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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Learwin, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Learwin

    Learwin Big Damn Hero

    Hello guys 0/
    I can't believe how insanely fast the mod community is growing and evolving. I have stumbled upon many great mods so far but I have a few ideas which haven't been done here before.

    1:More Tool Upgrades
    A mod which would add new ore to the game and let me upgrade my tools with it.

    2:Better Processing
    Processing of fruit/vegetables is taking quite the long time, but I don't want it to break balance(Instant processing) that much so some upgraded machines like a faster furnace, mayonaise machine or cheese press would be quite nice.

    3:Buildable greenhouse and mushroom cave
    I love the greenhouse. But only one ? I feel like there should be a way to build a second or even third one.

    4:Mushroom farms:
    You have choosen the fruit bats instead of mushrooms ? Too bad you can't plant them and only find them in caves... weird isn't it ? Why can't you plant or grow them on wooden stumps or something similar?

    5:Machine halls
    The farm is huge and you can place so many machines on it. Some people already built them inside an empty coop or barn to reduce the used up area but a new building with a nice space to place machines down would fit in my opinion. Which brings me to my last idea for now

    6:New Farm Plot

    Well as stated above the farm area is quite big but at some point you reach a spot where there isn't anymore space to plant crops or build farmhousing. So this is where my idea comes in: buyable farm land to the left of your farm roughly around the same size as your original. Maybe some more to buy too ?

    I hoped you like my ideas and I think most of it isn't possible at the current state of modding but if anyone would like to pick one or two of my ideas up and make a mod out of it please tell me :D
    • KingJoey

      KingJoey Phantasmal Quasar

      Hey there!

      On 1 through 4, I do not think it can be done without an API but I am not completely sure. On 5 and 6, I made a second floor to the cave for my industrial area and I am maybe doing a farm edit to make it bigger because some people seem to want that as well. Making them available as carpenter upgrades is a whole other story though. Let me know if you are interested in the map edits though ^^
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      • keyten

        keyten Cosmic Narwhal

        150x193 would be perfect.
        • Learwin

          Learwin Big Damn Hero

          I would love to :D

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