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    ...Wait... Making a gun, mechanical arm... If he also has piloting skills... LOL, you're Barrett from FFVII! :D
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      Sebastian woke up due to an unorthodox noise at three in the morning. Something was making a weird sound. Looking around, he searched without success as the room was dark. As he cleared his mind, Sebastian noticed that the noise was in fact grunts and the sound made when someone slides around a bed sheet. He looked down to see what was going on. His face turned into horror. James was struggling to stay still. His body was shaking drastically with his eyes rolling about under his eyelids. Tears left his left eye. His clothes were covered in sweat. Sebastian, not knowing what to do, decided to wake him up.

      “Hey. James! Dude, wake up!” Sebastian hissed, shaking his friend. No use. James was shaking more drastically.

      “Mmmm…. Jade… I need support…” James mumbled. Sebastian, seeing that James’s tears were soaking his mattress, he decided to slap his cheek a few times. Just then, his sleeping friend bolted up, grabbed him by the neck and prepared to punch him.

      “Target acquired.” James said groggily. But as he cleared his mind, he had noticed that he once again provoked Sebastian, his best friend. “Oh, sorry. Are you okay?” he asked, releasing him.

      “Yeah, I’m fine. The question is, are you okay?” Sebastian replied, rubbing his neck.

      “It’s one of those nightmares. Damnit, I was trying to forget everything. It’s been 20 days in a row.” James said, wiping the tears off of his face. “You should get some sleep, man. I’ll be fine.” He added as he lied back down on his pillow.

      “Uh, okay.” Sebastian said worried.

      Sebastian woke up at six o’clock in the morning the next day. It was unusual as he normally wakes up four hours later. He found no trace of his friend anywhere in his room. His Playstation, laptop, bag, mattress, pillow and tools were nowhere to be found. He washed up and searched around the shop to see if James was there without success.

      Meanwhile, James had returned to his farm with all his stuff. His new house was significantly larger than his cottage. Just the look of it gave James a smile. He unlocked the door with the keys hanging by the porch and opened it. He instantly noticed a kitchen at the left side of the house. He approached the refrigerator to find a note.

      Here’s for service! –Robin

      ‘Refrigerator for service? Amazing.’ James thought as he walked around the house. It may be a bit too big for James, but he was happy about having more space as Professor Gunther had been giving his reward for his donations. There was a pile of boxes of the rewards given. James entered the bedroom to find a double-sized bed along with the fireplace next to it. The floor and the walls were the same as his cottage. He dropped his stuff near his TV, which was now in the living room, grabbed a watering can and went out to work. His crops were still growing. He smiled at each plant as he watered them individually. Just seeing them grow filled him with determination to move on. When he was done, he thought that it would be nice to visit the Laveri family as he was in need for thinner clothes. He walked to Pelican town and into 2 Willow Lane. As he was about to touch the doorknob, he heard hostile conversations between two feminine voices. They seemed to be fighting over something. Afraid of what he might face, James formed slight courage and crept into the house. Haley was apparently fighting Emily over something.

      “Grr, I’ve already cleaned the sofa yesterday! It’s your turn!” Haley screamed with her teeth glued together with a high pitch.

      “Haley, you’re so childish! You do know that I do almost all of the chores around the house!” Emily replied calmly. James thought that it was the best time to ask what is going on.

      “Uh, excuse me, Miss Laveri? …should I come back another time?” James asked. The two turned to face him.

      “Oh, it’s the farm boy.” Haley said with a smirk. James felt annoyance surround him.

      “He has a name, you know.” Emily said.

      “Anyway, that’s not of my concern. Emily, tell him what’s happening here.” Haley continued.

      “Well Mr. James, the situation is that my sister over here is fighting over cleaning this sofa, when it’s clearly her turn to do it.” Emily explained calmly as usual.

      “Hey, it’s clearly YOUR turn to do it! Farm boy…”

      “It’s James, thank you.” James raised his voice.

      “…whatever. James, what do you think?” Haley asked.

      “Huh. Hey, uh… Haley. Why don’t you let this be your one weekly job? What do you think, Emily?” James suggested with a nervous tone.

      “Hrmph.” Haley grunted. After a long pause, she opened her mouth. “Okay, fine. I guess that wouldn’t hurt. Sorry, Emily.” She said.

      “There you go, Emily, problem solved.” James smiled.

      “Wow, that was an easy suggestion! Thanks a bunch for helping us out!” Emily beamed.

      “Heh, no problem. Say, what was I here for…? Oh, right! I’m here to see what summer clothes I can buy from you.” James said.

      “No problem! Follow me into my studio!” Emily replied, walking into her room. James followed her in as he saw Haley seemingly walking towards him but made her way to the refrigerator.

      “So, what are you here for?” Emily asked him as she opened her men’s summer clothes collection drawer.

      “It’s the usual. I wish to have your thin long-sleeved shirts.” James replied. Emily smiled, taking out a set of clothes for him to choose from. After looking through, he bought four.

      “Have a nice day!” Emily said as James walked out of her room. Just then, James saw Haley struggling with a jar of pickled olives.

      “I… Can’t… Get… This open!” Haley exclaimed with futile attempts on opening the jar.

      “Having trouble?” James asked.

      “Oh, hey James.” Haley greeted him panting. She was checking him out. “You’re strong, right?” She added.

      “Well, duh. I’m a farmer.” James replied jokingly. Haley giggled. It was strange as she usually bombards him with insults.

      “Well, I guess you can help me open this jar?” She asked, holding the jar out to James. He took the jar with his left hand and tired to open it with his right. It opened instantly with a loud pop. “Hey, you did it!” Haley beamed, taking the jar from him. She took an olive from the jar and held it out to James. “Want one?” She asked.

      “Sure, I don’t see why not!” James replied, taking the olive and popping it in his mouth. It tasted wonderful. He noticed that Haley was blushing.

      ‘Oh, god. Why is everyone like this here?’ James thought to himself. “Well, I gotta go. It was… nice talking to you.” He said, waving her goodbye.

      James came back home with his newly bought clothes. He decided to clean up his stuff now that his house was upgraded into something larger. He brought a piece of graph paper and started drawing the structure of the house. His optical implant did the scaling for him. From there, he cut small pieces of paper determining what furniture is what and tried arranging them around the diagram to see what position would fit the most. As he was working, he heard a knock. “Who’s there?” James asked.

      “It’s your best friends!” a voice replied.

      “Is it you, Sam?” James called as he walked to the door. His assumption was correct. The Teenager Trio greeted him with loud hellos. “What brought you guys here?” James asked.

      “We’re here to hang out!” Abigail replied.

      “Already? Guys, it’s 11 o’clock in the morning. I’ve just started planning out the house!” James exclaimed. “Look, I’ll send a Facebook message when I’m done, okay? Sam, I’ll let your girlfriend in, okay?” He added. Sam’s face turned red.

      “Your house looks just fine!” Sam said as he looked around James’s house, trying to hide his blush.

      “Ugh, fine. We’ll hang out, but with one condition.” James said. Everyone except Sebastian was all ears. “You gotta help me clean up my house. I have the diagram of what furniture will be where. Seal the deal?” He asked.

      “Deal!” Sam and Abigail chirped, walking in the house. Sebastian signaled James for a talk.

      “Guys, the diagram is in the bedroom! Wait till I go there!” James shouted. He then approached Sebastian. “What’s up?”

      “Dude, are you sure you’re okay with what happened last night? You looked like you were being tortured!” Sebastian whispered.

      “Seb, I’m fine. They’re just nightmares. I’m sure everyone goes through them. Why are you so concerned about me, anyway? Do you love me or something?” James replied.

      “What? NO! It’s just that you’re worse than me on these things. It’s just that…” Sebastian was interrupted.

      “Seb, I will find a way through this. Don’t worry. Now let’ s go inside. We’ve got work to do.” James assured him. They both went inside and started to work on the furniture.
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        Currently as of now, this Fan-Fiction had its 1063rd reader indulge. I can't thank you all along with the Chucklefish Forums enough for all of the support you guys have given to me. Now I have proved my parents wrong.
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          Congrats dude! Well done :up: It's a really entertaining story and James' struggles are both unique and cool. Not every day you got an enemy nation on your tail. You have a knack for action.
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            A few days had passed since James acquired his upgraded house. All the furniture was in place thanks to the help of his friends. James bought a calendar to save his time from going to the General Store. He checked the date to find that tomorrow was the Luau Festival thanks to Lewis’s letter. He decided that it was a good idea to ask his friends about what this festival is about. His tomatoes were ripe this day. He plucked each one from their plants and placed them in the box so that the mayor can retrieve them at night. With that out of his way, he walked to the General Store to ask questions. He was greeted by Pierre, as usual. “Greetings, farmer James! Got anything you wish to buy?” He greeted enthusiastically.

