End-Game Character Appearance Editor (for Ancient Vaults)

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Would you like to see a Character Editor device available in Ancient Vaults?

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  1. futons

    futons Void-Bound Voyager

    After completing the final story mission of the game (
    in which your character is resurrected from death/nothingness
    ) and you move on to exploring Ancient Vaults, I got thinking that an added extra which might make a nice addition to the end of the vaults would be a chamber that allows you to change your characters overall appearance; essentially the character creator from the start of the game.

    Perhaps similar in appearance to the "force cell" item from Human Prisons, upon entering the device (and having the required amount of essence), a character editor screen appears, and you can change your characters appearance. Due to ship upgrading, the editor may only allow you to change your appearance within the race you began your character as; or, for more essence, you can choose to edit your characters race as well. This could either replace your ship with that of the new chosen race, or keep the ship the same as it is (or give you an option as to whether you wish to change your ship or not). Any ship upgrades should remain applied to your ship in such a case.

    Within the content of the final mission, such an appearance editor would make sense, and I think many players would enjoy the option to change the appearance (or race) of their character upon reaching the end-point of the story.
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  2. Ygrek

    Ygrek Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This is really interesting idea. I like it!

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