RELEASED Extended Reach 1.0.3

Reach chests from afar.

  1. spacechase0

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  2. Metafysik

    Metafysik Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Great idea! This is a super convenient mod!

    I've used it for an in-game week now and I haven't encountered any bugs or incompatibilities (I use 44 mods).

    This is a great alternative to "Chests Anywhere" if you feel like that mod is too cheaty. Now I can easily move stuff around in my house and on my farm without running around like a madman!

    One suggestion, if I may, is to have a config file with an option to disable remote door access. It feels too cheaty for me to be able to be able to teleport to doors and cave ladders. The same goes for foraging.

    Edit: Also, I don't like that I can talk to people from across the map, although it's nice and realistic to be able to talk to them from a few tiles away. Maybe the range at which you can talk to people could be another parameter in the config file?

    Good job spacechase0! Keep it up.
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    • spacechase0

      spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

    • spacechase0

      spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

    • Juku121

      Juku121 Void-Bound Voyager

      I just converted to SDV 1.3.36 and SMAPI 2.11 and the same (Jan 17) version of Extended Reach has started to exhibit inappropriate behaviour, to wit, targeting all tool/weapon use towards the mouse cursor.

      Can you please revert this extra "feature? If I wanted that, there are mods that do it as their main function.

      I can rule out mod incompatibility, this also happens when only Extended Reach is active.
      • spacechase0

        spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

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