            “Well, I kind of do, but I’m mostly here for… uh… answers.” James replied, looking around the store. Leah was approaching him with vegetables and olive oil in her basket. She waved at him. He smiled and waved back, then turned back to Pierre. “I’ll be back with what I want and ask.” James decided with Pierre nodding to the decision. James took his time to choose his food. He couldn’t go wrong with some pork belly as it used to be his favorite when he was a very little child. He came back to the counter to receive his price.

            “So, what is it that you want answered?” Pierre asked.

            “I’m curious about this Luau Festival tomorrow. All I know is that we’re going to party or something…?” James asked. Just then, Pierre’s phone rang on the counter.

            “I’m sorry, looks like my wife is calling me. Perhaps you may ask my daughter?” Pierre suggested, answering the phone. James shrugged and paid for what he had bought. He decided that a trek to the mountains wouldn’t hurt. When he reached the shop, he heard chatter along with laughter. Curious, he opened the door to find decorations and a banner saying ‘Happy Birthday’ near the dining room. All of the noise were coming from there, too. James approached to find Maru wearing a birthday cone along with Robin, Demetrius, Sebastian, Penny, Leah and Abigail celebrating her.

            “Uh… Hello?” James called. The attention suddenly turned to him.

            “Oh, hello James! Fancy meeting you here!” Robin greeted him with a smile.

            “So… It’s Maru’s birthday today?” James asked. All of the people except Sebastian nodded. “I see.” He added. “Happy birthday, Maru.”

            “Hey, thanks!” Maru exclaimed. She noticed James staring at her bandaged hand. “Oh, don’t worry about that, it’s just a minor injury on a gadget I was making.” She said pointing at the bandage.

            ‘Gadgets? Interesting.’ James thought.

            “You’re welcome to join!” Demetrius said. James nodded and walked closer to the table. People were talking about whatever came to their minds. The dining table was thus filled with noise that Sebastian seemed to hate. James was standing next to Abigail and Sebastian.

            ‘I think it’s time to talk.’ James thought, facing Sebastian. “Hey, what happens in the Luau tomorrow?” He asked.

            “Huh? Oh, that festival… Ugh, how do I explain it…? Ah, it’s the time where we do things in the beach and drink soup that we all make.” Sebastian replied.

            “I see.” James said.

            “Not only that, the country’s stupid governor comes that day to judge us all.” Sebastian gave a sigh. “Mayor Lewis becomes the second Hitler whenever that day comes.”

            “…Why?” James asked in confusion. Abigail decided to butt in, causing a surge in James’s body.

            “All of the townspeople add ingredients in a large cauldron. I guess that’s what determines the taste of the soup. Oh yeah, that soup is the most important thing in the festival and Lewis becomes Hitler as Seb says about that.” Abigail replied.

            “I sometimes used to add something disgusting inside like… sawdust from mom’s workshop in the cauldron. They mostly ended up with my stepdad belting me but other than that, it’s fun seeing the social chain breaking apart.” Sebastian said chuckling.

            “You sadistic bastard.” James chuckled along. Abigail seemed to giggle, too. James’s surge continued. “Say, Abby, what are you going to bring for the soup?” He asked Abigail.

            “Me? I’m not sure. Maybe… I might bring a packet of chicken stock powder? They usually work.” Abigail said. “What about you?”

            “Ah, I have a few possibilities. I have some cauliflower and a tuna that I’ve caught yesterday, in fact. Who doesn’t like tuna, eh?” James replied.

            “…My dad.” Abigail said. James jokingly put a finger on his mouth signaling silence to her. The birthday party went on until it was dark. Everybody bode each other goodbyes and wished good lucks in the Luau tomorrow. Abigail followed James down the mountain talking about Korea as usual. James’s surge seemed to have ended as they parted ways.

            It was the next day. James woke up from his nightmares at 4 o’clock in the morning. He washed his face and found that it was still dark outside. He thought that it would be nice to check his refrigerator to see what ingredient he should bring for the Luau. All he saw that seemed fit was cauliflower, tuna and tomatoes. He decided that he will bring all three. He powered on his laptop and searched through what ingredients are the best in any soup in the internet. ‘Yup, no real answer.’ James thought as he closed his web browser. He turned on Battlefleet Gothic Armada and played it until the sun rose. He then grabbed his tools and went to work. He watered his crops and harvested his peppers. He remembered that Shane like these things, thus he decided to save a box of it for him. It was 8 and a half when he was done with his chores. He grabbed his shopping basket, dumped his soup recipe candidates and headed for the beach. As he approached the bridge that leads to it, he heard music near him. The music started playing, signaling the start of the festival. The beach was being prepared as Gus was laying down food he had made for a week. The only people present were the townspeople responsible for readying the festival like Marnie, Gus and Lewis. Lewis turned to James as he entered the beach. “Good morning, James! How is Cerulean Farm holding up?” Lewis asked calling out.

            “The farm? It’s bigger than what it was weeks ago!” James reply. “Say, where’s the governor?” He asked, looking around the beach to find no signs of an unfamiliar face.

            “It may be unfortunate, but the governor won’t be here for this year’s Luau. Stupid war ruins everything…” Lewis replied grumpily. James’s heart sank. All of this was because of him. He had to push those thoughts aside. The UN forces will win the war, for sure. As James wandered around the beach, he saw people coming in from the bridge. Marnie had started the fire to the cauldron. Sam was testing if the music was loud enough. Abigail’s family entered the beach and greeted James. Abigail hopped to him, activating the surge in James. It seemed to creep closer to his chest.

            “Hey, James! What’s up?” Abigail asked.

            “Nothing, just waiting for this festival to spark.” James replied. “Where’s Seb? Sam’s there.” He added, pointing at Sam.

            “Don’t ask me! I don’t know. Say, what did you bring for the soup?” Abigail asked.

            “Uh, I have three candidates.” James replied, showing his friend the basket. “…And you?”

            “My dad brought a sack of potatoes and my mom brought vegetable she grew from her garden.” Abigail replied.

            “I only asked you, lady.” James said.

            “Me? Here’s mine.” Abigail said holding a packet of something. “It’s powdered chicken stock. You can’t get wrong with this!” She added. James laughed. She had kept her promise of yesterday.

            “Well, I guess you’ve won this time.” James said. Abigail giggled. He saw Sebastian approaching the two. “Hey, what’s up man?” He called.

            “Not much. It’s sad to see the governor not here.” Sebastian replied.

            ‘What? That doesn’t make sense.’ James thought. “I thought you hated him?” James asked.

            “I’m sad that I won’t be able to make fun of him. You see, I’ve brought some tree sap to put in the cauldron. I used to love seeing that blob of fat suffer.” Sebastian replied with a sigh.

            “That’s why we can’t have nice things, Seb.” Abigail said.

            “Sure, like I care.” Sebastian replied. James looked around the beach to find all of the townspeople were here. Sam was looking at the sea with Penny. He then took a deep breath and gave out a sigh. Tomorrow was his birthday.

            ‘I wonder if anybody will notice it.’ James thought to himself.

            “Uh, bro. Are you still here?” Sebastian asked James.

            “Uh, yeah! I’m fine!” James snapped back to reality. “I was thinking about the soup. I’ve never went to tropical festivals in my life, you know.” He added.

            “Are you trying to make me feel sorry for bringing horrible stuff?” Sebastian asked.

            “Not exactly, but yeah. I kind of don’t want this experience to blow away into smithereens.” James replied.

            “Bro, I was kidding! Why would I bring inedible stuff?” Sebastian laughed.

            “Really? God damnit! I should have known!” James exclaimed. His stomach grumbled. “Uh, so… want food? I didn’t eat breakfast.” He asked.

            “Sure! Why not? I’ll ask Sam… never mind.” Abigail replied but changed her mind when she saw their blonde friend holding hands with his girlfriend. The three walked to the buffet tables. The tables were filled with food of various kinds. All looked delicious to the eyes of James. He took the lobster bisque, fish taco and Hawaiian pizza with some pineapples to satisfy his grumbling stomach. The three sat on the sand next to a carpet of leaves which acted as the dance floor where Vincent and Jas danced together. They ate and talked about videogames and how the Luau 5 years ago was ruined as Sam added a can of expired anchovies in the cauldron.

            “Alright, people! The cauldron is bubbling! It’s time to put in the ingredients!” Lewis called. The townspeople including Sebastian, Abigail and James gathered around the cauldron to show what they’ve brought. Lewis approached James. “May I see what you’ve brought, James?” He asked. James showed his basket to reveal the tuna, tomatoes and cauliflowers.

            “I hope they’re good for the cauldron. I’ve surfed the internet for this.” James whispered.

            “They’re fine ingredients. It’s a shame that the governor’s not here. He loves this festival.” Lewis whispered back, and then walked away. It was James’s turn to add his ingredient. He decided to add the tuna in. It was 6 o’clock in the evening when everybody gathered around for the soup. The soup tasted unusually good, except for Pierre as he choked on it. James then remembered that he disgusted tuna thanks to Abigail’s information. Everybody left when the festival was over. Nobody seemed to know James’s big day tomorrow.

