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How far would you like to see mod go/ Which goal level is most appealing to you?

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  5. I would strongly like a mod with the Tier 4 goals

  1. juicyslew

    juicyslew Master Chief


    go there, there are pictures.
    and a much better poll

    This spoiler contains the old post. but seriously, go to the link, I have pictures and progress.
    Hello Stardew Valley Modding community!!!

    I have an aspiration to make a realism mod for Stardew Valley that overhauls the systems of the game and makes a much harder, more realistic version of the game. However, I can't really do that with the current mod support for the game and the current modding tools. Instead I came up with a smaller but still major change to the game:

    Events Matter: The Mod.

    This XNB mod would significantly decrease the effect of gift giving, and change the game to allow for events that are the basis for creating relationships, rather than somewhat mindless gift giving and wiki searching.

    I have not yet started on the mod, as I am currently deciphering and documenting how to use the event commands so I can add it to the official modding guide.

    My goals for this mod is as follows:

    Tier 1 Goals - This is my current goal and what I am setting out to do as soon as I understand the XNB files I need to.
    • Create a new character in the game.
    • Make the events with this character especially meaningful and diminish effect of gifts for them
    Tier 2 Goals - These are future goals that I can see happening but are not a top priority.
    • Overhaul the current events in the game so that all characters work through the Events Matter system
    • Focus that system on not only being more character oriented (to get rid of the feel of a silent protaganist) but also on making the other characters more dynamic and initiating in relationships and events with you.
    Tier 3 Goals - These are goals I dream of, but require more access to the game's inner workings to be able to make... probably
    • Make more dynamic events that allow characters to have more intricate relationships with each other that don't depend on your participation in their lives. Meaning that if you don't spend time with someone for a while things will happen to them and they will have experiences changing their lives and actions without you necessarily being aware of it.
    • Lengthen the number of weeks in a season
    • create 2 to 4 new festivals and a welcome festival on upon the fifth day of being in Stardew Valley.
    Tier 4 Goals - These are goals I actually salivate at the thought of succeeding at achieving.
    • Overhaul the game as a whole to add more realistic farming and living in general.
    • Make dynamic reactions to gifts that depend on seasons and closeness with the character and just generally fluctuating (not greatly, but generally).
    • Add more detailed gift ratings
    • Create dialogue that reference events.
    • Create more intricate 8 heart and 10 heart events, with the addition of numerous new major and minor maps, that allow for more delving into the characters and seeing more of not only Stardew Valley, but also what exists outside of Stardew Valley as the characters follow their dreams, most of which would realistically involve visiting (at least once) locations outside of Stardew valley. (Ex: Maru to a science conference, Sam and the band to a performance outside of stardew).
    • More events after marriage

    Please Comment below if a mod like this would interest you, or moreover how far it would interest you. In addition, I don't need any help with this mod yet. However, once I start working on it more, I might need help with designing a character as I am not the most skilled artist. If you are interested in helping me with this eventually just message me. If I'm being slow to respond that probably means I'm either out of town or no longer working on this mod.

    I have no idea what kind of reception this idea will get, nor whether it is completely possible, nor have I ever really done anything like this before. So, if I make stupid mistakes or do something you don't like, please make it known to me and message me.

    Please answer the polls if you can and...


    This Will probably end up being a SMAPI mod.

    Additionally, I will be making comments talking about my general progress, and will change the initial post once I a have completed a major milestone

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    • Gwenhwyfar

      Gwenhwyfar Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Hey! This sounds like a great idea! I wish you the best of luck with it! Maybe I'll lend a hand a bit on this mod.

      But I wanna give you a little information and tell you that your tier 1 might actually be too much of a hassle and hold you back from doing tier 2 quickly enough. It's much easier to modify all the current characters than to create a whole, new character. This game seems to give extreme difficulty in creating new NPCs and there are still modders trying to figure out all the kinks and getting rid of all the bugs; this is especially true for xnb-based mods. One mod that created a new NPC, called Kevin, has been running into difficulty getting Kevin to introduce himself and accept gifts (they were using xnb modding).

      Maybe, instead, you could try modifying an existing, fully-fleshed, giftable NPC, like Penny, to test for your tier 1 step, but I have a feeling that if you decrease the effect of gift giving, it wouldn't just affect Penny but all of the characters. Looking at the xnb files, love, likes, neutrals, dislikes, and hates all seem to give the same point system for every NPC, so you would probably already be a foot in tier 2.

      This is just from my experience trying to create a fully functional NPC out of the existing NPC, Gunther, which is technically creating a whole new character because he's missing a lot of the important data to be a functional NPC like the other NPCs. Right now, Gunther is more like furniture in the game... I'm currently struggling to get him to give his introduction and accept gifts...

      Thinking about this more, and from I've seen on the xnb files, you might have an easier time using SMAPI modding than pure XNB, especially since you're affecting the rate of friendship points... Unless you plan to change all gifts to just likes and no love to decrease the gift point system that way...

      I have yet to understand SMAPI modding, but I hope to as it'll give me easier time modding with fewer run-in with bugs. Maybe it'll help me overcome Gunther's bugs...


      To put this in better terms, and from what I've observed, SMAPI mods seem to be good at handling numerical values and all the back-end data in the game, while xnb mobs are better at handling more of the front-end canvas work, like character portraits, map tiles, and character dialogue. XNB modding behaves a lot like markup languages, like HTML and CSS, while SMAPI modding is similar to Java.

      :oops: Java is my weakest language, which is why I'm struggling with understanding SMAPI modding.... It's been too long since I used Java... I'm better with database languages and markup languages... And Python...
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      • juicyslew

        juicyslew Master Chief

        Thank you for your reply! I made the tier system the way I did mostly because I really wanted to be able to create a character and thus focus on trying to do that first. I still plan to see if I can learn to do that if possible but, seeing as your Gunther mod has been in the works and you are probably more experienced and you are having trouble with it, I will consider testing it on an existing character first.

        I will also look into SMAPI as you suggested.

        Thank you very much for your insight and support!!
        • Gwenhwyfar

          Gwenhwyfar Subatomic Cosmonaut

          No problem! This is just from what I made out SMAPI and XNB to be, but I could be wrong!

          It just looks like SMAPI would be easier for what you want to do than XNB...
          • AfrokingJ

            AfrokingJ Pangalactic Porcupine

            I dont see why people are voting for any option but the last one. The question isn't "I would pay money for" If someone says you can have a free hamburger, a free cheese burger a free value meal or a free value meal and a shake why choose anything but the most you can get?
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            • juicyslew

              juicyslew Master Chief

              Progress: I have successfully added a character into the game using the Ashley mod by Travoos. I have the code in an editable format so I should be able to make a different unique character and hopefully will make some progress on fixing some of the bugs he is trying to work out with his mod :)
              --- Post updated ---
              I figured yah :p, but I wasn't sure how else to phrase it. I want to find out people's interest, but I want them to take into account the amount of work it takes to do so and decide whether they really want that or if they want me to focus on the earlier tiers and make sure they are solid before moving on.
              • foghorn

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                Something fishy is going on. I demand a recount.

                That's one heck of a mod idea you've got, @juicyslew . :up:
                • juicyslew

                  juicyslew Master Chief

                  Made a new post with a better poll system :
                  --- Post updated ---
                  Thanks :D
                  --- Post updated ---
                  Sorry bout the poll close, I made a new thread so that I could make the poll better.
                  • AfrokingJ

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                    I vote for do your best and if you need help even though I don't really do much with Stardew Valley I have XNBtoolkit and free time. So hit me up if you need any assistance.

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