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Do you think Glitch Armour could use a visual update?

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  1. Wingidon

    Wingidon Phantasmal Quasar

    Knight armor is probably my favourite aesthetic, as you might see from my avatar, and naturally I do in fact like the glitch race and all, but I have this one little problem with them: the endgame (Tier 5 and beyond) armors.
    (I am aware of stuff such as the Glitch Armor Edits mod, which is nice 'n all, but for me it's just a band-aid fix, I'm interested in a more fully fledged update)
    TL;DR in the end

    Now, for reference, here's the vanilla armor sets, courtesy of Starbounder.org:
    Vanilla Glitch armor sets.png

    They do look quite nice, but I personally have two problems with them:
    • As everyone knows: the many eyes (and how it makes you have red glitch eyes no matter what, I kinda wanna show off my purple glitch eyes, you see). They used to be explained back then in the beta, where you could guess they were included with the extra brains the armors included, according to their descriptions, but now they hardly are even regarded, so... I guess they're not in the lore anymore and there's no problem getting rid of 'em?
      I do know there's people out there who love this armor just for how silly it looks, I can understand that well, but I believe racial armor sets are not the place for sillyness (leave the silly stuff for the random loot), everyone has the right to look cool with endgame gear!
    • They all seem to be trying to be the same in different ways, if you ask me. They all kind of feel like... "armor with extra eyes", with a few differences in the shapes and that's pretty much it, the "(robot) knight armor" theme is somewhat there, but it doesn't feel like the selling point.

    With that said, for the updating itself I do have an idea: to enjoy the fact that now endgame armor splits into 3 "classes" and make the new armours look fitting for each class:
    • Manipulators (mages) become... well, wizards. A mixture between wizard robes and knightly armor plating (it's still armour, you see) is a favourite of mine, and I'd love to see that stuff for sure. You know, plated pointy hats, plenty of loincloth hanging on the wearer wherever possible/fitting, that kind of stuff
    • Accelerators (gunners) can be pretty much rangers, the robin hood kind of stuff I guess...? I'm not really full of ideas here (I do have to say the current legionnaire set does give the "imperial gunner" feel, maybe we could have that as the Tier 6 armor (still updated tho) and the Tier 5 as the Robin Hood-ish ranger gear)
    • Separators (melee fighters) remain as knights, of course, only that maybe of the special kind of knights (paladins and such... literally what the current separator armors are, at least in name). My suggestions here include "maybe go for the complete face conceal if you have to", but for the rest... anything's good as long as it's new, at least for me.
    Well, that's pretty much it, my personal opinions and preferences, thank you for reading thru this (if you have)!

    TL;DR: Update the looks of Glitch Tier 5/6 armor. Suggesting: Manipulators getting wizard-themed armors, Accelerators getting Robin Hood/royal soldier styled armors and Separators getting "special" knight armors.

    Do express your thoughts (specially if they're positive).
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