            ‘Oh well, I guess I’ll just let tomorrow slip.’ James thought as he fell into sleep.

            It was seven o’clock in the morning when James woke up from his deep slumber. He slept one hour later than his usual wake-up time. He hurried with the washing up and hastily ate his breakfast of combat rations. He grabbed his watering can to start working. When he searched to see if any crops were ready to be harvested, he had noticed that the soil was already moise. ‘Wait, did the wizard water them already?’ James thought, looking around. He found that his melons were ready for harvest, thus rooted them from the ground but kept a few of them for himself and sold the rest. He found a note stuck on the door when he was about to enter the house to put the watering can back.

            Come to the beach by 8:00.

            James checked the clock inside the house.It was 7:40 AM. Without hesitation, James ran to Pelican Town and then to the beach. What awaits him there?

            James saw nobody present in the beach. He looked around frantically to see if anybody was there to kill him. He pulled out his hidden blade and searched around, only to find another note stuck on the wall of Elliot’s cabin.

            We see that you’ve followed orders of a piece of paper .Good job, James. Now go back to your farm and think of what you’ve done! LOL

            ‘Seriously? You’ve got to be kidding me…’ James thought, retracting his blade and putting his palm on his face. Knowing that he had wasted his energy on running to the beach just to be scolded by a piece of paper, James walked back to Cerulean Farm with heavy footsteps. Just as he passed the clinic, he remembered that he had left his door open. Anxious of what might happen, James ran as fast as he could back to his land. When he reached the porch, he noticed that the door was somehow closed. ‘God damn daylight burgulars…’ James thought as he triggered his blade. He crept to his door and barged through it, only to find six familiar figures near the dining table shout at him.

            “SURPRISE!!!” The figures shouted. James froze in place. He rubbed his eyes to confirm what he had seen. The figures were his good friends: Abigail, Sebastian, Sam, Penny, Alex and Leah. There was a large chocolate cake on the table with twenty-one ignited candles.

            ‘Oh my god…’ James thought, retracting his blade. Tears left his left eye. His friends had remembered his birthday. James walked to the table. “H…How did you guys know?” James asked.

            “We saw your calendar when you asked us to help you out with the furniture!” Abigail replied.

            “Yeah, and we’ve been preparing this since after the Luau!” Penny added.

            “I… I can’t thank you enough, guys. I have… no words.” James said, crying. He was so thankful for his friends.

            “Enough with that! Sam, get the guitar!” Sebastian exclaimed as Sam pulled his acoustic guitar and started playing the birthday song. Everybody except James sang along the tune clapping. When the song ended, James blew the candles but three survived.

            “Shame, too bad you won’t get the girlfriend you’ve always wanted.” Alex jokingly said. Everybody laughed.

            “Bro, that’s hypocrisy!” James exclaimed. The gang laughed louder with Alex making a sad face. “So, what now?” He added.

            “What else? We cut the cake! Time to eat, farmer!” Abigail said, pulling out a plastic knife from the cake box. As Abigail cut the cake, James started asking questions about how they managed to prepare this without him knowing anything about it. It turns out that the gang had made a secret group chat in Facebook and prepared everything there. Abigail gave the suggestion, Sam practiced the guitar and Sebastian bought the cake. He asked his last question when Abigail finished with cutting the cake.

            “Wow, how did you know chocolate cake is my favorite? This is flawless to the bones!” James exclaimed as he ate through his slice. “I can eat this for millennia.”

            “I thought you would like things dark, so yeah.” Sebastian shrugged as he took a bite out of his slice.

            “Hey, you got that right!” James replied with a grin.

            “Oh, I have to resume with my project! I got to go. Happy Birthday, James!” Leah said looking at her watch. She waved and ran out of the farm.

            “Hey, uh… my grandma’s calling. I think she wants me there. Sorry, bro! It was nice though.” Alex said.

            “No probs, man. Hey, wanna play football tomorrow?” James asked. Alex gave a thumbs up and left the house. “So, I guess it’s us five. Uh… I’ve downloaded some movies in my Playstation. Wanna watch them and play some games after that?” He asked the remaining four people. They all nodded and rushed to the TV. James turned his PS4 on and played the Avengers: Age of Ultron. While everyone’s attention was glued on the TV screen, James was smiling. This was his eighth birthday party and he had not been this happy before. ‘I guess that’s what friends are for, huh?’ He thought as he watched the action unveiling in the screen.

            I'm not good at describing festivals.
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              Hurrah! Good times with good friends! :) But how long will this tranquility last? Muahahaha!
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                The sun was starting to rise when James woke up from his deep slumber. His friends had made him drink three mugs of beer, thus his hangover was strong. “Jesus Rollerblading Christ. Never again will I tell my people my capabilities.” James said to himself groggily. He woke up and walked to the toilet as he didn’t wash up before he slept. He looked at the mirror as he grabbed his toothbrush to brush his teeth, but something stopped him. He rubbed his eyes to confirm what he is seeing. His face was filled with drawings made by his friends. ‘What the hell?! How did these get here?’ James thought. He dropped his toothbrush and immediately started scrubbing his face. It took him ten minutes to scrub all of the drawings. ‘That was close.’ James thought as he saw his face clean again. After he fixed some breakfast, James laid his elbows on the table to think about what happened yesterday. A few minutes of deep thinking later, he had realized that he had drank 7 mugs of beer before passing out near the porch of his house. James gave out a loud groan and picked up his tools. He had work to do.

                He spent most of his day removing the boulders and rocks that were scattered throughout the dilapidated portion of the farm. His bag almost tore into half due to the sheer weight of the stones he had gathered. He checked his mail box for something. He found a purple envelope and instantly felt like there was something important the wizard wanted him to do.

                Chosen One,

                I have studied your dreams and I could easily sense your vulnerability. You are not ready to face whatever you fear. You cannot rely on technology as they only enhance your fears. You will need to follow the way of the Mage. Come to my tower if you wish to know more. The spirits await their salvation, James. Think carefully.

                -Milosz Rasmodius

                The letter turned into dust and flew away across the sky. James shrugged as it wasn’t the first time this had happened. He tried to walk normally but the hangover made him veer to the left. He saw Sam walking with Penny.

                “Yo, James! Noticed anything unusual?” Sam asked, chuckling.

                “Screw you, Sam. Was that necessary?” James asked. His head was spinning like the centrifuge training he had to suffer from.

                “Bro, it was just a prank! Just go with it!” Sam replied with a laugh. Penny laughed along. James gave a large grunt and headed his way. As he reached the tower, Rasmodius signaled him to come in.

                “Ah, come in, Chosen One. I suppose you have read my letter?” The wizard greeted him. A purple orb was floating between his hands.

                “I guess you want me to follow ‘The Way of the Mage’? What does it mean?” James asked. Just then, the wizard threw the orb at him, sending James spiraling to a bookshelf with a bang. A book fell on his head. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” James exclaimed, rubbing his head.

                “Have patience, young one.” Rasmodius replied calmly as he picked up a spell book from his hand. “You’ve only tested a fragment of the wonder of wizardry. Now get up. We must talk about your past.”

                “…My past? Why?” James asked as he stood up.

                “I’ve seen through your dreams, young one. You are possessed by the demons of technology.” The wizard replied.

                “…I’m wielding it right now.” James said, rolling his sleeve to reveal his cybernetic arm. “How does this give nightmare fuel?” he asked. The wizard lifted him up with telekinesis.

                “Whatever they have gave you back beyond the Sea, it itself is a demon!” The wizard shouted. He dropped the struggling hero. “…But I cannot blame you. I have seen you use if for the good. That is good.” He said.

                “Can you please answer my question?” James asked nervously.

                “Ah, yes. ‘The Way of the Mage.’ It is the path that is gives mortals a chance to grasp the power of magic. They normally need tests for them to even know of it existence, but you, young one, are an exception.” The wizard replied, taking a small glass bottle and filling it with whatever was inside the cauldron. “Welwick, my dearest friend, has told me the future. The Valley will face a dark time. The prophecy told by him is as follows.” He said while summoning a white cloud. The cloud formed a fuzzy image of a cloaked man looking at an orb.

                Ah, I see through my orb… The grimmest of all futures of the fabled valley.

                Soldiers of metal and horses of fire will death they carry,

                Leaving a trail of blood and fire.

                In the shadows of the enemy spark a light of dire,

                Three knights wearing the armor of the enemy,

                Dashing through the valley with hopes of spreading legacy,

                The first, the smart, born from the heresy filled with fear,

                The second, the skilled, betrayed by love for the valley that she dear,

                The third, the swift, serving the enemy but saved with salvation,

                Together they shall bring the war to cessation.

                However, the first needs preparation as his fears shall make him tarry,

                It is for someone he dearly loves to make him not wary.

                The cloud disappeared. Rasmodius approached James and knelt down.

