RELEASED Elle's Barn Animal Replacements [Updated 3/12/18 for Content Patcher]

Discussion in 'Livestock' started by junimods, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. junimods

    junimods Pangalactic Porcupine

    I do still have them on my mediafire account, but they are named in a format I don't have a chart for, so they aren't very helpful anymore. Only reason I haven't uploaded them with names compatible with More Animals is because there are over 500 files and it's too big of an undertaking for me at the moment.
    • Zinzebar

      Zinzebar Space Hobo

      Hey, with the new Smapi/stardew updates it needs a manifest. Is there somewhere i can get it? @junimods
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      • junimods

        junimods Pangalactic Porcupine

        @Zinzebar Each of these does come with a manifest, check that you have the mods installed properly. Showing me the error you are getting would be helpful! I am not getting any errors in my own game.
        • Zinzebar

          Zinzebar Space Hobo

          Ah, I fixed it <3 Thank you for making this amazing mod!
          • Moomalicious

            Moomalicious Space Hobo

            Is there anyway to have more than one variation of farm animals? I've been searching through mods trying to find this feature.
            • adelaise

              adelaise Aquatic Astronaut

              this is such a cool mod! i dont know if you have any ideas to make changes in theh future but something i thought of was if every time you bought an animal from marnie or one was born it would be randomized between all of the available designs, like how there's different kinds of cows? or maybe there's not, i havent played in a while ;v; i just thought it would be neat, thank you for making this mod!
              • Greenwing1114

                Greenwing1114 Aquatic Astronaut

                for someone reason, I can only have 1 animal replacement. Which means I can't have more than 1 animal replaced.
                • junimods

                  junimods Pangalactic Porcupine

                  Hi Greenwing, I would need more information to be able to help you sort out your issue, such as a SMAPI log or description of how you have these installed. As of today I have tested these, my coop replacements, and my horse replacements with the newest versions of SMAPI and Content Patcher, so any errors likely lie with the installation.
                  • hillybilly

                    hillybilly Yeah, You!

                    This is the error I'm getting when trying to use this mod. What do i need to do to fix it so i can use this mod? allanimalserror.JPG
                    • bloomingsunflxwer

                      bloomingsunflxwer Space Hobo

                      Use the SMAPI log parser so you can see what happened to the mod.
                      • Wingyl

                        Wingyl Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        So with the release of Better Farm Animal Variety...have you considered converting these to Better Farm Animal Variety packs, to allow people to use several of your amazing recolours etc at once?
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                        • junimods

                          junimods Pangalactic Porcupine

                          @Wingyl I have newer versions of animals on Nexus (here) that include skins for MoreAnimals, but I am waiting for BFAV to update before I look into it. I'd rather wait until it supports content packs than ask users to hassle with lines of code for all the variants I have. You can always feel free to convert them to BFAV yourself for personal use, though.
                          • WaudiPENG

                            WaudiPENG Space Hobo

                            Hi! I think I'm really stupid but are the colours of the animals random or can I choose the colour? My dog's colour is now brown but i dont like the colour not much. Is It possible to change It? Thanks for a answer (sorry for my bad english T_T)
                            • Thomas Anderson

                              Thomas Anderson Space Hobo

                              Você tem alguma versão desse mod xnb ?

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