Also I managed to get better performance by turning off vsync in the config file that is located in Starbound\storage\ but after some 30 minutes of gameplay the fps drops to 10-15 again and to me that is unplayable. Updating or downgrading drivers doesn't do anything it is clear that the game doesn't support certain PC builds and it's a gamble if it works or not. I have seen far better builds than mine not being able to even start up the game. Right now I also got another game breaking bug where my front of the ship got closed by a ghost wall that I had to remove with a mod. I still have a broken front of the ship because there are ghost bumps etc. I suggest not to build anything around the teleporter because maybe that broke it. Removed everything around it and hopefully stays playable. I run into random bugs almost every time I play it. The state of this game is terrible, not sure how they have the decency to call this a finished product. Does anyone there even officially tests this game after certain builds? Seems like not.
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  9. wrr377

    wrr377 Master Chief

    While I don't experience the "unplayable" issue as badly, I also am having issues with performance on a machine that should NOT have any issues whatsoever! I get constant tearing and frame rate drops when at my multi-tiered farm on Lagomorpha Order 5, and in addition, it gets even worse when I have an in-game window open (my inventory so I can grab seeds for planting, or to check available food space). I also had terrible "hangs" or "pauses" where the game simply froze (sometimes a few seconds, sometimes ~30 seconds) before resuming, often causing me to (terminally) fail precision jumps that I was performing! This was alleviated somewhat by downloading a multi-thread enabling mod (4, since I run a Core i5), but it still occurs.

    Here are my custom system's specifications:

    Intel Core i5 4570
    nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB
    32GB RAM (4x 8GB sticks)
    Windows 7 Pro
    Asus Z87-A motherboard
    600W power supply

    My system can easily handle Mechwarrior Online, Grand Theft Auto (every single one), Borderlands, Terraria, Saint's Row (all of them), Sleeping Dogs, Grid, and any number of all sorts of much-higher-demand 3D games, yet it has video and performance issues on this 2D game? I love this game, but is there any way to get this running a constant 60fps like it should on this system? This occurs even if I have everything else closed out in the background...

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