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  1. LaughingAlex

    LaughingAlex Ketchup Robot

    Thought i'd make a separate post, for my idea of how and why generators could send an off signal, and also the idea of a more dedicated power conduit.

    Firstly, generators sending an off signal as I said, could be useful for NOT gates and other logic gates to determine things like if a backup generator/reactor has to activate and a warning be sent to a player if the main generator is off.
    Secondly, for a power conduit, it'd have two inputs and an output. The conduits could be set as 4u, 5u, 6u, 8u. They'd effectively be batteries without the means to store power, only transmit it as a battery would. When a switch is attached to them and is "off", the conduit doesn't send anything just as a battery wouldn't and does not draw power from a reactor/generator, and ensures the generator/reactor sends power elsewhere.

    It'd also transmit the off signal as a battery/generator/reactor/solar would when they don't transmit power, this would be useful in combination with logic gates. Lets say we have a quantum generator we'll list as A, tied to 2 8u batteries powering 8 hydroponic trays.

    We also have a fission reactor tied to those batteries but is currently off, loaded with protocyte bio fuel attached to 2 8u batteries itself. Of course the fission couldn't keep up with power demands but this is the backup power designed to buy the player time to refill the quantum. These batteries ALSO have conduits in between them and the fission generator.

    The same fission reactor acts as main power to keep things like a powder sifter, advanced centrifuge, and arc smelters batteries charged(as these devices don't use power constantly, this would actually work). These batteries also have conduits in between them and the fission reactor.

    One of the 8u batteries powering the hydroponic trays has a NOT gate tied to it which serves two functions: it switches the backup batteries on once power from the original 8u's run out. It also attaches to a second NOT switch to switch the fission reactors primary function to backup generator, cutting power to the powder sifter, centrifuge and arc smelter automatically. Lastly the first NOT gate is attached to a red light to activate a "warning" for the player that power for his hydroponics trays has ran out and needs a refill. Once he does so, the NOT gate begins to receive a signal again, and reverse the fission reactor job to it's original functions.

    This is just an example WHY I say such systems could be in place.

    Sadly i'm not a programmer :/.

    Edit: I also just tested batteries on a switch, they continue putting out power even if the switch is "off". The signal also doesn't change.
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  2. IclareKrual

    IclareKrual Big Damn Hero

    Any chance on Fixing the Liquid Nitrogen crossing with Poison crash? People on a server I'm on keep using it to grief and we've lost a lot of good worlds to it.

    What it is, a non-programmer explanation of what I believe happens:
    -Liquid Nitrogen turns everything to ice or a frozen variant. Including Liquids.
    -Liquid Nitrogen when poured with Poison which has no ice variant causes the nitrogen to wonder why the fuck it isn't going and continues to try
    -After unloading the world and reloading once the two have been mixed. The game crashes the person who loads up the world.

    Would be much appreciated if this bug could be fixed! Thank you.
  3. jonathonspy

    jonathonspy Existential Complex

    ah ok.
    ...it doesnt even work anyway...
  4. SpaceKGreen

    SpaceKGreen Existential Complex

    What happens when a liquid interacts with another liquid is determined in the file for both liquids. What happens when a liquid touches a block is determined in the block's file.

    The thing is, though, liquid nitrogen doesn't have any interactions with liquid poison, nor has liquid poison been patched to have an interaction with liquid nitrogen.

    The best thing to do right now is to provide both server and client logs. Take an unwanted planet, make the liquid crash, then collect both the logs from the server and any logs from players who witnessed the crash.
  5. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    You have to be careful HOW you wire the switch up.

    Step 1: UN-wire everything.
    Step 2: Make sure the switch is ON (wire it to a light)
    Step 3: UN-wire the switch from your test light.
    Step 4: Wire the switch to one of the battery's BLUE inputs.
    Step 5: Wire the Battery's Red to the Machine's Blue.

    Now the switch should work.

    What happens is, if you wire a switch that's in the OFF state to a battery that previously had no input, the game gets confused as to what it should do, so the battery ignores the switch, since the Switch is OFF and the Battery is ON by default.

    Here's a couple screenshots as proof it works.


    Here, you can plainly see the Ansible Network is OFF, but yet it is wired to a 4v battery. You can also see the switch is off.


    And here, you see the Ansible Network turns on when you activate the switch.

    I'll also point out that in the screenshots, you can see the wire going from the battery to the ansible network always has a signal, but the ansible network shuts down when you throw the switch.
  6. LaughingAlex

    LaughingAlex Ketchup Robot

    Hmmm, do I have to unwire the ENTIRE base? Or just the things I wish to connect to the battery before I set it up?

    Edit: Just tried that and even that didn't make it work.

    Another Edit: I tested the 1000u Battery and it worked, the 2,500u battery doesn't respond no matter what I did. I'll test the 4,000u here...

