Forge of Souls (Come Create a Wonderful RP With Me!)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Phaetum, Apr 10, 2016.


Have you roleplayed in other games?

  1. Yes, I love it!

  2. No, but it sounds interesting.

  3. Never, I wouldn't consider it.



    I as a penguin have a lot of time on my hands in the North Pole, (DANGIT LARRY, I DONT WANT TO CATCH FISH!) so I am definitely going to be seen on the roleplaying that take place and would love to know more, I SHALL SEE YOU SOON!
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  2. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    penguins don't live at the north pole, they live at the south pole. :3
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  3. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

  4. Phaetum

    Phaetum Void-Bound Voyager

    Update to all you who wanted them! I have not died, I have not given up the idea, and tomorrow and Wednesday are my college finals and after that I am HOME FREE for the summer. It is at this point that I'm going to start behaving like the Novakid I am with unbridled and directionless excitement and with your help we can hone all our collective ideas into something worth calling a server! I plan to start by inviting everyone who's expressed interest to join me in some kind of web-zone or skype-thing or basically a place where we can possible save our ideas and communicate at the same time. I'm doing a bit of research on how this can be possible but if anyone has ideas on how we can cleanly and efficiently launch this idea then I appreciate the help. IF not I will nonetheless weight the options and come up with something nice :) I'm emphasizing a way we can have a discussion, post that discussion where it's visible to fellow devs, so anyone not present can weigh in on what's being thought up.

    The first subject I'm going to talk about will be the whole In-Game roleplay thing since that seems to be the point where people are a bit leery, and I can't wait to show you guys the methods. And it's not like we can't forum RP too I just want to start character bonding in person :)

    So who's still on the wagon here? :p I'll email everyone even if you don't reply, but this is a shout-out to any lurkers that in the next few days the real planning will begin! Get your RP gloves on, and your thinking wigs. See you all soon.
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  5. Diamond Dog

    Diamond Dog Guest

    Still here
    My steam account has the same name as here
    how2meme 101, now available at your nearest zetta
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  6. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    I've some ideas brewing. Steam account is Jareix Craivix
  7. Phaetum

    Phaetum Void-Bound Voyager

    I've started a discussion for everyone involved in the thread for further information about joining the collaboration tool I've picked out. I decided to use the website Trello because it seems like an extremely open and user/group friendly system that is free, and which gains more features the more members join. If anyone else wants to join in on this concept please comment and I will add you to the discussion!
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  8. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    I am only starting in the RP's and I am not the best at spinning a story but, I feel like it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot.
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  9. Phaetum

    Phaetum Void-Bound Voyager

    I had a lot of hope for this community after all of the great reactions I received when I created this board. I know that I am a very organized and motivated individual capable of handling a team of creative and excited members and achieve things as long as we work to a common goal. However in the discussion topic only one person joined the collaboration and people seemed unable to leave their comfort zone for something simple and productive. I'm certainly not upset with people for this happening, just rather disappointed at the lack of follow through and how it seems people like to show they are excited about things for whatever reason, and then when they are asked to act on it, it seems much less important.

    This means that while I still will be creating the server, I am afraid that it looks like the team is not going to happen at the moment. Everyone will be invited to join the server when it launches, and even join in the collaboration at any point, but for now I am considering this a solo operation until other people seem as excited as I am.

    I assure you that I know what I'm doing when it comes to roleplaying communities, as I said in my first post, I've run other guilds and communities in other areas and whenever people are motivated and willing to work for something, it always comes out wonderful. I hope that I can eventually find people who are truly motivated enough to join this effort, and if not I hope the experience I create will be one all my members will enjoy. I will continue to use the Trello board for note keeping on the project.

    Thanks for everyone's interest and I will continue to send invites to the discussion board so that everyone who wants to join the collaboration forum can.
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  10. Darkshroud

    Darkshroud Lucky Number 13

    Have mild experience with forum and MMO role play. 'I want to know more
  11. Halixon Starfire

    Halixon Starfire Void-Bound Voyager

    I'd be interested and up for it. I have a year and a half of MMO RP experience, but little forum RP experience.
  12. Phaetum

    Phaetum Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks for the interest everyone but after seeing how the initial people who said they were interested reacted when asked to actually help come up with the idea, it didn't really pan out. I'm too busy to force people to want to do something I consider fun, and now I spend my many starbound hours just exploring :p maybe in the future I'll have the inspiration to try again, and maybe people will be more interested then.
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  13. Anuril

    Anuril Orbital Explorer

    I never roleplayed to anyone other than myself before, but I am interested in the idea of Live Action Roleplay with Cosplay Elements, perhaps with Real Life Obstacle Courses and Nerfed Swords/Weapons for Safety. As for Online Roleplay, I would never consider it as I don't trust people online usually unless I get to know them first.

    Edit: For the record, my Steam account is "Arronsyaoran" or "Asyaoran20".
    Reddit: Across the Internet, I'm known as either Arron Syaoran or Anuril, depending on the website.
    Commakaze Edit: Also, I believe that Costumes should be more durable, like the clothes in the middle ages of wool and leather(or nylon stockings if the costume involves a secretary/nurse/princess/stewardess), or perhaps thick silk or cotton unlike the cheap stuff you find in party city.
    Because most Cheap Costumes can't even survive the weather let alone wear and tear from everyday use or even obstacle courses.
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