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Outdated Fight For Universe: Per Aspera Ad Astra 0.055

Modular Starship Construction System & More Planned

  1. ECC

    ECC Big Damn Hero

    Cant connect to server. Version mismatch error(seems you're out of date by one version)
  2. No, actually I was right about information. When you just started server, in it's console window you should see something like this:
    Info: Loading Star::Assets from: '../mods/ffu_paaa/./ffu_paaa.pak'
    Which means that server has loaded the mod.
  3. Thomas25181

    Thomas25181 Void-Bound Voyager

    Is the server down?
  4. Thomas25181

    Thomas25181 Void-Bound Voyager

    I have tried like 4 times after going from the server to my singleplayer it doesnt work
  5. Thomas25181

    Thomas25181 Void-Bound Voyager

    no matter what with the password it says join failed! "error connecting to soon-tm:21025"
  6. Thomas25181

    Thomas25181 Void-Bound Voyager

    any reason why?
  7. Dozer

    Dozer Pangalactic Porcupine

    Now you can play the mod? Or is he still in development?
  8. Dozer

    Dozer Pangalactic Porcupine

    Now you can play the mod? Or is he still in development?
  9. At the opening post under logo written (click on the Logo to proceed to the mod download page)
  10. Gyumaou

    Gyumaou Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice on how to finish some parts of my ship. I'm just starting to familiarize myself with the available blocks and have run into a few snags. See here for a screenie.

    • ( A ) How to fill space between two mirrored Platform PBDE C45/60 parts? It's 1 unit high so none of the Platform PBD plating variants fit. And or how to connect those to the two-high variants?
    • ( B ) How to connect the Section elements with Int. Hull Parts (e.g. TPV variants) at a right angle?
    • ( C ) How to connect Int. Hull Parts VPT and TP/BT elements in a 3-way T-junction?
    • ( D ) How to end the Platform roof top/bottom elements at a straight angle so it doesn't look awkward next to wall elements?
    • ( E ) How to connect the double thickness border of Platform PBDE* parts with the Section elements at a right angle?
    • ( F ) How to connect the double thickness border of Platform PBDE* parts with the single thickness Int. Hull Parts (e.g. TPV variants) - either horizontally or vertically adjacent?
    • Is there a 1 high variant of the Platform PBDELB part?
    Some of these I'd like to use in my design, some are just me experimenting what can and cannot be done.

    Appreciate any help with this.

    EDIT: Sigh... why's the BB code here so limited.....
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
  11. Server died, including script that checks server status and restarts server if its dead. Now everything is back to normal.

    Nice testing you've done.
    ( A ) First of all this part is intended if you want to move from heavy hull to light hull withing platform. Look for "PBDTH2L" part. In addition section parts aren't intended to be connected with something else then hull interior parts!
    ( B ) Section parts aren't intended to be connected with something else then hull interior parts! You can't use sections to make it in to exterior hull.
    ( C ) Interior Hull parts should be used to create ship's form. Use section parts for dividing ship's interior in to floors and sections.
    ( D ) You didn't took in to account to make ship's height suitable for other exterior parts.
    ( E ) You can't and you shouldn't.
    ( F ) Platform should be mounted outside internal hull parts. Currently selected platform part should be either mounted on top or on bottom to define start shape of something like fin or arrow nose if you want to make it frontal.
    ( G ) In next version there will be 1x height variants. In addition very much parts will be transformed from objects in to tiles. Basically next update will break a lot of stuff in current versions of mod.
  12. Gyumaou

    Gyumaou Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thanks for the explanation! You're right I was confusing the purpose of the part types. I understood the "Interior Hull" parts to mean the inner hull of the ship - cabin walls, divisors, floors, etc - not the external frame. I will re-think the design keeping what you said in mind.

    Point ( D ) was just me looking for a way to end the section level with the hull line. I based the hull height on character height (plus 1 tile clearance) and the 1-high "floor". If I replace the floor with the proper section parts then the total height will be even and easily patched up. The addition of 1-high variants should add more flexibility and help in cases like this.

    Oh, on a related note - I noticed there is a section start from the top but no same start from the side. All the start sides have hull plating parts linked. Think using a tile like this to start a floor in a flat-side multi-level design. So I made one - archive here - though if you feel like adding it to the rest you'll need to fix in a proper icon as I didn't want to mess with that.

    Edit: Have you thought of adding more bulkheads/doorways, perhaps some horizontal variants? Just a thought.

    Edit2: On that horizontal door note. I went ahead and made some more stuff. Lookie here to see what prompted it. Going from a section divider used as a floor into an inner hull part there's no good transition since all other pieces involve hull plating corners (same as above).
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
  13. Durlock

    Durlock Pangalactic Porcupine

    many of the things intended for this mod already exist in other mods (colonies mod, survivalist mod, arcane add on, full customizable ship and prolly more).
    You could work with those other moders to implement their work on your, cause I feel like you are trying to add too many cool things to the game, but only focusing on the ship customization so far :/

    this could be the greatest mod if it accomplishes what it intends to do. really looking forwards that it does ^_^
  14. You see, the main problem here is that other things that implemented in other mods, they are implemented using LUA, where at first I should implement such core features as Survival Environment and New Material System before I will implement other features. And to implement them successfully, I need to implement them via Binary Modding, on very core levels of gameplay.
  15. Asteroides

    Asteroides Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Did they update about when theyll be opening that up for modders?
  16. Luke_Dragonblood

    Luke_Dragonblood Void-Bound Voyager

    All hail master WarStalkeR. This is exactly the type of mod I've been looking for. (side note SHIP BATTLES OH YEAH. Just found out they will be in the game)
  17. Alven

    Alven Void-Bound Voyager

    Colonies, Survival Environment, etc. ... Great! Realy, ambitious plans. Hope, you do this!
    So, i try, and at start single new game with new character got it: "Client-server connection is no longer valid".
    If i delete "shipworld" - game start, but with no Spaceship Modulator in Ship Locker.
    What i do wrong? This is first mod what i try use... Maybe, some requirements missed..?
  18. romatschka

    romatschka Orbital Explorer

    are sprites still needed? O.O
  19. Thanks :)

    Strange. My friend just tested mod and connected to the server. Everything is fine. Are you sure you running latest version of Starbound?

    Yes. Always. 24/7 :D
  20. romatschka

    romatschka Orbital Explorer

    Ok and which sprites? I would like to help :rofl:

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