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First 40 hours of Starbound [Spoilers]

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Yoitschubbs, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Yoitschubbs

    Yoitschubbs Poptop Tamer

    !!! RANT RANT RANT !!!
    Personal experience the early game is ok. "ok" is a good term to use at this point! At the beginning you can just mine out some ores and quickly become overpowered and dominate your current world. This however only occurs in the lower level planets. There are 4 sectors currently (that I have seen) Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X. After Beta, into Gamma, the difficulty spikes. Current weapons may still take out some enemies and they can take you out within 4-6 hits. The real problem comes is if you pick a planet suited for your "level." If you go above your "level" with a magnitude of 3 or more, monsters start killing you in 2 hits. There is also the matter of making your own materials. There seems to not be a way to obtain guns from crafting (that I've seen.) There has only been once in my 40 hours of gameplay that I've come across a flying shit (found by having an anchor near ground level, build your way up to the merchant and purchase guns.) This is frustrating because to proceed to the next sector, X, you have to defeat the Bone Dragon (Alpha had the Penguin UFO, Beta the Robot.) This was very difficult. I've created about 8 Decoy Princesses (what you need to summon the B.D) and 6 (Died way more times) of the times was attempted with a melee weapon, 3 trials with an overhead swing, 3 trials with a jabbing melee. The last 2 trials were with a very weak sniper rifle (It did about .3 dps vs the B.D) I bought from the gun merchant. It took about 15 minutes, it would have been a lot long if I hadn't cheesed the B.D (Cheesing by enclosing myself and making the B.D do damage on himself, which boosted my dps to kill him with decent time.) This is where it was frustrating beyond belief and majority of my time! For sector X you get endgame ores (Durasteel, Aegisalt, Ferozium, Cerulium, Violium, Rubium, and Impervium.) Besides farming for hours to get the final tier, Impervium, the worse part is the result. I thought that getting to Endgame with a fully armored toon with Impervium the difficulty would be at a balance of power and challenge. Instead of have casual endgame, I was confronted with MLG 360 NOSCOPE difficulty. Everything basically 1 shot me, while I still took about 6-10 hits to kill (With Impervium armor and weapons, tested with all weapons.) With ineffective weapons the only idea I had was to try and go into a "dungeon" and try and get some gear (In Gamma Sector I noticed that Dungeon drops were better than crafted weapons.) This is where I chose to stop, I honest to God that I could not avoid so many monsters without dying. But I did get a weapon drop, not a good one, but better than the Impervium equipment.

    Conclusion - Opinion based examination!!!
    I really enjoyed the first 15 hours of the Starbound Beta!! The graphics bring back nostalgia, the exploration of a new word and the galaxy was exciting. Spelunking for the new types of ores, growing stronger and overcoming the Penguin in the UFO was very enjoyable. But it does get very tedious with the item creation and spelunking. Spelunking for ores like Gold, Platinum, and Diamond were boring and a sad experience (Rarity I get it!) Different biomes were amazing to discover and explore! What was cool but ended up not so great were the "dungeons," they are really straight forward and sometimes with low level rewards. A little peeve of mine was that it was confusing where the go. I know BETA and all that but consider guiding the player through what planets are terrible to go to based on their gear and what they can do to get better gear. Talking about gear, guns should be have to ability to be crafted, only 1 gun dropped for me within 40 hours of gameplay! The biggest problem I've had were that dang curve of difficulty and endgame. Difficulty was just too ramped for being the road to endgame, but I guess it has to start somewhere. The endgame did not feel empowering, gear and weapons vs the monsters was not balanced. Also being that difficult in endgame, I could not continue exploring the universe when it came to 35-40 level planets.

    Please feel free to ask questions about my experience if you want!
    I will be looking forward to the amazing changes planned for Starbound!
    40 hours is a lot, considering I focused on getting to late game than exploring. I will continue my journey through the stars, expect the 35-40 level planets.
    See you Space Cowboy
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  2. qjmitch

    qjmitch Yeah, You!

    I have one questions ive been searching for it dosnt have much to do with what you have said im sorry, i did enjoy reading your story and all you have done though. My question is simple its about the galaxy and planets, Sectors i dont understand sectors, do all sectors start with alpha? explain to me sectors and names of sectors how to get to certain sectors etc, i understand traveling and such just not sectors.
  3. Ollobrains

    Ollobrains Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    beat each sectors boss to advance to next sector

    I think once quests come in that will add infill to the adventure, another suggestion might be each material having 3 tiers a weak average and good quality ie copper having 3 levels of quality and then expanding items to reflect this at this point expanding the totlal time to get through the game but adding material at all levels to make it mre engaging, more random and perhap really the whole game nexds expanding
  4. Burseig

    Burseig Space Hobo

    What to do after UFO and steel armor?
    The only recipe i have left is the mech warrior.

    What will unlock new armor recipes?

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