For Nintendo Switch is going to be necesary online conection

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ppm4587, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. ppm4587

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    In pc all online options are free, but this is going to be the first nintendo console that are going to have not free online. And I want to know if all the online options is going to be necesary use the nintendo online way, or are going some free, and all this staff.
    (All in switch)
    - Download maps/campaings are going to be free?
    - Pass my own maps are going to be free?
    - Play with other players are going to be free?

    Is the first time, that I going to have a console with payment online, and I have this questions.
    Obviusly ever exist the pc version... but both version look cool. One for pc and another in swtich.
    Play in switch and pc half in any option, and make 90% of campaings/maps in pc.

    • Bamboozler

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      They would be streamlined. If Xbox is free, then Nintendo will be. If Nintendo is free, Xbox will be. The only way that this won't be the case is if one of the consoles adds their own charges not decided by Chucklefish.

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