    Result: 4,000u works fine to when you use that method. I also didn't have to unwire everything like I had earlier.

    Another Test: This can also be done with logic gates, make sure though they are sending an ON signal when they connect to the battery. HOWEVER they do not work receiving a signal from a battery or any form of power supply(which is what i'd actually like, and for batteries to be able to put out an off signal if they are not putting power out/empty. This would make automating power use so much more efficient.

    And another Edit: Suddenly the logic gate isn't working. AND the other test switch I set up earlier suddenly stopped for no reason.

    AND YET ANOTHER EDIT: just tested again and this time I wired the battery to power first, THEN to the logic and it works. So the battery has to have a power source first before it works. But then this doesn't explain why my artificial light powered solar array stopped working unless distance really does change the signal output of a power source(which power sources don't change, even though it glitches to show "off" it's still actually transmitting an active signal which never changes, just tested that to).
    Last Edit: Problem solved, I needed the extra solar cell even though I should have been getting 4 from the array, I guess I wasn't.

    So a last test, is this capable of letting me direct power from one device to another with say, a single solar array and 2 4u power using devices? Nope, the power sources still split power between batteries and it seems the ansible network tries to draw power even if it's off.
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  7. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    Just the things you want to connect the battery and switch to.

    And I never tested wiring up multiple machines to 1 battery and 1 switch... not sure if that's even possible. I just know that wiring 1 battery, 1 switch, and 1 machine works. I would think 2 machines on 1 battery SHOULD work, don't see why not, but eh. I never tried it.

    The big thing is, you gotta make sure the switch is ON before you wire it to the battery, and IIRC, you gotta have the battery and machine wired first. That way, everything is ON before you add the switch. So when you turn the switch OFF, it should correctly turn the battery OFF and therefore, no power is supplied.

    EDIT: I think IMO, it'd have been nice to have an indicator light on the battery/generators when they are switched on or off, but meh. The battery/generators were already just recently updated, lol.

    EDIT2: Oh, and you ARE using an On/Off switch and NOT a push button (the one that only sends a brief pulse), right?
  8. LaughingAlex

    LaughingAlex Ketchup Robot

    I did a final test, I took a battery with some charge and wired it up so that when a switch was off, it'd shut the ansible network off. Ansible network though, kept drawing power from the battery even when it was off. In other words, the thing is just a buggy mess and not working or designed for it right now.

    Edit: And yes, I use a switch. I never use a button :).

    Edit 2: How I tested this, was I used a solar panel attached to a 4v battery which had a partial charge(about 50%) and tied it to an ansible network with the switch on as per instructions. After that, I flipped the switch off to see if the battery would continue to be drained or if it(since it wouldn't be putting power out) would slowly recharge. It continued to drain even with the network clearly off and without power(there was nothing else to draw from the battery to.).

    The conclusion, it seems to me that things needing power still seem to use it if they need it to work, even if they are "off". It'd seem some more testing is warrented of course, I'll test hydroponics.

    Hydroponics Test: Passed, they do not draw power even with water in them if the battery is switched "off".

    Last Edit: I know that Lab and advanced centrifuge, powder sifters, blast furnace and Arc Smelter to my knowledge only use power when they are actually at work. From my observations the same applies to the quantum extractor. It just seems the ansible always uses power even if it's battery is switched off.
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  9. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    Wow, that IS interesting. I never actually tested if it was draining power from the battery... I was merely looking at the Ansible and seeing that it appeared to be powered off.

    That's probably a LUA bug or something, not sure why that happens.

    I always use Panels for my Ansible and Atmospheric Condenser anyways, because they are "always on".
  10. HSneak

    HSneak Void-Bound Voyager

    Suggestion :

    OP, can you make some thematic worlds ? and by thematic i mean ORES, some solarium seas, or gold forests ? where we can find a large quantity of ores (like in one of the updates, in strange seas... it was like paradise, very rich worlds, nerfed since ... :\ ) ofc these would be pretty rare.
  11. Vherkin

    Vherkin Void-Bound Voyager

    Since it concern the dongeon, i will put it in spoiler

    It is about the eldertome. It drop rate compared to all the artefacts, the blueprints or even the codexs books seem to low. I looked at it on github since i got 10 to 20 of each artefacts and enough books to full a dimensional chest with my farming but only one Eldertome.

    Is there any reason it is that low compared to the other item ? At first i though it was just really bad luck (there still some of that). But it is really low too.

    Also i've found a Chtulu statue, actually elder ruins are not that hard to find if you look at the huge hint given in the missions. They are still rare though.
  12. TenkoKuugen

    TenkoKuugen Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I saw this on various planets as well, and I think it's just intentional design or allowing for it to happen intentionally in the generation algorithm. It doesn't really hurt and it gives a bunch of use to grappling hooks, multi jump and other stuff. Two planets I went to actually had three such "empty space" layers and I had to get pretty creative to get out of there.

