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Discussion in 'Community Contests/Giveaways' started by Consumer of Souls, Dec 30, 2014.

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  1. Consumer of Souls

    Consumer of Souls Big Damn Hero


    Designing minigames in Starbound is so much fun. So why not have a contest about it? Design a wacky minigame which would work in Starbound and win grand prizes!

    But Consumer of Souls, how do I participate?
    Ha, I knew you would ask that! It's really simple, just think of a good concept and share it with us by using text, pictures and / or video. Bonus points for actually creating your minigame in the game! Whoever designs the best minigame will get a copy of Age of Empires II - HD Edition and an extra copy of Starbound on steam. One random participant will also receive a copy of Starbound. Simple as that!

    What is a 'minigame', is it fatal?
    'Minigame' is often defined as a smaller scale game inside a game. What we are looking for is a smaller scale game which can be built or implemented in Starbound. And no, it is not fatal. (Unless you are allergic to minigames!)

    I am going to pick the winner on Sunday, 4th of January around 20.00 GMT +2. Good luck!

    NEW DEADLINE: 17.01.2014 17:00 EET

    Only one participating post / person! If you have multiple 'minigame-ideas', please include them all in a single forum post!

    Prizes: Winner will receive Age of Empires II - HD Edition and an extra copy of Starbound! One random participant will also receive a copy of Starbound. I'm also thinking about adding additional prizes if people are interested!

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  2. Consumer of Souls

    Consumer of Souls Big Damn Hero


    I'm probably going to postpone the deadline due to the lack of participants! This comes of course with more prizes. The new deadline will most likely be 19.1.2015!. I'll post more info soon!
  3. Consumer of Souls

    Consumer of Souls Big Damn Hero

    Deadline postponed due to the lack of participants. New deadline is 17.01.2015 EET 17:00. I also added more prizes!

    I _might_ update the participant list lazily during the next two weeks due to my compulsory military service. I'll keep my eye on this thread whenever I have the chance. Good luck! ;)
  4. TrueEdge

    TrueEdge Phantasmal Quasar

    Could you clarify minigame? Do you want something that can be done in Starbound?
    For example:
    Race of the Penguins:

    2 or more players craft the Distress Beacon (Enraged Koala)

    Said players craft a pillar of dirt 1000 blocks high and on the top use wooden platforms to craft a spot large enough for the Distress Beacon to be placed

    Players summon Dreadwing and see who can get their Dreadwing to smash their pillar to the ground first.
    My pet dragon:
    Summon a Bone Dragon on a high level planet and try to lead it across a town without it dying.
    Fish in a Barrel:
    If you collect throwing items and have no idea when you will use them, now is the time.

    Find an avian pirate ship. Abuse an NPC spawning glitch by removing the floors and make all the Avians fall onto the surface. They will survive and when left alone, will spawn enough NPCs to lag and crash your game.

    Before that happens however, construct a pit of dirt that NPCs can naturally fall into, but cannot get out without some sort of tech.

    Corral the NPCs into the pit by attacking them from a range, careful to run away because they will attack back and most likely one shot you with all those NPCs you have made.

    Once they are all trapped in the pit, use your throwing weapons and toss them at the NPCs. Dig around the bottom of the pit to collect any weapon drops. Don't go directly into the pit (look above for previous reason).
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  5. Consumer of Souls

    Consumer of Souls Big Damn Hero

    Yes. Something that can be done in Starbound. The minigame could be just as 'barebones' as a set of rules which the players should follow. Or something complex built using wires.
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  6. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    One idea for a minigame would be a siege mode ( surprised no one suggested it already).
    2 Glitch castles are fought for eachothers' crowns.
    Green vs Yellow.
    No guns/Future tech allowed.

    Each team will have set "Classes" that do different functions during the war.
    1 person will be the king, who pretty much tells everyone what to do, but must stay in the Throne Room at the middle of the castle.
    each team will have 5 defenders, who must defend the castle.
    10 people will be on the offensive of each team, fighting eachother until they can breach the castle.
    3 people on each team will try to undermine the opponent's castle, and cause a breach from underground.
    Lastly, 3 people on each team will mine for resources behind the castle and make sure the place stays fortified (replacing broken blocks and the such)

    Killing the enemy king and retrieving his crown (You must bring it back to your base!)
    Mining the enemy castle's vault ( Under each castle will be a 4x4 square of strong material that contains a special item of some sort, Miners will be going for this objective.)