                “Do you see? Welwick’s prophecy points to you, young one. There is no time. Your fears shall destroy the Valley!” The wizard said.

                “…How is this possible?” James asked. Just then, the door opened, revealing a white-bearded man wearing what looked like a cloth made of leaves entered. This was Linus, the homeless man… Or something else.

                “Sorry for my tardiness, Milosz. I have been scolded by the town mayor.” Linus apologized to the wizard.

                “There is nothing you need to fear, Linus. Mortals tend to discourage what they cannot believe.” The wizard replied to the man. He then turned to James. “Linus is a druid of the fifth element, plasma. I have called him to train you.”

                “…Me? Magic?” James replied in disbelief. Linus stretched his hand at James. A green aura surrounded his arm and shot at him. James chocked as he was lifted from the ground.

                “Interesting. Normal mortals would instantly lose consciousness. I am impressed. You are definitely special, James. Linus, put him down.” The wizard said, nodding. The aura disappeared from Linus’s hand and James dropped to the ground. “Now, let us begin. Follow us.” The wizard said as he and Linus walked to the heptagram. He chanted a spell and the candles lit themselves with a blue fire.

                “Step in, James.” Linus called. James obeyed, walking to the center of the heptagram. “Now, judging by your actions during your stay in the Valley, the fifth element suits you the most. What is it, you may ask?” Linus added. James nodded. He was genuinely curious. “Plasma it is.” Linus answered.

                “Plasma? H… How do I channel all of this?” James asked. Linus then cupped his hands vertically and slowly separated them. A blue hazy orb started to form as the hands became farther from each other.

                “It is important to clear your mind. The strength of the mind shall change itself to plasma and circulate around the body. Once you have decided where and how it will be expelled, you are ready.” Linus explained. James tried to refine what he had listened. “Now, try it yourself. I hope you have listened.” He said.

                “Okay, clear your mind…” James whispered. He closed his eyes and entered deep thought. He tried to expel all of the bad memories tormenting his mind. But as he tried, they were constantly being replaced by another. Just then, a flash of green surrounded his black vision. James opened his eyes to find that he was tied up by a green aura.

                “I can see, James. You are having difficulty clearing your mind. Hmm… This is unusual for a normal mortal… Wait here.” The wizard said, walking to the cauldron. He poured some of the shining blue liquid into a bowl and walked back beside the heptagram. “Drink. It is the potion of Perseverance. It shall make it easier for you to clear your mind.” He said, handing the potion to James, still tied up.

                “…At least met me go so I can take the bowl!” James said to Linus. Linus chucked as he released him. James took the bowl and slowly drank the blue liquid. It was sweet. In fact, the taste of it reminded him of his friends. He felt energized when he finished the drink. He gave the bowl back to the wizard, closed his eyes and tried again. This time, the demons were somewhat easily pushed away. He felt his thoughts turn into something that started to radiate his fleshy body with warmth.

                “Good, young one! I can sense the plasma orbiting your body! Now, concentrate it in your flesh arm!” The wizard said. James did as he told and stretched his left hand. The feeling started to concentrate to his palm slowly. When he opened his eyes, he saw that a blue orb was forming in his hand with aura flowing to the orb. All he needed to do know is concentrate on how he will expel the mass. He decided to shoot a blast of it and so it did. The ball of blue plasma left his hand and hit the bookshelf. A few books came tumbling down to the floor. James fell to the ground exhausted.

                “I… I have never felt this before. What is this?” James asked, panting.

                “Young one, you have felt exhaustion for the first time. Still, you have performed okay for a first time votary. Now, Linus, teach him your ways.” The wizard replied. Linus used his magic to forcefully awake James and continued training him.

                For hours, James tried to fire his magic from his hand. As his metallic right hand could not channel plasma, he had to depend on his left hand. He was punished by spells casted by both the wizard and Linus whenever he failed a task. Despite the pain, James did his best to satisfy his mentors. He managed to fire a large ball of plasma after hours of training and instructions.

                “Good, young one. You are improving. It is good to see this.” The wizard complemented him. He looked at the window to see that the moon was already high up. He then took a look at James. He was extremely exhausted. “Looks like it is time for you to go. I order you to come every week on this day.”

                “…Saturday? I… think I can manage that.” James replied, only to make the wizard shock him with thunder from his fingers.

                “Think? YOU MUST!” The wizard boomed. “Now, go home. You must get the rest.” He calmly said.

                “Thanks. Let’s go, Linus.” James said as he walked to the door with the white bearded man. Just before he touched the door, James stopped. “Hey, Mr. Rasmodius, there is something in the prophecy that confuses me.” He said.

                “Go on.” Said the wizard.

                “The last part of the prophecy… the ‘loved one’. What does it mean?”

                “Alas, I know not. But it is of little importance right now. The path will become clear as time passes and you become enlightened. Goodbye.” The wizard replied, shutting the door behind him. James returned to his house with heavy eyes. He decided to chat Alex through his Facebook. It was 10:54 PM.

                James Suh: ‘Sup, man?

                Alex Mullner: Yo

                James Suh: Happy birthday!

                Alex Mullner: hey, thanks. Never expected anybody to remember it. :D

                James Suh: That’s what friends are for, bro!

                Alex Mullner: oh yeah lol where were you?

                James Suh: I was in the mountains. Apparently the spa is open.

                Alex Mullner: really? Damn, gon havta check it out later

                James Suh: See you tomorrow.

                James logged off and closed his eyes for the day. It was surely extraordinary. In the other hand, it was awesome because he had the capability to use what fantasy games could only do. It was in fact, magic. Perhaps he should visit the Junimos tomorrow.

                So, here's how James learns magic. Say, what do you think of the prophecy? I spent an hour trying to find words that rhyme and make sense.
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                  Well, that was... intense. Makes sense that those two would know each other, though, as I've seen them together at a certain festival...
                  • Risukage

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                    Heh, very Shadowrun in that tech and magic never mix properly. :) And yeah, the prophecy text worked; good meter and sense of urgency, but with that vexing ambiguity that all proper portents of the unknown future require.

                    Also, Linus an elemental mage? I like.
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                      Here's a news. I am returning to Korea at July 2nd. Although that won't stop me from writing this fanfic, I won't be online during flights. I have to be lucky to have Wi-Fi at Kunming International Airport.
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                        Plenty of time to mull things over on the way there. Not much else to do in a plane except sleep :rofl: by the way the prophecy was pretty cool. I think you did it well. Looking forward to more chapters whenever you're up for it :up:
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                          AND HERE COMES THE DOUBLE DECADE! CHAPTER 20!

                          James took a look at his chest full of building material. ‘Hmmm… what can I do with this?’ He thought as he looked through inside. As he thought of what use these things have, he started to also think of the prophecy. Who were the three knights? The Smart? The Skilled? The Swift? The loved one? He pushed it away. He needed to find a way to get rid of all this. Suddenly, it snapped into his mind. James brought his wheelbarrow and loaded it with stones. He filled his backpack with wood and set off to the mountains. As he entered the carpenter’s shop, he was immediately greeted by Robin.

                          “Hello, James! Fancy meeting you here so early! What are you here for?” Robin asked. She looked like she was tired. James checked the clock behind Robin. It was 9:03 AM.

                          “Uh, yeah. May I see your construction catalogue?” James asked. Robin stared at James. She seemed like she was shocked.

                          “…For real?” She asked, rummaging through her computer in her desk. She clicked on something and slid the monitor so that her customer could see. “Wh… what do you want?”

                          “May I see a… coop?” James asked. Robin nodded hastily and immediately scrolled down to an image of a green building with a small wooden hatch next to a door. “Yeah, that!” James said, pointing at the screen. “I see… 4000 Galleons?” he asked. Robin nodded. James took out the money and slammed it on Robin’s desk. Robin was still staring at James.

                          “…What about the materials?” Robin asked.

                          “It’s outside, as usual.” James replied, pointing at the door.

                          “…What, I mean, how will you feed the chickens?” Robin asked, shuddering.

                          “That?” James asked, placing 100 Galleons on the table. “I’ll also buy a hay silo.” He added. He then looked at Robin. She seemed like she had seen a ghost. “Hey, are you alright?” He asked.

                          “I… I… I’ve never built these things for… 25 years.” Robin said. Just then, Maru came out from her room to see what is going on. “Mom, are you alright?” she asked her mother running to her.

                          “I’m fine, sweetie. Go back to your room.” Robin replied. She seemed to have returned to reality. “Wait here, James! I’ll be back with something!” Robin said to James as she ran to a door behind the counter. She returned with a tape ruler, hammer and rope in her hands. “Follow me! We have to go to your farm!” She exclaimed. James followed her despite his thoughts of confusion.

                          Robin went to work as soon as the two reached Cerulean Farm. She set up construction sites made out of wood and ropes. James decided where each of these structures will be. The coop would be a few meters away from the house while the silo will take over most of the space that was left between the two buildings. As soon as James confirmed her selection, Robin immediately ran for his wheelbarrow and brought her materials and tools. ‘Jesus, is she THAT eager? What the hell happened for 25 years?’ James thought to himself. He thought that he should help the carpenter. Robin seemed to had read his mind as he walked to the wheelbarrow.

