Does this game support Chinese language?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by birdniao, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. birdniao

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    Hello everyone, I'm a player from China. Many people in China are playing "flame badges." The number of SRPG viewers in China is still very large.
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      Please note that all posts have to be in english or at least provide an english translation according to our forum rules.
      I've added one for you this time. :nuruhappy:
      • birdniao

        birdniao Yeah, You!

        Thank you, The web page translated the translation back.
        • Couch Tomato

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          I'm assuming "Flame Badges" actually means Fire Emblem
          • superconsole

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            Hey there, we haven't confirmed the final languages which we'll be translating to yet, but Chinese is definitely something we'd like to translate to! Will be announcing final list of localised languages likely on the Dev Blog in the near future :)
            • birdniao

              birdniao Yeah, You!

              yes,Fire Emblem。

              Great, look forward to the switch version.:)
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