Dragon Fruit Tree

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Would you like to see this fruit and tree added to the game?

  1. Yes, absolutely!

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  2. Maybe... if you got it in a different way.

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  3. Makes little difference to me.

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  1. Xamerzan

    Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

    I know that Dragon Fruit isn't that popular, but I think it'd be cool if it were an optional tree to buy from Sandy since the fruit grows on a cactus tree.

    Here's what it could look like in-game:
    Dragon Fruit 2.png Dragon Fruit

    Dragon Fruit Sapling.png Dragon Fruit Sapling

    Dragon Fruit Tree.png Dragon Fruit Tree Dragon Fruit Tree.gif pixels_00.png pixels_01.png pixels_02.png pixels_03.png Dragon Fruit Tree.png

    Dragon Fruit Tree (stump).png Stump & Cut Down sprites Dragon Fruit Tree (cut down).png

    Seasonal Sprites (other than Summer)
    Spring --> Dragon Fruit Tree (spring).png | Fall --> Dragon Fruit Tree (fall).png | Winter --> Dragon Fruit Tree (winter).png

    I could see this tree being a good selection for you to plant for the Summer time. What do you guys think?

    Also, for CA and Chucklefish, I want you guys to know that you can take and use this idea if you like. I would be deeply honored if you wanted this and you can expect absolutely NO legal repercussion if you do decide to take this content. Consider this as my online signature of release of content here for you to use, edit, or remake as you see fit!
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    • Stardews

      Stardews Void-Bound Voyager

      yeah... I think Sandy needs more stuff to sell and dragon fruit could be a neat add on.
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      • Adine

        Adine Void-Bound Voyager

        If they do it like starfruit yes if they do it like normal tree fruit then no . Tree fruit isn't a viable crop in this game unfortunately
        • Xamerzan

          Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

          Here's my thought: I believe tree crops are just as viable as normal crops. Sure, they take up more space than regular crops because of the space they need in order to grow and that they only produce fruit during their specific season(s), but the fact is the tree will remain on your farm indefinitely (or at least until you decide to cut it down) and increase the fruit's quality the longer the tree stays on your farm. Plus, if you have the Greenhouse, you can grow about 12 of any tree you want in there (plus any other crops you want to grow) and it will continue to produce fruit year-round.

          All this to say, in what way are tree fruits not a viable crop? Can you elaborate on what you mean?
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          • Adine

            Adine Void-Bound Voyager

            Sure no problem We'll use the Pomegranate as an example the Pomegranate would take until its 3rd year to beat the Pumpkin in the same space and that assumes the tree isn't stuck by lightning and the pumpkin doesn't become a large crop or produce anything above normal quality . You may say " ok but that's fall what about spring and summer " well in summer you're competing with star fruit which nothing can beat and as for spring your best bet is the cherry tree which again takes 3 years to beat cauliflower under the same conditions . I wish it was cost effective to have an orchard but its not.
            • Xamerzan

              Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

              Hmm... I guess that makes sense to me. Thanks for explanation. ^_^
              • eemie

                eemie Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                I don't really care if the new tree isn't viable, or if any of the fruit trees are viable. It just adds to the game in an aesthetic way and makes your options more diverse, which, to me. is a good thing.
                • Caudyr

                  Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

                  I want more trees just for aesthetics, myself.

                  I don't really want fruit trees on my farm for the 'fruit farming', but having different trees for decoration would definitely be nice.

                  You can fit 30 fruit trees in your greenhouse if you plant them before anything else (and let them grow), and use both the sides of the greenhouse and part of the crop area itself.

                  That's a lot of 'free money' each day and it pays off in no time, heh (especially if you pick one of the 6k trees, and process the fruits in even a preserves jar).
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                  • Xamerzan

                    Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

                    I completely agree! That's part of the reason why I came up with this idea in the first place. :DD
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                    • Xamerzan

                      Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

                      Update! I added the sapling and tree sprites. What do you guys think?
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                      • eemie

                        eemie Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                        Looks perfect
                        • LuthienNightwolf

                          LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                          My sentiments are the same as Eemie's, I don't min-max so anything that adds to the overall look of my farm, and gives me a bit more variety, is good in my book. I really like the sprites you made too, they should totally be added!
                          • Xamerzan

                            Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

                            Thank you! I'm just glad it turned out good. I really hope this gets added too. ^_^
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                            • Xamerzan

                              Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

                              Update! I added the growing process of the tree. I added shadows too, but the gif image didn't include them in for some reason. Hope you guys like it!
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                              • Xamerzan

                                Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

                                I'll probably create a stump sprite for this tree soon... though it may take awhile since I have other projects I want to work on.
                                • Jayfeather980

                                  Jayfeather980 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  Dragon fruit Looks Awesome! And I would love to see some rare/exotic tree types.

                                  Trees are Viable on some of the new farm layouts, for example, the forest farm can accommodate dozens of fruit trees without interfering with the modest amount of space provided for normal crops. Just plant them in the Grassy areas.

                                  If Sandy sells them for Summer, how about Avocado in the Spring, and Olive in the Fall?
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                                  • Xamerzan

                                    Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

                                    Thanks! Glad you like it. ^_^

                                    I really like the idea of an Avocado and Olive tree for Spring and Fall respectively... I might make those trees sometime later and make posts on those as well. =)
                                    I had another tree idea, but I can't remember what it was. >.>
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                                    • Surenu

                                      Surenu The End of Time

                                      Well, I'm always down for some new fruit trees :)
                                      • Xamerzan

                                        Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

                                        Ok, it may not be perfect, but I added a stump and cut-down sprite of the Dragon Fruit tree. =)
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                                        • eemie

                                          eemie Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                                          I think you finished every necessary artwork for a tree (excepf for the grow process). Are you going to move on to a different tree next?

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