                          “No need to help, James! I’ve got this all taken care of! Just continue with what you were supposed to do!” Robin called. James nodded and took off to the Town. He had promised Alex to play football in the beach. When he reached the town, he saw a figure that looked similar to Alex. It seemed to be looking over a fenced area with a sign ‘Dusty’ painted on it. James was able to overhear what the figure was saying as he approached.

                          “Yeah, good job, Dusty! You’re a good dog!” The figure said. “You might be the only one who understands me. Really, no one else has seen the kind of stuff you and I have.” The figure was no other than Alex Mullner himself. He turned around and gave a sigh, but was startled when he saw James walking towards him. “J...James?!” Alex exclaimed.

                          “Yeah, that’s me. What’s up?” James asked.

                          “…Did you overhear our conversation?” Alex asked, looking at the fenced square.

                          “Well, I did to be honest. I’ll forget about it if you don’t like it.” James replied. Alex lowered his head and gave a sigh.

                          “…I guess I should tell you my painful past then, especially why I live with my grandparents.” Alex said. James was all ears. “My family had hard times before it broke into pieces. We used to live in Prometheus City. My dad… wasn’t such a good person. In fact, he left us for a celebrity. He used to drink heavily every night and beat my mom. He said harsh things to me especially when I came back from hanging out with my sports buddies.” James’s mind was filled with thoughts of what his friend had gone through. “My mom passed a few months after my dad left us. That’s how I had to leave all my buddies behind Prometheus and live with my grandparents here. I was all alone until you came along.” Alex concluded.

                          “I… I’m sorry for your loss.” James said. He was shaking just like Alex was.

                          “Thanks… Are you okay?” Alex asked.

                          “It… it’s too dark for us to comprehend, but I guess I should let it loose now that you’ve told your story.” James replied.

                          “What is it?” Alex asked.

                          “My parents were assassinated when I was 7 years old. That’s when I’ve received my farm deed by my grandfather. I still don’t know why someone would kill my parents for. I had to live with my uncle until I made enough money from Joja to leave Niobius and live here. God, I miss those two…” James said with tears streaming from his eye. He wiped them out with his arm. “…But those are just things of the past, man. I can’t let them obstruct my freedom… I mean, future.” He added.

                          “…I guess we all have our bad times.” Alex said, patting James’s back. He patted him back.

                          “Say, what’s behind all those fences?” James asked, pointing at the sign. “Dusty?”

                          “Oh, that’s my dog. The mayor forced me to put him in there. Poor bastard.” Alex replied, shaking his head. “He’s a sweetheart in the inside, just like Hale…. I mean, my grandparents.” He said. James thought that Alex was trying to hide something, but decided not to pull it out from him. “Hey, wanna see him do some sick tricks?” Alex asked.

                          “Oh, it’s a skater?” James jokingly asked.

                          “I guess?” Alex replied laughing. “Anyway, Dusty’s the pooch that would do anything for a loaf of grade A++ t-bone steak. Watch!” He added as he unwrapped a bag of steak and holding it out for the Rottweiler to see. Dusty bolted up and attempted to climb over the fence with flashing eyes. Alex and James simply laughed along. “That’s a good boy!” Alex said as he threw the meat over the fence. The dog grabbed it by its mouth in midair and devoured it in a second.

                          “Hey, I think you know why I came here for.” James said, taking a football out from his bag. Alex gave a grin as James threw it on the ground.

                          Two days had passed on. James had helped Robin build the buildings during those times. Robin was smiling with her arms at her hips. “They would normally take a week to build. I still can’t believe that we’ve did all two of these in three days! You sure are amazing!” Robin beamed at James.

                          “Well, it was nothing, though. It’s all in a day’s work!” James replied, smirking. “Either way, I can’t thank you enough for these buildings.” He added.

                          “No, I can’t thank YOU enough!” Robin said. Looking at her watch. “Oh, I have to go to the aerobics club! Got to go! Bye!” she said as she waved the farmer goodbye and set off for Town. As she disappeared from his sight, James gave a positive sigh. His farm was now ready for animal produce. He decided to set off for the ranch for the chickens. As he entered the building, he was once again greeted by Jas.

                          “…Who are you?” The girl asked with deathly stares. It gave James the creeps.

                          “I’m here for… the chickens?” James replied with shivers.

                          “…I see something inside you. It’s… shiny.” Jas continued. James looked around himself. Nothing.

                          ‘What the hell is she talking about?’ James thought. ‘Does she know about my training?’ He pushed the theory away. “Well, that’s something, kid. Say, where’s your aunt?” He asked. Shane came out from his room to interfere with the awkwardness.

                          “Uh… aunt’s in the aerobics club. What do you want?” Shane asked.

                          “Well, I’m here for chickens?” James replied.

                          “Oh, yeah. Chickens.” Shane said scratching his head and looking at a pile of hay next to the door.

                          “Well, if she’s not here, I guess I should come tomorrow?” James said, turning to the door.

                          “No, wait! I have an idea.” Shane stopped him. He proceeded to bring a piece of paper from a typewriter on the dining table along with his pencil. “…How many do you need?” he asked.

                          James paused to think. What would be the most viable amount? “Uh… two, I guess. I gotta start small.” He replied. Shane’s phone rang.

                          “It’s Marnie. I think she texted me for the price.” Shane said, checking his phone. “Okay. One chicken is 800 Galleons, so… 1600 Galleons it is.” He added, not taking his eyes off of his phone.

                          “Very well. Here’s the cha-chings.” James replied, placing the money on the counter.

                          “Alright, then! I’ll contact Marnie as soon as she arrives. In a meantime, why don’t you leave us alone?” Shane said grumpily. Although it made James furious, he did his best to hide his emotions and opened his bag. “Uh… what are you doing?” Shane asked. James pulled out a box and gave it to the man. Shane opened it to find a bunch of chili peppers inside. “Jesus Christ, James! You gotta be a psychic to know what I like!” Shane said with a big smile.

                          “You should thank Marnie for that, or you wouldn’t be able to thank my butt.” James replied. “Well, I gotta go. Thanks for the chickens, though!” He added as he waved Shane goodbye and closed the door.

                          It was seven o’clock at night that day. The Teenager Trio was in James’s house playing Battlefield 1 in his Playstation. James was cooking dinner. He needed a way to get rid of all the fish that was overpopulating the refrigerator. “I hope you guys like fish!” He called to his friends glued to the TV screen.

                          “Just make us something that’s edible!” Sam called back.

                          “You know what? To hell with all this cooking! Instant noodles it is!” James shouted. Abigail shouted back with joy. Just as he was opening the noodle packets, the doorbell rang. James hurried to the door to find Marnie waiting at the other side holding something in her arms. “Miss Lannister?” He asked.

                          “That I am! I’ve come with what you want!” Marnie replied. She was holding two chicks chirping.

                          “Oh, right. The chickens. What are their names?” James asked.

                          “My clients are to name them. What do you think?” Marnie replied.

                          “Interesting! I’m not sure if these names are good…” James said. “…but I thing I’m going to name this one Antares… and she’ll be called Rigel. Yeah, I think those are good names!” James said as he pointed at each infant chicken.

                          “Those sure are good names!” Marnie replied, glancing at her phone. Oh, looks like Shane texted me about Jas’s tantrums. I have to go! I’ll leave these two inside your coop!”

                          “No need! I’ll do it myself!” Jam replied, taking the chicks from Marnie. Marnie waved him goodbye and left the farm to the south. ‘I really should clean up this land…’ he thought as he saw the ranch owner struggling through the flora. He closed the door and returned to cooking the instant noodle. When we brought the finished aromatic dinner to the Trio, he saw them playing with the chicks. “Uh…. Guys? Dinner’s ready.” James said, placing the saucepan down on the ground.

                          “Bro, where did you get these guys?” Sam asked.

                          “They’re… so… CUTE!” Abigail exclaimed. “What are their names?” She asked.

                          “Oh, the one on the right is… Antares and the other is Rigel. Nifty names, huh?” James replied.

                          “Jesus, they’re the names that Maru might give.” Sebastian said, patting Rigel.

                          “Really? A bit scientific, you think?” James asked. Sebastian nodded, picking up a fork. “Anyways, let’s eat. I’ll put these two in the coop later.” He added, giving a pair of chopsticks to his female friend.
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                            Antares and Rigel, hunh? I dare you to have James adopt a cat and name him Regulus. :D I mean, yeah, you could grab a dog and go with Sirius, but that's just so mainstream. Also, CHIKKINZ. Yay.
                            • ApertureGaming011

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                              I'm planning to name my chickens after stars, cows after Jovian moons and Sheep after Saturnian moons
                              • ApertureGaming011

                                ApertureGaming011 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                CHAPTER 21. IF THIS ISN'T THE ANSWER, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.

