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Discussion in 'Cheats' started by steffjes, Mar 3, 2016.

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    Don't know how to use that... maybe someone could help me with it?
    • cpevors

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      If you haven't already, I would recommend setting your game to allow for "Manual Updates." That way, you can revert to an earlier version, re-update to a newer version, and have all your modded files restored to their original glory. It's what I do, and it's worked like a charm (i.e. I restore to the original release version, and then update to the newest update available).
      • steffjes

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        Feel free to add me on steam.
        I really don't mind if people do it. It only makes it easier for me to respond to you.
        • Snaitf

          Snaitf Poptop Tamer

          I've compared the vanilla fish.xnb from 1.04 and 1.05 and they seem to be identical, meaning this mod should still work for v1.05, in case anyone was wondering.
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          • PeTTs0n

            PeTTs0n Space Hobo

            For some reason, I can't seem to catch Carps anymore after installing the mod - only catching trash from the farm pond, the slightly larger pond, and the lake halfway to the wizard's tower. :(

            Went to the lake halfway to the wizard's tower, and out of 35 catches, 30 were trash/algae and 5 were smallmouth bass - started around 8AM and fished for a couple of in-game hours.
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            • CosyAlligator

              CosyAlligator Aquatic Astronaut

              Could it have something to do with your luck? I'm fairly certain your daily luck affects what you catch when fishing.
              • PeTTs0n

                PeTTs0n Space Hobo

                Hmm, would seem odd since I'm catching a few smallmouth bass (which require higher fishing skill), but no carp (or chub either, for some reason). :/
                Slowing down time with Cheatengine, but that shouldn't (and haven't before I installed the mod) affect fishing.

                Luck is not on my side (spirits "mildly perturbed"), but even the simplest of fish? When I catch some tougher ones? :/

                Edit: with a sample size of closer to 100, and not a single carp or chub, I'll save the game and try by reverting to the non-modded fish.nxb file, to see if the mod is the culprit or if something else is messed up.
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                • Animatic

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                  Thanks let's me try
                  • Kittenykat

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                    I posted this in another thread, but it's so appropriate I thought I'd put it here too. ^^;

                    >_> So yeah, hehe. Think you could make a second version with a little more challenge to it? As it is a LOT of the fish just move up to the middle and kinda sink a bit, and that's how they stay until you catch them. I mean, if you let the minigame go long enough they'll move again, but yeah, it really feels like overkill as it is.

                    When I caught a legendary and it was easier to catch than a super cucumber or pufferfish, I knew that was the last straw. :wut: But turning the mod off entirely.... well, you see what resulted from that. ;~;
                    • Jigain

                      Jigain Phantasmal Quasar

                      I would second that. The vanilla fishing mechanic frustrates me to no end, but I still feel like this mod - which does make fishing bearable - makes it maybe a little too easy. I'd like for there to be a middle ground - not frustratingly yo-yo-like, but that still requires you to put a bit of effort into it.
                      • steffjes

                        steffjes Big Damn Hero

                        The mod doesn't affect your luck in any way.
                        This means that its purely the luck the game gave you. I am not even able to go into the luck system of the game meaning i can't change it in anyway.
                        If you look on the tv the fortune teller will tell you howmuch luck you have...

                        In short: This just isn't possible.
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                        • steffjes

                          steffjes Big Damn Hero

                          The legendary fish isn't easier than the super cucumber its purely the luck you had with the legendary that he didn't shoot away from you.
                          The shooting away part is all based on chance. So for example if its on 50, It shoots away quite often.
                          If its on 20 It doesn't do it that much. --> Meaning you just got really lucky.
                          I ain't a magician.. I can't change your luck..

                          But i will be working on a mod that is a bit harder than this, Just as i am working on a mod that is super easy right now.
                          It takes time... So don't suspect them within a day.
                          • steffjes

                            steffjes Big Damn Hero

                            Also the reason why the pufferfish is still hard is because it has a specific patern that is only linked to the pufferfish which i do not wish to change.
                            And won't change.
                            • LunarNemuri

                              LunarNemuri Void-Bound Voyager

                              Even with this mod I am still unable to catch any fish. I think it may have more to do with my crap laptop and the massive lag I have (fishing in the rain for example is impossible because I can't even see the exclamation mark on time).
                              I am just looking for a way to completely bypass the fishing mini game now where you just always catch the fish.
                              • Kittenykat

                                Kittenykat Big Damn Hero

                                Well that's just crazy luck then. Why can't I save all that luck and distill it so I can use it all at once when I buy a lottery ticket? D:

                                Hee, but yeah, good to know you've got plans in motion. :nuruevil:
                                • Snaitf

                                  Snaitf Poptop Tamer

                                  Cheat Menu Mod has an instant catch option:

                                  [SMAPI 0.37.1+] In-Game Cheat Menu v1.6 (11-Mar-2016)
                                  • Karth

                                    Karth Pangalactic Porcupine

                                    The fishing minigame was making me pull my hair out! Thank you for this mod! :)
                                    • PeTTs0n

                                      PeTTs0n Space Hobo

                                      No, I didn't mention or blame the luck variable - I just noticed that, for some reason, I was unable to catch Chub or Carp. As to why, I have no idea. :wut: They should be catchable basically 24/7, all seasons, any weather, in lakes/ponds. And I got 0 of them.

                                      Tried with the vanilla fish nxb file as well - same thing, might be a bug introduced by 1.05. Made a bug report, hopefully that'll turn up something. :) Might try to create a new character to see if it's something with the specific toon I'm playing.

                                      Edit: Managed to catch it in the forest, so it's all good now. Sorry for suspecting the mod!
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                                      • Tyrindor

                                        Tyrindor Space Kumquat

                                        I would also love a "less easy" difficulty because this trivializes the whole mini-game. Many fish don't require any action at all to catch.

                                        However, we could use a Storm version of the mod because CA will be adding things to the game and every time Fish.xml changes, the mod will break.
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                                        • Exo Pesta

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                                          Ok I'm still can't catch a fish :D Even with this mod. Am I compleat looser or what? :)

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