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    Equipteryx mythikos ("Legendary Feathered Horse")
    A common sight across the volcanic plains of Goldoa, these half-bird, half-horse hybirds are treasured for their graceful appearances and movements. The species exhibit sexual dimorphism, with males sporting large, singular horns and females having none at all. The males, dubbed 'Unigriffs', lead a flock of females similarly to lion prides on Earth. The ones with the largest horns denotes the leader of a flock, with eager young challengers fighting for dominance on a daily basis. Aside from these single-horned Equigriffs, there have been reports of dual-horned Unigriffs spotted in the volcanic plains. The cause for this natural oddity is unknown, but nonetheless makes these unique Equigriffs a highly sought after animal.

    Equigriffs are seen usually grazing on the foliage in their expansive habitat. They are omnivores, their diets ranging from fish to vegetation, although the preferred meal is the latter of the two. Equigriffs are particularly fond of the Phoexillia Fern, a plant in the shape of the legendary fire bird's plumage. The creatures seldom eat carrion of any form, with only one case recorded of a male Equigriff eating from one out of starvation. Like other non-solariformes on Goldoa, Equigriffs consume platinum shards to produce fire. The digested minerals fuel a flame sac within the creature's throat which expels fire from their mouths when deemed necessary.

    Predation on Equigriffs is a common practice by many carnivorous species on Goldoa. The creatures themselves, however, are not defenseless. Their speed is among the fastest on the planet. A single kick from an angry Equigriff could knock a person into a coma, possibly killing them in the process. Their flames are also an obvious defense against non-native species.

    Dragoknights treat Equigriffs as humans treat horses on Earth: As loyal companions. They are often ridden as a form of travel on land, preferred over terrestrial vehicles. Equigriffs are surprisingly intelligent, and will not forget their draconian masters even when a long period of time has passed when separated. Their loyalty and regal appearance has also attracted the attention of other races across the galaxy. The Avian race, for example, has made trades with the Dragoknights for breeds of these creatures.The severing of a Unigriff's horn for weaponcraft is done only rarely in Dragoknight society. While the horn does grow back in time, the creature is left in a miserable state until then. As such, this is only done in captivity where their caretakers tend to them until it grows back. Hunting and performing this task in the wild is shunned by all of Dragoknight society. As a result of mass expansion and trading, the Equigriff species is widespread throughout the star systems the Dragoknight race inhabits.
    Left to right: (Male) Unigriff, Duos Unigriff, Blitz Unigriff; (Female) Equigriff.

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    Squeeeeee! I want one!
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    Man I love your art
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    "It followed me home! Can I keep it?" :pwease:

    Seriously, though, its appearance and description are both awesome.
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    I saw this on dA and decided to check it out here. I can't wait for the sprites and I love the colour scheme!
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    Another hit Drago, I could see this in SB so easily. (Especially as an Avian mount)
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    Image is broken for me, I'm just going to follow the crowd since everyone seems to love with the way they look. The description is pretty awesome though.
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    jeez this looks awesome :DD another amazing post by Dragonith
  9. Ere's a direct link for ya:
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    Oh sweet, they look pretty cool. I think the different variants on planets would look cool too (even if there were just small things like color).
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    As always, Dragonith delivers.
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  13. (Darn these server downtimes and their perfect timing...)

    Left to right: (Male) Unigriff, Duos Unigriff, Blitz Unigriff; (Female) Equigriff.
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    I like the Blitz Unigriff the most. :)
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    oh .. my ... Unicorn griffons..
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    Why isn't any of your stuff in the game yet?
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    Off into the sunset, I will ride my great feathered stallion.
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    I have to say this is my favorite monster design ! Mainly because I love gryphons.

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