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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by HoneyEyedGirl, Mar 7, 2016.

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    For someone with OCD, it drives me nuts how you can't apply wallpaper onto the "hallway" parts of your house! For instance in the nursery, I changed the adorable dinosaur wallpaper to stripes (sorry dinosaurs). But there's still the small section of the wall next to it that is dinosaurs and it really throws off the whole vibe of the house. Same with the section that transitions your living room into your bedroom, it's still the original yellow wallpaper and it's unable to be changed.

    Can that be fixed?
    • TheSilentObserver

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      I feel your pain.

      Oh, how those hallways vex me mightily. Almost as much as having a spouse slap on some random addition to my bedroom which is full of stuff I can't interact with or alter in any way shape or form. Including the floors and wallpaper.

      But one problem at a time, I suppose.
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      • HoneyEyedGirl

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        "Hi honey! Do you like what I did with the floors?"
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