                                James was snipping off his second blueberry harvest when Marnie and Shane entered his farm. “Oh, hello ma’am! What’s up, Shane?” James called out, standing up with his harvest basket.

                                “Hrmph. I didn’t expect a warm welcome.” Shane grunted. Marnie glared at him.

                                “Anyway, we’re here to give you a gift!” Marnie said. “Shane, get the wheelbarrow!” She added.

                                “…What’s that?” James asked, placing his basket down.

                                “It’s hay! It’ll be enough to feed you two chicks for a month!” Marnie replied. Shane returned with a wheelbarrow overstocked with hay. He proceeded to load it into James’s silo.

                                “Well, I can’t be thankful enough! First the chickens and now hay?” James asked.

                                “It’s all in a day’s work, James! Neighbors and Friends should help each other!” Marnie beamed. “Well, we have to go now. Good luck with Antares and Rigel!” She said as she and Shane struggled through the tall grass near the south.

                                “Clean your farm, for pete’s sake!” Shane shouted. James laughed as he continued with his harvest.

                                James entered his coop after he was done with his usual chores. He saw Antares and Rigel dashing to him to greet him. They were chirping away like puppies. As he placed down hay on their feeding trough, he noticed something on Antares’s face. He knelt down and picked the chick up to inspect. He noticed a purple streak of feathers. ‘Interesting!’ James though as he placed her down. He took his time in his coop lying down while the two yellow feather balls swarmed up to him. ‘This is true heaven!’ James thought as he stroked Rigel. He exited the coop, leaving the hatch open for the chicks to breathe fresh air to check his mailbox. He saw two envelopes inside. The first one was a letter from the mayor.

                                I need a bottle of truffle oil. Don’t ask why. –Lewis McLengst-

                                ‘…What’s a truffle?’ James asked himself as he searched it up on his phone. ‘Huh. Interesting.’ He thought as he found a Wikipedia page about it. He decided to take note on it and placed the envelope in his pocket. He opened the second envelope.

                                Come to my house by 8 o’clock. I want to show you something. –Abby

                                James felt the surge. Something was wrong. Ever since he first met this short purple-haired girl, he had been feeling something creeping up on him. Now, the surge was starting to creep closer to his chest. Besides, as time passed, the surge was getting warmer and warmer. ‘Eh, probably some kind of IFF malfunction. I’m gonna have to ask Clint about this.’ James shook it away and placed Abigail’s letter on his desk. He looked at his calendar to see that today, the 16th of Summer, was his medical check-up day. He felt fear whenever Doctor Harvey passed him by. He was one of the few that knew James’s true form. He checked the clock. 10:03 AM. Twenty-seven minutes until the doctor would be waiting for him. James changed into one of his thin hoodies and set off for the clinic.

                                “Hello, is Doctor Harvey here?” James asked Maru behind the counter.

                                “Yes, but he’s with another patient. I believe that your appointment is ten minutes from now?” Maru replied. James turned to the clock. It was 10:21 AM. ‘Well, looks like I’ve come too early.’ He thought.

                                “You know, you can sit there and wait.” Maru said, pointing at one of the waiting chairs. James nodded and sat down on one of them. He submerged himself into deep thought. The light blue granite walls, ceiling and floor gave him the perfect mood for it. The whirring noise of the ventilation fan reminded him of the Gorgon Base especially in the infirmaries. As he went deeper down to his thought, thinking about his surge, Jade, a solider simply known as 14 or Alex… He suddenly thought. ‘What if Maru knows who I am? What if Harvey told her about this?’ His mind was filled with nothing but fear. He started to shake. He heard voices but his paranoia deafened his senses. All of it seemed to run away from him as someone smacked him on the head. It was Harvey. Maru was standing next to him looking worried.

                                “James? Are you alright? You were sweating and hyperventilating! Not to mention shaking!” Harvey exclaimed.

                                “Yeah? I’m fine. All is good. Is it time for my checkup, doc?” James asked, shaking his head to focus.

                                “Well, yes. We’re really worried about you ever since that incident!” Harvey replied. “Follow me. Let’s begin your checkup.” He added. James nodded and followed him into a room with a medical bed. “Take a seat.” Harvey said. James did as he said.

                                “…I have a question.” James said. Harvey was all ears. “…Did you tell Maru of this?” he asked, rolling up his right sleeve. His cybernetics were clearly visible.

                                “No, James. Your right arm sleeve didn’t leave your body during the surgery. Maru was outside with her family when I dressed you in your hospital outfit.” Harvey assured. James gave a sigh of relief. “Now, would you mind taking your shirt off? We need to begin your inspection.” He added. James complied and pulled his shirt off, revealing his highly muscular body. Harvey connected some sensors near his heart wired to a BPM machine. As he turned his machine on, the beeps were rapid. The monitor stated 121 beats per minute. “My, your heart is beating fast!” Harvey exclaimed.

                                “Well, I’m nervous. You know, the feeling of regret of the one chocolate I wasn’t supposed to eat last night.” James jokingly said.

                                “Well, I guess! You are an enthusiastic patient! It’s okay to eat a little bit!” Harvey chuckled. “Anyway, looks like your heart is beating fine. I expected a much higher reading due to… well, personal reasons.” He added, removing the sensors from James.

                                “Are we done?” James asked, picking up his shirt.

                                “What? No! We’ve got a plethora of things to do!” Harvey replied, tapping on his papers. James gave him a jokingly horrified look.

                                “Oh god.” James jokingly said. Harvey chuckled at it.

                                “Relax. It’ll be over soon! Anyway, when was the last time you have received vaccines?” Harvey asked.

                                “Vaccines? The last time was… 12 years ago!” James replied. The fully sanitary facilities of the base meant that no infection was possible.

                                “I see. I suppose that was for… mumps?” Harvey asked. James nodded to the question. “I guess you are fine with personal medical questions, correct?” He continued.

                                “Well, I have nothing to hide from you, so… I guess I should let the questions flow!” James replied.

                                “Very well.” Harvey said as he pulled his pen out from his coat pocket. “Here’s the first question: are you sexually active?”

                                “Well, my sexuality button has never been touched before.” James replied. Harvey gave out a laugh while writing something down on his papers.

                                Two hours had passed when James replied to Harvey’s last question. “Okay, I guess that does it for the questions. I’ll refine your answers to get the best medications. For now, you may go.” Harvey said. James wore his shirt again and left the clinic after paying the money. He decided to take a walk around the beach to remove the nightmares he was facing back at the waiting room of the clinic. The waves of the Gem Sea soothed him until he thought of the ships clashing against each other with their crew blowing up into pieces. He pushed it away. Right now, he is enjoying his life. That’s all that matters. As he said hello to Elliot and Leah sitting beside each other on the pier cuddling, He saw Sam and Vincent playing on the sand.

                                “Hey, Sam!” James called.

                                “’Sup, bro!” Sam called back, waving his hand. “We’re just playing in the sand, nothing special!” He added.

                                “Well, that’s good to know! Brotherly love always gets me for some reason!” James chuckled. “Hey, Vince!” He said to Vincent.

                                “Oh, hello Mr. James!” Vincent gleefully said.

                                “You know, you can just call me James.” James replied.

                                “Okay!” Vincent nodded and continued making his sand castle. It was giant, but it lacked in detail.

                                “So, how old is your brother?” James asked Sam.

                                “Him? He’s seven. Anything else you wanna know?” Sam replied.

                                “Well, I haven’t seen your dad since I came here for the farm. May I ask where he is?” James asked.

                                “Dad’s… he… damn, I don’t know how to say this, but he left for the war the day after you came here.” Sam replied hesitantly. James’s heart sank. He wanted to say sorry for all of the things he had caused during this stay in Stardew Valley. The War, the Graceful Mercy and now Sam’s father. He lowered his head and gritted his teeth while quenching fists. “Hey, are you alright? Did I say something bothering for you?” Sam asked, patting James’s shoulder.

                                “Yeah, I’m fine.” James replied, shrugging his hand off. Vincent looked at the two as if he overheard the conversation.

                                “Sam, you know about dad… he’ll come back, right?” Vincent asked Sam.

                                “Of course he will, brother! He’ll bring you ALL the toys you want when he gets back!” Sam replied enthusiastically. Vincent seemed to be the complete opposite.

                                “…But, but… I remember mommy watching the news yesterday saying..saying… saying that our soldiers were getting era..di…caped but the Gotoro soldiers… It said that their soldiers were… special?” Vincent said with tears welling up in his eyes. James could see genuine sadness growing in Vincent, but something was growing in James, too. It was remorse, regret and sorrow. The special soldiers that this little kid was talking about seemed to snap in James’s mind, but he didn’t know what.

                                “D…don’t worry, Vincent! Our soldiers are stronger than them! We’ve even got the world on our side!” Sam replied, trying to soothe his brother’s sadness with the United Nations’ support. He then turned to James when he confirmed Vincent’s smile. “James, I’m not sure if I did the right thing, you know… about telling lies to children.” Sam whispered to James.

