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    I've been on a bit of a SDV kick recently, and have started to build up a collection of drawings. Figured I'd share them here, since I don't really share them much outside of tumblr. :)

    The Latest:


    Finally finished up this wip that's been sitting untouched on my laptop for months!



    First up is everyone's favourite trio, the Pelican gang. I love these three little mischief makers; they're the only characters I really draw (besides my farmer).

    This is the most recent drawing I've done of them. I'm not exactly sure what they're doing in it, but they're definitely up to no good.


    The first picture I did of them was a little animated gif, made for a Sam/Sebastian fanfic I'm writing. This is where my obsession started, and it's really just spiraled out of control since.


    I won't lie, I ship these two hardcore. I'm sucker for pairings where one person is sunshine & happiness, and the other is doom & gloom.


    I did one drawing of them that's a little more toned down for pride month - I wanted something that could also be interpreted as friendship, or guys being supportive of each other.


    This one's still a work in progress. As you can see, I am terrible at drawing their faces consistently; they get new noses every time I try to draw them.


    And finally, here's my first farmer. I've started a couple new save files since, so I'll likely go ahead and draw all my farmers at some point.​
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    • Leludar

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      So cute!
      • spacedoggity

        spacedoggity Void-Bound Voyager

        @Leludar Thank you! :)

        I'd also like to thank photobucket for their garbage revisions to 3rd party hosting, which broke all of my images. <3 I've now rehosted them on imgur.
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        • MagicallyClueless

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          the images are still broken for me but i can open them in a new tab at least! my internet is garbage tbh so it might not be on your end

          I LOVE YOUR STYLE. it's so bold and nice! the first one is my favorite, i just love how mischievous they all look. your colors are amazing as well
          • springacres

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            You and almost everyone else I know who has an account on PhotoButtFace. (Or in my case, had. I deleted mine last month when they told me to pay $400/year for third party viewing.)

            Back on topic, these are all kinds of adorkable <3
            • spacedoggity

              spacedoggity Void-Bound Voyager

              @MagicallyClueless & @springacres Thank you! <3

              Also, I've finally finished that wip of them under the umbrella... months after I initially started it.

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