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RELEASED Enhanced Body Shape EBS 1.0.5 & EEBS 1.0.4

A boost to the bust.

  1. Word on the Wind

    Word on the Wind Former Staff

    There are many assumptions made in this post that I am less than pleased with. I do not need an anatomy instruction.

    Let us at least be clear that I am attempting to use simple, positive language as opposed to terms that people could take exception to.

    I know what I am comfortable with and that's how I wish to exist and represent myself. Once again, I'm simply allowing others to do so if they are so inclined.
  2. TableFancy

    TableFancy Void-Bound Voyager

    I see. Well thats all folks. now that the misconception is cleared, I shall be jettin' off on my hoverboard. Stay mello
  3. mechaghost2003

    mechaghost2003 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I'm all for it if only for the whimsy. on the other hand it occurs to me that a gitch character could be made form this. food for thought
  4. Dynafols

    Dynafols Black Hole Surfer

  5. Word on the Wind

    Word on the Wind Former Staff

  6. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    Hi, it seems you are having problems updating your mod's download? Maybe I can help...

    I've not had this issue before, and I've done quite a few updates to my mods so far. Not sure why, exactly, but I attribute it to always changing the ZIP file name when I update my mod. For example, my Rattan mod was originally held within Rattan.zip but with my last update, I uploaded Rattan 1.1.zip with the updated files. No issues.

    I can't be sure that this is the issue or not, as I'm on mobile but maybe you can figure it out. As an aside, if you cannot fix the issue, you should upload the files on another site (mediafire, dropbox, etc.) and change the download to that URL.
  7. Word on the Wind

    Word on the Wind Former Staff

    Yeah, I've tried both changing the file name and setting up a dropbox and getting the link from there. The updater will not take either way. Every time I try to update the thing, it says:

    The following error occurred:
    You must provide either an update or a new version.

    And I'm not really certain what to do about it, short of just deleting this mod page and making a new one.
  8. Mechatron4

    Mechatron4 Yeah, You!

    last it erotic starbond
    a better installation instructions would be desirable?
  9. Word on the Wind

    Word on the Wind Former Staff

    This is not an erotic mod, not in design nor intent.
  10. SioxGWolf

    SioxGWolf Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    If you are going to ONLY focus on the feminine upper body tweaks, that could arouse some anger from people thinking this is some perverted kind of mod, and in truth this kind of is to some people, and we know it. To get people off your back, (and not to mention your mod title is more of a broader sense of choices, yet you only have one affection.) Not getting the mod myself, for although I'm a health male with the proper amount of testosterone pumping through my body, here is what I think your mods should include. There should be settings that allow ranges of busts, guts, and butts. This should not be limited to female characters, (Although the bust will be replaced with a chest, maybe a more muscular or flattering chest for males, for the enjoyment of a broader group of people. Finally, allow the character creator to adjust, very slightly of course, the height of their character. That would ultimately change the mod so that the users of this mod may use it for a variety of reasons and purposes, giving it more depth and more customization of character,which done right could make this a very popular mod.
    (Finally, some animations could be in order, and feel free to add any other body modifications if you must. Listen to the community and think of what more can be done so a broader audience could enjoy this content.) You could do what I recommend or you could just change the name of the mod to "Better Busts".

    P.S. Yes it's a lot to read, and I do hope you read it. I may drone on and on, but the content is worth the read.
  11. Word on the Wind

    Word on the Wind Former Staff

    I have read your post and while I can appreciate your intentions, I'll leave such tasks to others with the interests to do so.
  12. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    So then it's fair to say this is an erotic mod? Solely for accentuating the sexual features of the races?

    Because there's not much purpose beyond that.
  13. Word on the Wind

    Word on the Wind Former Staff

    If all you're going to do is try to play 'gotcha!' with me, please leave.

    I started this mod because I am not comfortable with the vanilla body shape. I do not feel that it should not be shared.
  14. Word on the Wind

    Word on the Wind Former Staff

    While I appreciate your supportive statements, I would prefer if the discussion page remain about technical issues rather than debate.

    As for the state of the mod, it is currently in update limbo as a result of bugginess with the site's uploading functions. The most recent version was made voluntarily by SpaceKGreen, who did great job on the progress thus far, better than my own efforts. The example image in the main post took images of their work.

    My efforts are what are available in the currently available version and it's honestly quite telling how inexperienced I am about it. That said, I have no qualms with continuing work myself should I need to, assuming that I can find the time.

    I ask that everyone bear with me in regards to the lack of the updated version at this time. I have been attempting to upload it at least four times a day since I attempted to update it initially.
  15. ReMark

    ReMark Subatomic Cosmonaut

    It might seem ignorant/arrogant then to ask, but when do you suppose an updated version may be available? If any at all can be given.
    As far as constructive insight on the mod itself, there's not much I can offer that hasn't been stated already. I believe it to have been already stated, but I feel that external races should become a priority after the main races and their armors are finished (Novakid included, perhaps? Or will you save that stuff until they are released?)
  16. Word on the Wind

    Word on the Wind Former Staff

    The update is entirely dependent on when the site will allow me to update. It's entirely out of my hands, so I can give no estimation. I understand the admins are looking into it however.

    As the main page states, humans are completely done, non-humans have their base bodies and their starter clothing done. Novakids will be look into when they're released. As for community-made races and attire, that would involve a co-operative effort.
  17. Enzam

    Enzam Pangalactic Porcupine

    You could if all else fails open up a "new" mod that would a simply be the updated file. While that is a last resort, it could work. You'd just have to put the link to it in the old desc. Additionally, is the current version able to be used as is or is it not functional, an if so, how? I replaced the nessasary file (I think) in the games assets, going on the readmes instructions and a hunch due to the lack of a modinfo file. Am I screwing up or is it the mod not being playable for the time being?
  18. Word on the Wind

    Word on the Wind Former Staff

    I'd rather not start a new 'mod' if I can avoid it.

    As for the current iteration of the mod not working, it was initially updated in the previous build of SB, so if they changed anything that would make it not work, then it won't. If they didn't, it -should- work. Also there should be a modinfo file. Please make certain you're looking in the right place. If you really can't find it then something's wrong on a technical end. Either way I won't be able to do anything to fix it with the lack of uploads currently. Best to just wait for the new version.
  19. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    For now, you could link to an external download for the new version in the mod description until you can upload it correctly.
  20. Word on the Wind

    Word on the Wind Former Staff

    That is not a wise idea for a variety of reasons which pretty much all come down to, "That could get me in trouble."

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