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Discussion in 'Mods' started by joykiller91, Feb 10, 2017.

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    Does anyone know a more detailed guide on how to write questions? I've read the Stardew Modding Guide but... :catsad: I've been reading the .yamls of the npcs and I can't understand the question structure properly to make it work when I try it huhuh.

    I'm editing the dialogues to have more depth but the most I can do is just add lines. :(

    Regarding key values/triggers....
    Thu2_1 - this will be read during the first year only?

    What if it's like this?
    Is Thu2 read during the first year and then Thu2_2 at year 2 onwards?

    So if it's all three...
    ...? D:

    Does anyone know any list of triggers?
    I only saw $d joja# and $d cc#
    and $c .3 (?)
    And I'm not sure where AbigailHAND or Abigail1 came from... Sprites?
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      Might want to put this in the Mods section. Lots of modders there, plus they regularly field questions about modding. Best of luck.
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        @Borodin oh~ hahah thanks for the info! :D
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          Moved to modding section.

          Iris Blanche
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          • joykiller91

            joykiller91 Astral Cartographer

            Another shout out: Has anybody ever tried using Location triggers for dialogue edits?

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