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    How To Set Up Paint.Net

    After looking through a few topics, i noticed there's no TuT for Paint.net so i'll do that here really quick.

    I will only go through the settings and how to cancel out the most mistakes for spriting / pixelarting.
    This is not a tutorial about spriting, please consider that.
    But just for the heck of it i'll explain stuff on examples, of course.

    Though, if you want a TuT for spriting check out:

    So at first where do you get Paint.net?

    Now after you've installed Paint.net and got totally overwhelmed by it's layout off we go!

    Paint.Net's default layout:

    Screenshot (156).png

    So before anything you want to dig into the settings!
    Yeah, search for it ;) it took me a while, too. The dropdown menus on the top left don't cover them.
    Anyway, the settings button is on the top right of your screen, under the close button.


    You can change the language, color scheme to your needs, it has absolutely no effect on the result.
    What you want to do is:

    Select the Tools Tab on the left:

    The Default tool doesn't matter, you can change it to your needs.
    In the Shape,Brush,Style and Fill section you want to change Brush width from 2 to 1,
    just because you're going to draw 1 pixel at a time anyway, don't you?

    Hardness, Style, Fill you can skip.
    Style changes the outline style of the shapes tool. Nothing to worry about.

    We can skip Selection Tools, Text, etc.
    We want to scroll down to the bottom!

    Now here's the important stuff!


    Magic Wand, Paint Bucket and Recolor we can leave as it is,
    you may change it to your needs once you get more experienced with the program,
    but for now it's good.

    Sampling we can skip, that's good, Color Picker too.

    Move Selected Pixels
    This we want to change from Bilinear to Nearest Neighbor !

    why??.. well, see yourself, some might like it because it's just smoother but that's so not what you want!


    The colors do some kind of shading/fading into the background color, but with pixelart you want to take care of shading yourself!

    Again this is not a spriting TuT, so no shading example here. :p

    Let's move onto Rasterization, now this is seriously important because it turns off antialiasing mode.

    What's Antialiasing mode do? Here's an example:


    But the lines are so smooth!" Forget about it, you. don't. want. that!!
    You can never get sharp edges if you have antialias turned on.

    So we turn Antialias off, we can leave the Blending Mode like it is,
    but Selection Clipping mode we want to change to Pixelated Selection mode.
    For explanation check the 2 examples above. ;)

    Your Rasterization section should look like this now:


    You can click on "Close"
    That's it for the settings!
    We're set for now! you can go off start pixeling your heart out!
    But wait, that's not all!

    The tools have additional settings for antialiased and Selection Clipping mode.
    it should changed once you change it in the settings but just to make sure:

    Go through every tool and check this section:


    If it all looks like this, you're good!

    Now the last piece of this TuT, so much writing!


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