                                “Bro, you did the right thing. Your brother deserved some optimism! Don’t be so worried!” James replied back with a whisper. Sam nodded at the response.

                                “Thanks, man. I’ve always hated myself whenever I had to do this to him.” Sam said. “You’re a life saver.”

                                “All in a day’s work, bro. Say, about your… I mean, our band, when are we going to officially start practicing and composing?” James asked.

                                “The band? Well, I’ve composed a few songs, but I don’t think they’re enough. I need you guys’ help for us to make an album.” Sam replied.

                                “Hmm. Interesting. Maybe we’ll all hang out in your house one day again.” James said.

                                Sam and James had been talking with each other while keeping an eye on Vincent playing on the sand until the sun didn’t seem to exist. James parted with Sam and Vincent as they walked back home together. He checked the clock on the general store to find that it was 8:24 PM. He walked in to find Pierre preparing to close the door.

                                “What brings you here, James?” Pierre asked, turning his head to James.

                                “I’m here to do Abby a favor. Is she in her room?” James asked sweating.

                                “Yes, she’s in her room.” Pierre glared at him. James thanked him and entered her room. The room was dark with a very dim light illuminating the room. The room smelled like burning wax. He looked around to find Abigail lighting candles while chanting something. It gave James the creeps. She didn’t seem to notice his presence.

                                “Uh… Abby?” James called.

                                “Oh, James! I didn’t see you come in!” Abigail replied, startled. She tripped and fell on her posterior.

                                “Here, take my hand.” James said, holding out his left hand for her to grab. She blushed when she took hold of it and stood up. James’s surge intensified at the same time. “Anyway, what’s all this?” James asked, pointing at a wooden keyboard-like object surrounded by five candles.

                                “That’s a spirit board. I normally use it to channel the spirits to communicate.” Abigail explained. “They work better with multiple people. Sebastian and Sam thinks I’m weird so you’re the only one I can count on.” She added, blushing.

                                “This is… interesting.” James said. He could use some magic in the form of plasma, but he couldn’t feel spirits. He could only see them during nightmares, especially the ones who died due to him. He shrugged the thoughts out of his way.

                                “Here, come sit down near the board!” Abigail cheerfully said, dragging James into the candle circle. The temperature around it seemed to rise slowly. He knelt down with Abigail on the other side of the board. “Now, place your hands on the plachentte with me.” Abigail instructed. James did as followed, placing his hands on Abigail’s hands. His surge seemed to overload, but he threw the feeling away. “Now, the spirits should guide us to the letters. O, spirits, what did you see from my mind?” Abigail called out silently. Just then, the plachentte started moving on its own. James could feel a cold burst of air radiating near the candle circle. “LOOK, IT’S MOVING!” Abigail explained. James was actually surprised.

                                ‘Holy mackerellosynthesis, this is really happening!’ James thought.

                                “Look, they’re guiding us to… ‘I’…” Abigail read out the letter. The plachentte then moved to a hollow heart symbol “…Then to the heart…” She continued. Finally, the spirits guided the two to multiple letters. “Look at it go! It’s spelling out a name! It’s J…A…M… I ‘heart; Jam….?” Abigail paused. She quickly kicked the spirit board over.

                                “What was that for?” James asked. The spirit board had hit his body.

                                “Whoops! Accidentally knocked over the board! It’s just a child’s play.” Abigail laughed. James faked a laugh. “Well, uh… I have something to do. It’s nine o’clock, too. Bye.” Abigail said, facing the wall blushing. James took a look at the girl one more time before leaving the General Store and back to Cerulean Farm. The surge was too strong for him to handle.
                                • Gabaw

                                  Gabaw Spaceman Spiff

                                  So James has a slight malfunction. An IFF malfunction? Oh boy... This might not end well but who knows! The scene with Sam and Vincent was great. We don't often see him being a good older brother so good work on that too.
                                  • Risukage

                                    Risukage Giant Laser Beams

                                    Ahh-hahahaha, you almost gave yourself away, Abby. Or was that intentional? Muahahaha!
                                    • ApertureGaming011

                                      ApertureGaming011 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      CHAPTER 22 RELEASED. ALL CONTAINMENT FIELDS POWER UP!

                                      “INCOMING ARTILLERY! TAKE COVER IN THAT CRATER!” Soldier 56 cried out. As James hurried through the broken road of Gracefield, Ferngill Republic to a nearby crater, multiple explosions and whizzing of the descending shells shoot the ground below him. He immediately shut the doors behind him.

                                      “We’ll wait here until the barrage stops. In a meantime, check on your ammunition and cybernetics!” Soldier 28, James’s squad leader said.

                                      “Yes, sir!” the squad and James replied. As soon as the explosions were no longer a thing, the supersoldier team stormed out of the building to charge towards an enemy blockade. James set up a sentry turret and filled it with ammunition. His team fired upon the blockade, leaving only the APC standing. Soldier 39, or Jade, fired a rocket at the vehicle, resulting in a orange fireball and a wreckage flying toward the sky.

                                      “We’ve got the blockade! Move, we need to regroup with the tank squad!” Soldier 28 shouted as he took a left turn towards a red light district. James followed along after he dismantled his turret. As the team exited the district and into a road cluttered with wrecked and abandoned cars, a sound of turbojet engines was heard. “ Tactical attack aircraft! 24, build a AA turret!” Soldier 28 shouted to James. As James went to work, he could hear the A-31 Wyvern Attacker zooming towards them. If he didn’t finish his turret soon, the aircraft would dispense its missiles on the team, evaporating them instantly. Just as he was tightening a joint between the hinge and the gun, he heard minigun fire along with missile fire. It was too late. He was blinded by orange flames and concrete rubble when he suddenly heard… a chicken?

                                      James woke up with sweat flooding his bed. Another damn nightmare. He was having these ever since he had arrived to Stardew Valley. He had been refining what Vincent had said to Sam a few days back. He was talking about how the Supersoldiers were mowing down the Ferngill-United Nations coalition. ‘Oh, no. They’re gonna be pushed back in a matter of days.’ James thought. He took a warm shower and turned on KOSU 5 news while preparing breakfast of cereal and milk. He had been avoiding the news, but James thought that it would be important for him to know what is happening to the war. “…According to the reconnaissance teams of our troops, they have spotted some very unique-looking soldiers wearing what looks like full-body armor blending with the Gotoro troops. It has been estimated that these may be the special operatives of the army. Rumors say that not even a single personnel has been eliminated and their weapons are highly advanced unlike the conventional weaponry the standard Imperial soldiers wield. Now we will move on to Ferngill Republic Secretary of International defense to interview about how the Gotoro Empire has broken the 734th United Nations Advanced Weapons Treaty...” James’s speculation was correct. Supersoldiers have been deployed as the Gotoro army was pushed to the province of Ventollini. It would be the matter of time until the Empire pushed the coalition into Ferngill Territory. James pulled out how journal and wrote down calculation. When he had found the answer, he dropped his pencil in shock. It would take the Empire three months to push to Arcadia City, the Capital of Ferngill Republic, if nothing is done by the United Nations. With despair in his eyes, James grabbed his watering can and went to work.

                                      With his crops satisfied with its daily watering and chicks fed, James placed his watering can back to his tool shelf. Just as he was about to leave for fishing, he was greeted by Demetrius on his porch.

                                      “Uh, hello, Mr. Suh.” Demetrius said.

                                      “Hello, sir. You know that you can just call me James.” James replied.

                                      “Perhaps! Anyways, I’ve made an amazing discovery!” Demetrius continued. James was confused. Why would he tell him about this?

                                      “Interesting. What is it?” James asked.

                                      “I’ll set the technical information aside. Basically, I’ve found a way to attract either flora or fauna into a concealed area using a pheromone I’ve recently synthesized!” Demetrius replied.

                                      “Pheromone? I guess it’s some kind of master pheromone which can attract anything?” James asked, confused.

                                      “That’s it! Remember that cave at the north of this farm? We can use that as our concealed space!” Demetrius replied.

                                      ‘cave? What cave?’ James thought, looking around at the north of the farm. He hadn’t noticed that cave. “Oh, I see!”

                                      “Good! Unfortunately, the pheromone can’t attract two species at once. I have enough of it to attract either fruit bats or mushroom spores. What do you want?” Demetrius asked. James thought for a bit. He could find fruits everywhere he went, especially Cindersap Forest.

                                      “I think the mushrooms might be good. I don’t know, it sounds better than bats.” James made his decision.