    I also noticed this on all sorts of worlds. I am only up to tier 4 but I came across something like 12 planets with this stuff out of the 100 or so I went to.
  13. LaughingAlex

    LaughingAlex Ketchup Robot

    I wouldn't really recommend it, it's not as necessary as you'd think though. Although on a realism stance, there are even planets in real life which are comprised exclusively of solid diamond. But in terms of a combination of balancing and whatnot, we already have some ultra-rich worlds and biomes. We don't need a planet composed near entirely of a metal necessarily, I think it'd be a poor idea due to people tendency to become dependant on such places, like "I need a diamond planet, oh oh i now need a copper planet!" followed by "The random number god hates me, this mod sucks!". Which the mod shouldn't be about, but exploring a variety of planets for resources and the experienc of it.

    The other thing, speaking of which we have the cybernetic world, which is comprised largely of all metals. Including a gigantic supply of tungsten(just harvest the steel sands, throw them into an extractor and then smelt them into tungsten at a vanilla smelter). When you get two full bars of tungsten for only 50 blocks of steel sand and the planet has iron, titanium, durasteel, densinium. Then of course you have the infamous "Unknown" planets and similar types, which you can at least somewhat read up on what kind of resources they may have and the appearance as a hint as to what kind of planet it is: just look at it's weather and favored metals(though never land on one without an emergency teleport, learn from my earlier mistake).

    There is also the irradiated planet. Ultra rich in uranium, thorium, solarium, and it's signature metal. If you need fuel for a fission reactor this THE best place for it(in fact, you can get massive amounts of uranium just by placing irradiated dirt/stone into the extractor...two of the main blocks transform into uranium ore). Moons which are not generic moons and don't have the erchius ghost also tend to have massive veins of plutonium. Just use an ore finder.

    Solid metal planets exist :). Just not to the extent you suggest. I also don't wholly like the idea of something made of say gigantic super sized veins of ores, this isn't starcraft and big game hunters 25,000 minerals zero-strategy money map :).

    Edit: Lastly such a planet would be redundant anyways, in some ways, because there is always the ansible network, water, and the infinite power of hydroponic trays, hydroponic tubes and aeroponic tubes with massive cash generation via gigantic crop yields.
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  14. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    One thing I wish, though, is that Sayter would half-reverse the nerf on Mountainous World Ore.

    Yeah, okay, it was TOO ridiculous before the nerf, but after-nerf, trying to get ahold of any respectable amount of Zerchesium Ore takes forever because even on mountainous planets you only find 2-4 ores here and there. You end up with 3-5k dirt/stone blocks and maybe, if you're lucky, 50 ore.

    Oh, and @LaughingAlex : You can also make Durasteel Bars out of the Chunks of Metal.

    1 Chunk of Metal + 1 Lead = 2 Durasteel Bars.

    I don't use Steel Sand for making Tungsten; that's what Metal Bees are for, lol. Instead I get ridiculous amounts of Durasteel so that I never need to hunt Durasteel.
  15. HSneak

    HSneak Void-Bound Voyager

    @LaughingAlex I see what you mean, I just miss the time where strange seas was abundant with ores of all varieties hehe :D
  16. szander4

    szander4 Poptop Tamer

    I was wondering whether vanilla dungeons and villages will spawn on Frackin' Universe biomes?
  17. SpaceKGreen

    SpaceKGreen Existential Complex

    Vanilla dungeons and villages? Yes. You shouldn't have to worry about finding them on FU planets.

    Dungeons and villages from other mods, however, may end up being a bit rare.
  18. WatcherCCG

    WatcherCCG Giant Laser Beams

    There is no way a massive world hole like that is WAI. That might be some old legacy code from when Sayter tried to make infinite-liquid biomes viable sub-biomes on terrestrial planets rearing its ugly head again.
  19. thegamemaster1234

    thegamemaster1234 Void-Bound Voyager

    A bit of an old comment, but I figured I'd reply on it anyway.
    I'll agree that the ratio of Blood Diamond to Quietus Ore is quite off, although Blood Diamond is basically a lot of Quietus.
    On one run I got 500+ Blood Diamonds and less than 50 Quietus Ore. That's... well OK then, I'm set for life on Quietus-related materials, I guess.
    I'd say that it should be bumped to at least 1:1 rarity, and perhaps make Blood Diamond a bit rarer, since it's called a "diamond" and is more valuable than Quietus Ore.
  20. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    Gonna need a log of this since poison/ nitrogen don't interact and literally no other ppl have reported this in over 60k downloads

    No log? Then I can't help.

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