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Dual Weilding Weapons!

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Camz, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. Camz

    Camz Existential Complex

    Hi folks! Just been reading what I can on the new game starbound and the new combat system looks really interesting with the new DUAL WIELDING system, so u can have two swords or you could have a shield and sword or even do laser guns! Nice! Also u use the dual wielding system by clicking your left and right mouse buttons so left click for a slash withe sword and a right click for a block with the shield this is a really clever use of the dual wielding and again can't wait to try it out? Can you? CAMZ, ticky da boo!
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  2. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Over 9000!!!

    And the point of this thread is...?
  3. FireDrake204

    FireDrake204 Big Damn Hero

    I believe he is just excited for the dual-wielding in Starbound ^_^
    I don't blame him, I think it's very cool that we can hold any 2 single-handed weapons. Mine would be a magnum and a powerful sword. You never know when that creature will jump into your face :cautious:
  4. I saw him all hyped in TO about Starbound a while ago. But yeah, dual wielding.
  5. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Cosmos Killer

    gunna have a pistol then a shottie then S*ITS GUNNA GET DOWN!!
  6. Camz

    Camz Existential Complex

    The point of the thread is to let people who don't no anything bout the dual WEIlDING, and yeah defo excited bout the dual weilding mine would be a grappling hook and a lazer rifle if they have them? CAMZ
  7. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Over 9000!!!

    How is that even a question?
  8. Earic Lodger

    Earic Lodger Starship Captain

    I would personally dual wield bricks. Why?
    Because f*ck you that's why.
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  9. Camz

    Camz Existential Complex

    Question? Don't get what your saying?
  10. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Over 9000!!!

    Similar sentiment:


    Your sentences make no sense.
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  11. Camz

    Camz Existential Complex

    No need for that dude really!!

  12. You must be new here.

    Also, a majority of the people know this information already. If they didn't, they would be the people who would not see this thread anyway, as Blue's big list of possible game info is posted on the same forum this is in, and is also stickied.
    Just letting you know.
  13. Vivid

    Vivid Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    the guys' just excited:rolleyes: let em' be. he wants to know what we think about the dual wielding system. And honestly, im excited for it.
  14. Camz

    Camz Existential Complex

    Yep I'm new and found out after I posted thread that u get find it by the staff at the top of the page,

    Thanks vivid at least u get wot I'm saying just wanna know what people think to the idea of dual WEIlDING and what they wud use for there two weapons? CAMZ
  15. Varn

    Varn Subatomic Cosmonaut

    dual shields
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  16. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Cosmos Killer

    mobile fortress?
  17. Camz

    Camz Existential Complex

    Double shield bash then!
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  18. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Cosmos Killer

  19. I wanna wield a shield on my left hand and ANOTHER shield on the right. Because you cannot be OVERprotected:cautious:
  20. Camz

    Camz Existential Complex

    Ha ha like it dude!

    Too true!
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