                                      “Great! I’ll get to it by today! It’ll be finished by sunset!” Demetrius replied. James waved him goodbye and set off for Pelican Town. He tried practicing what he had learned from the wizard and Linus during his two weeks of training. He closed his eyes and concentrated his mind on his left hand. He could feel energy streaming throughout his body towards this left arm. Ever since he received his first training two weeks ago, he had been practicing the magic the two mages have been teaching him. The townspeople had reported blue flashing lights in James’s farm during those times. James lied to them by telling them that he was building a powerful flashlight. When he opened his eyes, James saw what he wanted to see: a bright blue orb enlarging on the palm of his left hand. As it grew larger, James knew that people would see his actions, so he lowered his arm to the ground and fired the ball. It was a mistake. As soon as the orb hit the ground, it created an explosion resulting in a large shockwave. James flew 7 meters up in the air and fell back first to the soft dirt. “Damnit! Why can’t I be smart like my engineering self?!” James mocked himself as he picked himself up. He checked his back to find several gashes. He was bleeding. Knowing what to do, he rushed to the clinic to receive his treatment.

                                      It took Harvey two hours to patch James up. James exited the clinic to continue what he wanted to do: Meet Sam. He knocked on the door of 1 Willow Lane. Jodi opened the door, but her face turned into a shock when he saw James’s bandages behind his thin shirt. “Goodness, James! What happened to you?” Jodi asked.

                                      “It’s nothing. A tree fell on me, that’s all.” James replied with a shrug.

                                      “That’s really something, James! I remember your grandfather nearly dying because of the same incident! You don’t even know how worries the community was that time!” Jodi exclaimed.

                                      ‘Is she scolding me? Well, I guess I should go along with it…’ James thought. Just then, Sam came out from his room to see what was going on.

                                      “What’s going on... James?” Sam asked. He had also noticed the bandages.

                                      “Oh, hello Sam.” James answered him, but Jodi pulled his attention back to her.

                                      “James, promise us all that it won’t happen again. Come on, give me your answer!” Jodi exclaimed.

                                      “Yes, ma’am.” James replied. Jodi gave a nod and walked to her room. Sam approached James with concerned looks. “Bro, I’m fine. Let’s go to your room.” Sam nodded and escorted his friend into his room. Abigail and Sebastian were in his room with their instruments. They greeted James when Sam and he entered the room. James sat on Sam’s bed to look around and understand the situation. It looked like the Teenager Trio were practicing the music the band had been composing since James’s absence. “So, uh… should I grab the bass guitar or something?”

                                      “Sure! We were waiting for you, to be honest!” Sam replied, pointing at the bass. James nodded and took the guitar. He remember that day when he received the phonecall. He didn’t want it to happen again. His mind was filling up with fear once again. He felt the tormenting of the demons of his past. His head felt like cracking up again. He could see his commissars pointing their pistols at them. Just then, he was hit on the head.

                                      “Bro! Are you okay? Hey, hey! Are you listening?” Sam asked. James couldn’t hear what he had said. The trauma was blocking his ears. “Seb, get me that glass!” Sam shouted. Sebastian nodded and hastily gave the glass of water to his blonde friend. Sam then splashed the water to his shaking friend’s head. It seemed to do the trick. James’s memories seem to have flew away. He shook his head to clear his mind.

                                      “Wh… what happened?” James asked the trio. Abigail rushed from the drum set to her friend.

                                      “You were shaking and sweating! Are you okay?” Abigail asked.

                                      “Me? Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s start practicing!” James replied, holding the bass guitar tightly. The trio looked at him with worried looks, but returned to their instruments. “So, Sam! What song were we playing?” James asked.

                                      “Oh, uh… we were playing Christmas Brings me Down by Sparks the Rescue. Wanna listen to it?” Sam replied, handing James with his iPod. He nodded while taking the iPod and placing the pods of his earphones in his ears. He tried to hold the correct fret of his bass as the song flowed on through his ears. After three loops, James removed his earphones signaling that he got a hang of the song. “Great! Ab, hit the drum sticks! We’re going to restart what we were doing!” Sam said to Abigail. Abigail gave the cue and the gang started playing the song.

                                      I’m rocking up these things, I’m giving back to you

                                      Audio CDs I never listen to

                                      We used to kiss under every single mistletoe

                                      I see you now, and you act like you don’t even know…

                                      I’m gonna X this Xmas

                                      I got a ghost that follows me around

                                      I’m staying in on Christmas

                                      I’m drinking hard while the snow covers the ground

                                      Yeah, Christmas brings me

                                      Christmas brings me

                                      Christmas bring me down

                                      The practice went smoothly. Abigail played the beat like a master. Sam sang while he skillfully pressed his fingers on each fret with precision. James and Sebastian played along the song fluently. It was what James wanted to do. He wanted to do something with his friends. Staying near monitors was getting tiresome for him.

                                      It was 6:30 PM that day. James, Sebastian and Abigail waved Sam goodbye and left 1 Willow Lane. James conversed with Sebastian as he smoked his way to the mountains. Abigail unusually stayed close to James, igniting the surge inside him once again. “So, uh… about what happened last week…” Abigail said.

                                      “Yeah? What’s up with that?” James asked.

                                      “I’m sorry for how stupid I behaved back with the spirit board thing.” Abigail replied.

                                      “Hey, I still feel sorry for almost decapitating you back at Spring. Chill, Abby. You really need to do what I told you to do.” James said.

                                      “I…I’m sure that you understand what I was trying to do there.” Abigail said with a huge blush before she waved him goodbye and make her way to the General Store. James was confused. What did she mean? The surge seemed to have subsided as she walked away from him. James shrugged and set his course for the beach. He wondered how Elliot was doing ever since he last met him. He knocked on the door of the cabin. He could hear a piano being played. Although unfamiliar to James, the tone soothed him. He could also hear a violin being played. He didn’t want to knock again because of how the two sounds warmed his heart. Suddenly, the piano stopped playing. James could hear footsteps coming for the door. Elliot, the perpetrator of the footsteps, opened the door.

                                      “Ah, if it isn’t the farmer James. What brings you here, my good friend?” Elliot asked.

                                      “Well, uh… I was wondering how you are doing.” James replied.

                                      “Come in! You are always welcome to my cabin!” Elliot beamed, signaling James to come in. The cabin didn’t seem to have changed ever since the owner rescued James from the beach. The atmosphere was the same: The smell of the spruce wood, the wax of the candles and so on. The only difference was the smell of wine and garlic bread that was on a table next to the piano. James saw Leah tuning her violin. She waved at him when she finished the violin.

                                      “Hello, James!” Leah called.

                                      “Oh, hello! I never knew you played the violin!” James replied.

                                      “She is an absolute beauty in such instruments, friend. We play songs in my cabin if we have free times.” Elliot explained. Leah blushed by his compliment.

                                      “That song you’ve played…” James tried to say.

                                      “Is it familiar to you?” Elliot asked.

                                      “No, it’s so soothing for me. What is it called?” James continued.

                                      “Ah, I see. It is called A Brand New Day.” Elliot answered, taking a look at the music sheet on the piano. “it seems to have been first sang by the Trinity Boys Choir back at England.” He added.

                                      “It’s so beautiful. Hey, uh… may I hear it again?” James asked.

                                      “Of course! Leah, should we?” Elliot beamed. Leah nodded, picking up her violin. The duo played along the sheet. Leah’s violin made the smoothest of tunes while Elliot played along with his girlfriend. The song seemed to have serenaded James as his mind started to fill with unusually happy but dwindling thoughts. The thoughts left him when the Elliot and Leah finished the song. “So, I can see your mind being cleansed. I suppose that it was that good?” Elliot asked James.

                                      “Yeah, it reminds me of my non-existent parents.” James replied. He noticed a pile of papers on Elliot’s desk. “Hey, uh… what are those?” He asked.

                                      “Those… are my failed writings. In fact, I have been trying to write a book for eight years. I came to Stardew Valley to proceed with my dream as my family back in Cardiff were… unsupportive.” Elliot replied. “I’ve tried for so long to write a successful prototype with no avail. I’m concerned if my family was right about this all along…” He added, giving a sigh.

                                      “Elliot, I may not be a therapist, but I want to tell you something.” James said, giving Elliot anticipation. “I have also faced a same situation with my farming. You don’t even know how much I wanted to give up during my first week at the Valley. Something, however, stopped me from giving up and returning to my old and pathetic life. You know what it is? DETERMINATION. You have to stay determined if you want to do what you want to do. You know what I mean, right?” He said.

                                      “Hmm… That is inspiring. Perhaps you are right all along, James.” Elliot replied after drenching himself in thoughts.

                                      The night went by with James talking to the Elliot-Leah couple. He seemed to have forgotten about the war as Elliot discussed his future and the plot of his book. James left the cabin at midnight. He fell to sleep back in his house with good memories in store.

                                      I think I should post a picture of the map of the Gem Sea to not confuse the readers about where the cities are...
                                      • Risukage

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                                        Heh. I love how everyone here assumes that everyone in town has musical talent. :) And augh, I do miss playing violin, such a lovely sound.
                                        • ApertureGaming011

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                                          As Leah and Elliot played it in his cabin, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you guys how the song goes.

                                          This song will be the prime song of the fanfiction.
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