Fix Bugs, Modify Familiars, Hunting Log Numbers

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    Just to name a few that are very prevalent:

    -Sorcerer auras don't work in 1P (unless this is just for me). They have about a 30% chance of activating, and then they'll just disappear after 5 seconds 90% of the time too. This doesn't occur in multiplayer.
    -The Crawl (or Arena) glitches in multiplayer. Half the time we enter, 1-3 of the players cannot move at all and count as permanently being dead, forcing us to leave and get another Soul Charge to re-enter and try again.
    -Chain Lightning doesn't chain. Sometimes it will just hit one enemy in a huge group, others it will hit as many as five that are spread out. Enemies positioning doesn't seem to effect it either.
    -Chest spawns are wonky. Sometimes they spawn in the way of your path, so even after you open them and loot everything, you have to wait a few seconds for them to disappear so you can move through corridors/arches.

    As for familiars, I find it quite annoying that I can have completed the Hunting Log for a mob, like Omen Scarabs at 213 kills, and still not have the familiar contract for it. With a 5% drop rate of familiar contracts that I believe I read, that should be 1/20. (19/20)^213 = 0.000018, or 0.0018%. Either I'm EXTREMELY unlucky, or something should be changed with the rates. Maybe have it so enemies have a 100% chance of dropping a familiar upon successfully completing the kill quota for the Hunting Log on them if you haven't already received one? Or possibly increase the drop rate some for each level of the log completed, like 1 or 2% each until maxed then have it be like 20%?

    Finally, hunting log numbers. The number of kills needed for certain things are just silly. Pink Slimes apparently only spawn with Giga Slime at the end of the Ooze Cave, and yet after killing Giga Slime 6/8 times for the log, my Pink Slimes are only at 19/25 (or 19/100 if you think about it in completionist terms). Stuff like that's just stupid, but still not as bad as Sand Sharks. Intentionally trying to hunt them out at night, I found about 3 over 5 minutes (in the same time I stumbled upon two Dread Pods). And I'm supposed to kill 100 of them for the Hunting Log? That's kind of insane since they don't always spawn and only spawn as single spawns at night. It would take over two hours to farm 100 of them for a single log entry, while other things complete extremely easily, such as Purple Slimes which I've killed over 650 of. The same can be said for kill numbers of Phantoms as opposed to Naga and Succubus. Killing 220 Phantoms (theoretically completing the log for them 2 and 1/5 times) I'm not even at 50 kills for both Succubi and Nagas. And all this was achievable with only having 1/8 total Mind Blights, unless it happens to cap out at just 2 or 4. It would be REALLY nice if there were better ways to hunt certain things. I've logged over 14 hours in the game, and with the way it currently is, it appears that it's just extremely tedious to get some of the completionist achievements due to drop rates and an unbalanced Hunting Log.

    Also, the Master Craftsman achievement seems kind of unreasonable... I don't have all orange recipes yet, but the three I do have all need 10 arena trophies each. With all the arena play I've done, which was an hour or so on Epic (maybe two?), I only got 7 Arena Trophies. That's playing in the Arena with a party of four on Epic, which should have higher drop rates and such you'd think. Although I suppose the other recipes could need other things, orange materials are really rare and I've only gotten them from The Arena so it could possibly be the same situation.
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