Digital Fanart Dump ("Requests" Open)

Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by sallychan, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Neonn_Neo

    Neonn_Neo Seal Broken

    I'm looking forward to more! if requests are still open do you mind drawing my farmer and Shane doing something cute?
    ((She also wears a dark blue zip up hoodie and a mermaid's pendant under it)) (((Also, sorry if i didn't understand the request part lol-)))
    • Arknir

      Arknir Master Chief

      I love all of this, and I have no idea if you are still into Stardew Valley, but where can I read your comics? Love your art by the way!!
      • Madeliene Madness

        Madeliene Madness Space Spelunker

        "Whaddaya MEAN you can't get a refund for it?!"
        • TheMarchHare1987

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          I am very impressed how much love is in those images!I never thought what kind relationships are in the Stardew Valley!And I am thinking how would if Fnaf characters like Nightmare Fredbear or Funtime Foxy or Withered Freddy or Fairytales characters like three little pigs,big bad wolf,the witch from "Hansel und Gretel" or the seven dwarfs or characters from "Alice in Wonderland" or monsters from classical horror novels like Frankenstein,Dracula,the Wolfman or The eternal wanderer.

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