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Closed Early Access for "LetsPlay" youtuber

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by seevenup, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. seevenup

    seevenup Contact!

    Hi Starbound

    I have found the fallowing statement, and im not sure if u guys are really sure what u are doing with that?

    The same will happen like CastleStory have. The have given some prototpye version to LetsPlay guys. And the pre-order people are still waiting for the game. even if they have baught the pre-order at tha start of the project.

    So now the prototype is found in the internet craked and rdy to download. so u can imagen what the community think of that. Some are taking theyre money back, and download the cracked version. Why give money to early access, when i can have it for free.

    I think the same will happen here. And to be honestly ur goal was to reach 1'000'000.- u did that allready so why u need more advertisement? i hope u are not getting money addicted. Because i dont think the community will like that, the guys which where helping u to get the game done (by spending money).

    so u may think about it again, or atleast secure it that it cant be cracked / hacked

    and for me it does not make since. u should make the game working for a stable-release and then think at marketing. but maybe im the one which is wrong :(
  2. Sokina

    Sokina Heart of Gold

    Molly closed that thread, and posted a very helpful response. Also

    "Why give money to early access when I can have it for free" is as good of logic as "Why pay for anything when I can take it for free."

    Also, 1 million doesn't mean they should stop. Furthermore, most of that million dollars was made in the first month or so that preorders were open. That money is helping to cover the costs of the team, such as paying them, and allowing them to focus on creating Starbound. Marketing near the release will help profits, more. A developer's goal is to provide an engaging product people want to buy and play. A business' goal is to maximize profit and revenue while minimizing costs. It's not about "getting addicted' to money.

    Furthermore, they're not giving an UNstable release to youtubers. The beta-release that the youtubers will get will be fairly stable, and playable. That's why the youtubers don't have a playable game yet....because it's not ready even for early access youtubers.

    So in short, they are working for a stable release, and then they will hand it off to youtubers and market it.

    If you have any more questions, you can possibly PM Molly or Me, or even post in one of the many other threads referencing more or less the same issue.
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