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    We should have dwarves. The game is about mining, building, and all that kind of stuff. So why NOT have dwarves? I can't think of cool abilities a dwarf could have, but I'm sure people could think of some cool ideas. I'm just putting this out there, so if it's stupid I apologize.
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  2. Monochromegoggles

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    I believe the purpose of proposing a race on these threads is that one who does so will already have a fleshed-out idea that is unique and compelling to others. Dwarves is a very generic word to use and can have many meanings. Are you implying that starbound should have intergalactic, short little men who sport beards and are rarely seen above ground often?(in which there would be few compelling reasons for implimenting them into the game other than cosmetic reasons.)

    Or are you suggesting a species that is subterranean and shorter than the other races, yet have the advantage of some ability like better eyesight that makes surface ores glitter in the dark so long as they are not embedded on all sides by dirt or rock? You might describe them as stony-skinned with large eyes and antennae, with thick arms and legs. They might have rock huts and light thier towns with radioactive stones.Thier ships may be simple, rugged constructs that sport the most basic of rocket systems and very organic life-support systems. You could say thier race overall has a very basic cultural style of one that recently discovered gunpowder (rather middle-eastern themed?) and the like, and only achieved the ability of space travel through the aid of other intelligent beings.

    If you want to suggest a race, before starting a thread, really think about what you want and how it would differ from the basic and ambiguious definitions we would associate with those words. I've sen simple suggestions such as horses, lycanthropes, elves, even giants and sentient tentacles. But the prior stated races didn't elaborate on what would make thier race spcial that we're not already familiar with from modern fiction and sci-fi genres. Just have a look at the offical races that are being made, and ask youself "What does the official information state about them? How informed am I about how their society is structured, and what makes them so different than humans other than thier physical appearence? How can I use this information to structure my race? What key info am I missing? ".

    Note what I have stated above and reccomended, and apply it to your idea. If you do this, your idea will be far more interesting for others. If you're having trouble, maybe brainstorm with some others outside of this thread BEFORE posting a suggestion, you'll get a lot further that way.
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    Derp? when we have dwarf to bring such thing into the game? :lolwut:
  4. MarkoInsano

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    I support Dwarves/Dwarfs for Starbound. Give them the standard dwarvern culture, but in a Sci-fi space like they all work for one or more dwarvern mining corporation on scattered planets. They can have an steampunk-ish Industrial culture with a sort of communistic feel. Their Friendly Villages could be underground settlements close to the surface, with Mining Outposts as a smaller form, while their hostile dungeons could be Abandoned Forges that you could help them reclaim as a sort of recurring side missions. Of course, their appearance would be using the human sprite but with shorter legs and their hairstyles have beards for the males (the females could have beards as well, maybe).

    They could possibly have their own views and interactions on the other races of the universe, like having positive veiws on the Apex, Novakids, and Glitch, as well as lamenting and mourning on the destruction of Earth (or Terra) and the Protectorate, but view it as a way to possibly start something new. If this was to become a worked on mod, it could be part of a bigger overhaul mod or its own separate racial mod with new weapons, armors, maybe materials like mithril, and of course, lots and lots of alcohol (ditto if Elves were to be involved).

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