Different Advantages and Stats for Each Race

Discussion in 'Side Quests' started by GameCraving, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. GameCraving

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    Right now picking a race is just a matter of picking the best looking stuff; body, armor, ship. That's because there isn't really a reason, mechanically speaking, to pick a race over another.

    How about each race should have an advantage and disadvantage and different stats to suit everyone's playstyle of their choosing. And this would make Multiplayer a whole lot better by actually adding individual diversity.

    These are the basic guys. They don't have an advantage or disadvantage. For people who like their life to be low-stakes and mediocre.

    The Apex are furry so they are resistant to the cold to the point where they wont need the tier 6 cooling EPP. But will dry up when exposed to heat because fur and sunblock don't mix. Apes are really strong so these guys are very tanky but they have low stamina because they don't do cardio.

    These guys are amphibians so obviously they should be able to fly, lol. Obviously breathe underwater and swim very fast. They are immune to poison because their gills filter out Jake Paul videos. They run fast like Naruto but have low damage like Sakura. They do okay in Hot places. Ever heard of toads?

    The Avians don't have falling damage. They can't fly but they can fall with style just like chickens and Buzz Lightyear. BUT they have the worst looking ships and armor. Nice work CF you work fast. Birds are also notorious for having brittle skeletons so they are weak to Hammers, bombs,and anything that can easily break bones.

    The Florans are plants so they are very susceptible to fire. So keep them away from my mixtape. They also have high damage because they hunt like to hunt but have low stamina because they are treant-like. They also get additional damage when they use bows and spears They also heal then it's raining.

    Glitches are very heat resistant. The lore states that the food they eat create methane, and then combusted to create energy. So it means they are are obviously heat resistant. RIGHT? YES. Of course I am. They also do the happy emote when they you give them flowers coz' Glitches love when you give them flowers.

    They have the highest stamina in the game which means more bullets. They also glow A LOT brighter. I think they are like star-people so It would make sense if water damages them.

  2. Masiakasaurus

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    This gets suggested a lot, but the devs have said they don't want to implement it because the want the gameplay to be the same across all races. There are mods that add racial variation for those who want it.
  3. EnigmaTardigrade

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    Except the bit where they made it so that Novakids can't craft swords and the other races can't craft guns :nurutease:
  4. TheEnemy27

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    Nah this is too much work for something that is already added by various mods, Plus, this would need to change chains of other things, such as they would need to think about a major challenge for an apex to not need an equipment that you spend hours trying to craft. This breaks a looooot of things, so... It wouldn't be wise, if i'm not mistaken, glitches didn't feel cold in the first versions of the game, IF i'm not mistaken... (Probably am mistaken, 4 years really do something to your braine)

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