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Don't know what I am going to call this

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by JordiTheSpaceman, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. JordiTheSpaceman

    JordiTheSpaceman Space Hobo

    I bet you guys haven't seen any posts about starbound lately. I, being a guy who loves me some nice space fell in love with Starbound and just loved the idea that came with it. I played the beta around I think the "Enraged Koala" update was the most recent and I enjoyed it. The concept of how I could fly around in my space ship, try to get better weapons, and go to deadly planets to farm some high-level ores to make powerful armor. I don't entirely know what I felt when I first played the beta but I feel the best way to explain it is the feeling when you play Minecraft for the first time. I know I'm getting a little off-topic especially bringing up a different game entirely but I digress. In July 2016, the game entered 1.0 which was a huge thing for me because finally there was an introduction instead of waking up on a ship. I played this game for hours on end as many other people like me probably did. This was my idea of Starbound for a while until my friend mentioned that he believed Starbound to be a ripoff of Terraria. This ticked me off for a few reasons. One, he was the guy who bought Starbound to abuse the Summer 2019 Steam sale. Two, I genuinely believe Starbound to be a good game. Three, other people could see the same view that he does. Now I do not want to write a three-paragraph to emphasize the point I am trying to make. There are somethings Sstarbound lacks in and it needs more recognition. What I am hoping for is some developer to listen to my rant and not think I am some crazy fan who wants more from the game. I do not want to come to the table with nothing. I've had many ideas for Starbound as a whole. One of the things I want to be changed is the Tenants. There great but what if all the Tenants have unique personalities and talked about prior planets they have been to or some unique dialogue that makes them different from other tenants. I think it would be cool if you could develop relationships with these tenants and maybe they give you a quest to go to a solar system marked on your map or to the outpost and talk to someone there and ask for a family sword. After doing this quest your relationship with them would improve maybe with better rewards or even the possibility of becoming a crew member. They could even become a unique merchant that you can sell your weapons and armor to for 30% of it's worth. What if this idea mirrored with your crew members, too. What if your crew members could sell things like the Medic could sell healing items or the Mechanic could sell some autochips occasionally. Maybe there could be a station at the outpost where people could be transported to different star systems for a large number of pixels.

    I know these ideas are a little bit of a stretch but I want something to at least get the idea that Starbound is its own game and it is unique in many ways. There are so many little things that could give Starbound a little bit of flavor or maybe I am just having something similar to a midlife crisis over a game made in late 2013. Please leave some feedback or other ideas that you may have for Starbound. If a modder wants to take on the task of my insane ideas... well go for it.
  2. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Remembers the day when I go wild about ideas for Starbound, hoping the devs will heard it.

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