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    Hey everyone, this is a list of ways for future mods to improve and expand upon the Adventuring aspects of the game. I found adventuring to be fun, but it was tied very heavily into mining, which meant less adventure more rocks. So I started to think on what could be done to make it better. Since these are mostly additions and not replacements, they may take a while to implement. Hopefully ConcernedApe helps the awesome modders learn how to create unique new content soon so work can progress.

    Enhanced Combat-
    More weapon types, such as spears or bows, to give added variety. In addition maybe some enemies are resistant to particular weapons, like say a Skeleton Knight with a shield makes bows and slingshots near useless. Also balance tweaking of current weapon types so that daggers and hammers are more useful. Tweaking of the slingshot control to make it more user friendly would be nice too. The addition of shields, offhand/parrying weapons, armor, etc would spice things up too.

    More Monsters-
    Variety is always good, and there is a good basic selection in the game. More types of these enemies as well as completely new ones would help things from getting stale. Say you enter Dungeon #13 and bam, you encounter a Festering Ghoul. Not only is he hard to kill with physical weapons, he has good armor or physical % resistance, but if he hits you you get some kind of Disease that needs doctoring/Maru-ing or a nasty temporary Disease Debuff. While in the Forest Dungeon you encounter Nightmarish Treants who breathe fire, wallop you with crackling limbs, and try to turn you into mushroom composte.

    More Dungeons-
    I'm a rather huge Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past fan, well almost all Zelda's, Might and Magic, old school rpgs...etc.. and I love dungeon crawling. There is unfortunately only 2 'dungeons' in-game, as far as I know, and more dungeons could allow for more environmental and enemy variety. *Insert Water Temple here and watch people freak out* There could even be boss level enemies that require strategy instead of face-tanking him into the ground. (Always hit those switches to make lava fall on boss)

    Since magic, dimensional walking aliens, undead, and many fantasy things live in this world, it wouldn't be too far out for the hero to learn magic. It could be similar to say Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time where you need a physical object in order to use said power. Pendants, books, wands, horns or ra, etc. Making it a physical item in your inventory would also be easier than coding in a seperate bar, hotkeys, and spellbook list. Perhaps both could happen eventually. Maybe the Wizard would sell you some spells while others are found in dungeons or given as gifts by the local populace. Use Fire1 to incinerate those poor defenseless slimes!

    Epic Loot-
    Why take down that Skeletal Dragon or Goblin King? Why, to save Princess Penny! Oh, she's safe in the for epic loot! Rare items, unique seeds, sellable valuables, gold coins, magic swords, the sky's the limit when it comes to treasure. It would help players be profitable if they wanted to create a pure/heavy Adventurer character. Also hats. Everyone loves hats.

    What would you like to see in an Adventurer oriented mod?
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      Please Storm doe. :p

      If able to.

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        omg yes please do that
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          I was heavily disappointed by the combat aspect--really hoping it would be similar to Rune Factory and less mine-based like it is--so this sort of thing gets me excited in all the right ways.

          I hope people join in on this! Do your best, you amazing people!
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            I would love to see combat expanded.

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