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RELEASED Field Generators 0.9.2

Protect your buildings from tampering

  1. Pilchenstein

    Pilchenstein Ketchup Robot

    The generators try to force load all chunks they cover but sometimes that fails to happen (without reporting any kind of error) so who knows really. Sorry I couldn't be more help. :V
  2. Shadowblitz16

    Shadowblitz16 Pangalactic Porcupine

    first let me say i love this mod, its really great that i can now protect my buildings in multiplayer.
    however i was wondering if you could revamp the gui a bit to make it look and feel more like it was from vanilla starbound.

    this mod combined with keypads, macrochip, and superior turrets makes bases impenetrable
  3. Pilchenstein

    Pilchenstein Ketchup Robot

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this but no, I won't be doing anything major to this in the foreseeable future. Sorry.
  4. Pilchenstein

    Pilchenstein Ketchup Robot

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