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  1. Mel Noelle

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    Change Krobus into an elf! Overhauls his portrait, sprite, sprite size, dialogue, with many different coloring options!
    {Note! This mod is designed to go with the Underdark Sewer mod, but left them separate so people choose to have one or both!}


    Sprites are now taller! 16x32 instead of the vanilla 16x24!

    Here's all the hair/skin color combinations!

    More dialogue for every day of the week and every heart level! (Dialogue for all seasons coming soon)

    Become friends with the shadow elf that left his home caverns to live in the sewer under the town!

    Download Link!
    1. Download and unzip Elven Krobus file!
    2. Find the two folders - [CP] Elven Krobus & ElvenKrobus - and put both mods (keep them separate) into your MODS folder!
      This is how your file tree should look:
      Stardew Valley -> Mods -> [CP] Elven Krobus / ElvenKrobus

    Inside the [CP] Elven Krobus folder, there's a config file you can open and edit to change the appearance of Krobus! Here are all the options:
    • Drowelf - the default, a typical drow, white hair, red eyes, gray skin.
    • Purpledrow - Drow with white hair, purple eyes and skin.
    • Bluedrow - Drow with white hair, yellow eyes, dark blue skin.
    • Browndrow - Drow with white hair, red eyes, dark brown skin.
    • Albino - Pale gold hair, pink eyes, pale skin.
    • Brown - Brown hair and eyes, cream skin.
    • Darkbrown - Brown hair and eyes, darker brown skin.
    • Darkerbrown - Black hair and eyes, dark brown skin.
    • Moss - Green hair and eyes, cream skin.
    • Vampire - Black hair, red eyes, and white skin.
    • Redhead - Red hair, green eyes, pink skin.

    • This mod keeps the shadow creature sprite for the winter event, since I personally like the idea that it's another creature and not Krobus, even though they use the same spritesheet.
    • The dialogue is currently only available in English. If you'd like to translate into another language, please let me know! I'll update with your translation and give you credit here!
    • THANK YOU to Kirbylink for writing the code for me to make Krobus taller & editing the events to reference the right sprites! Go check out his mods! He's thinking about making a toolkit for modders soon, a template for a taller (16x32 instead of the current 16x24) Krobus and Dwarf, so keep your eye out for that!

    Planned updates!
    • More portrait expressions
    • Expanded dialogue for the whole year
    • Female version
    • If SIV's marriage mod includes Krobus, then make marriage dialogue
    • Figure out how to do heart events & schedule changes - OR wait for CustomNPC to update and switch to that!

    Other mods featured in screenshots:
    Underdark Sewer! Coii's Hairstyles! New Shirts!
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    • Moragaine

      Moragaine Existential Complex

      Alas, Krobus is flagged by the game as a monster, so there's no way to make him marriageable. However, I am loving these 2 mods!
      • Mel Noelle

        Mel Noelle Tentacle Wrangler

        Ooh is he! I always wondered why there wasn't more stuff out there for Krobus or the Dwarf. That explains more! I thought maybe it was because they were hardcoded to be as short as kids and no one wanted to work with that!

        Thank you very much!! I hope you enjoy!
        • lfai1093

          lfai1093 Void-Bound Voyager

          Hi, your mod is amazing! Would you consider making an elven version of some other characters? Specifically a female elf?
          • Zosa

            Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

            i adore the sewer you made *w* much nicer than before

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