EPP Augments and Pet Collars

Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by William_Tell, Jul 11, 2017.

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    So as I gambled along some forest planets, I gathered some Augments. As i just figured out how to use them, I already had two of them, so I installed one, and tried out to install the other one. But that's where it goes wrong. Instead of dropping back into the inventory, it simply gets deleted. And thats quite a shame for a Augment worth 10000 pixels.
    I would kindly like to suggest, making the Augments into 'Plug&Pull' Items, since they are shaped like a Usb-flashdrive.
    So you get them back after installing another one. I heard this is also the case with the pet collars, so making them the same way like the Augments would be perfect. Because I hate to lose valuable Items that way. Also this would be very helpful: Enabling Augment slots for mech-bodys as well, because mostly I am on radiated planets and can only use the EPP and I dont want to lose the currently installed augment, by installing a light augment.
    That way I cannot use my Xenon pack and It is very hard to go mining in the dark like that.

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