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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by adri1win74, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Hello everybody, I am writting this post because I played a bit of wargroove and I want to help improve the game.

    After playing a couple games with a friends we both agreed on a conclusion that there was something disturbing on the fog of war. Let me explain myself. We used to play a LOT of Advanced Wars which is quite similar to this game in a very positive way, and one thing we loved to was strategise under the fog of war and do surprise rushes. The problem we find this game to have, is that the fog is no real fog. You see how many troops your opponent is crafting, how much gold he pays, and hear his troops move.

    I wanted to see if anybody else found this disturbing for competitive/semi-serious gameplay ? And would it be possible to add a parameter of complete fog where we would only be able to see what we do and have no interaction with the opponent resources and actions ?

    Thx for taking time to read and I hope this concerns other payers !
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      +1 to not hear or see "invisible" units, and enemy HUB(moneys and stuff)
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        Advance wars did have sounds in FoW as well though, not a general direction (this up close like here), but there 100% was sound, unless you always muted your other/non-active player's side to circumvent that, but that's kind of awkward.

        But yes, the FoW doesn't feel much like a FoW, it's more a hindrance to attack instantly, you still roughly, or pretty well, know what and where stuff of your opponent is, especially the money needs to be X'd out, it's really frustrating for either side to see someone gather up funds to use on a bigger unit and the first second after you did "Oh, nice Giant". I do not mind and kind of appreciate the fact that bases are shown as used when someone spawns something in, since it does play into your strategies more, but basically always knowing what it is just feels bad in all the ways.
        • I signed up to this forum to make the same suggestion, actually!

          I love this game, my friends and I play it a lot online together. I think the competition in a 1v1 game can work with "foggy" of war, but I also find it tiresome to have to pay attention to a blank screen for sound effects, money spent, and unit spawns. In a 4 person free-for-all? Forget about it. It isn't fun to have to sit for upwards of 10-15 minutes trying to keep track of unseeable units through sound and the overlay menu just to stay competitive.

          Yes, my friends and I are try-hards, but we've all agreed it'd be a more relaxing+fun experience to vs each other without the extra mental load.

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