    That means each team will have 22 players each, making for a nice long siege!
    Obviously numbers can be changed and stuff, but I think it makes for a nice idea.

    I will edit this post as I come up with more ideas!
  7. Jonjon

    Jonjon Void-Bound Voyager

    Underwater Building Race
    1. There will be a big structure above the surface.
    2. Each person has the exact blocks/items of the big structure.
    3. Each person must dive deep underwater and build a exact replica of the structure, without any breathing tools/techs, on the bottom of the deep pool of water.
    4. First person to Finish wins.

    1. As states, no breathing techs/suits.
    2. If you die, you can continue where you left off but an official will throw a bomb at your structure.
    3. Builders cannot interfere with other builders.

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  8. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    Won't it be a bit difficult for people to know the dimensions of the structure to get it exactly right? Unless it was a fairly simple structure.
  9. Jonjon

    Jonjon Void-Bound Voyager

    It should be a fairly simple thing but also not be able to build in like one trip.
    I am looking at about maybe 4+ trips back to the surface for air.
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  10. Fatal Glitch

    Fatal Glitch Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    a giant maze, will post screenshot(s) if asked. It is already built by me.

    Info on maze:

    25x25 rooms
    room size=5x5
    3 block thick walls
    Made of Castle Brick and Castle brick walls
    All passages blocked by Castle brick, Glitch Hidden Trapdoor and/or Glitch Hidden Door
    maze2.PNG maze3.PNG maze4.PNG
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  11. LeeJohn

    LeeJohn Phantasmal Quasar

    Kings of the hill (Defenders vs attackers edition):

    • An overally flat terrain with one big raise ("the hill")
    • Two teams, at least 5 players each
    • A set of equipment for each team, divided into classes (Players choose classes themselves):
      • Demolitionist: medium tier armor, set of explosives, a pistol with low DPS, human mech tech,
      • Warrior: a blade weapon with good DPS, medium tier armor, shield tech
      • Scout: throwing knives, medium DPS firearm, low tier armor, energy dash tech
      • Tank: high tier armor, medium DPS firearm with low accuracy, shield tech and regeneration tech
      • Assassin: low tier armor, high DPS melee weapon, particle boost tech
    • A base out of weapon's range of the hill, prepared before the game begins. It is where the attackers start. It must contain all the gear.
    • A set of chests and crafting stations atop the hill, containing materials for establishing a defense perimeter
    1. Each character must be set on Hardcore mode - they must be able to drop items.
    2. In combat players are only allowed to use items associated with chosen class.
    3. Health and stamina modifications other than these offered by the armor are not allowed.
    4. Weapons that are classified as melee can have effects like poison or fire, however, they cannot shoot (yes, there are shooting melee weapons in Starbound)
    5. Players must not go around the map.
    6. After the game begins modifications of terrain - except for those inflicted by explosives - are not allowed.
      • Before the game begins the defenders can do slight modifications to the hill:
        • Holes cannot be deep enough for players not to be able to jump out of them
        • Rises cannot be high enough for players not to be able to jump over it
        • Tunneling is permitted, as long as it stays within the hill and reaches not deeper than 15 blocks below the ground level. They also must not be connected to the command bunker.
    The Actual Game:
    1. The defenders have a set amount of time to fortify the hill (15 mins is optimal). In that same time the attackers can go everywhere that isn't within two screen's widths from the base of the hill. The hill fortifications must contain:
      • A command bunker
      • A hidden safe somewhere within the bunker, containing "the flag", which is an object to be captured and brought back to the attackers' base
      • In order to make searching for the flag more difficult, the defenders are allowed to place up to 4 safes within the command bunkers.
      • Protecting the flag with simple, wired puzzles is also allowed, however, demolitionists are authorized to use lethal force to crack these open.
    2. After the defenders' time ends, the attackers are free to begin the assault.
    3. To win, the attackers must capture the flag set amount of times (3 is the recommended amount):
      • In order for the flag to be considered captured, the flag must be brought to the attackers' base. Then the leader must beam to his ship and deposit the flag.
      • To make things interesting, a beamout windows can be added (say, every 5 minutes)
    4. If the defenders manage to survive for a set amount of time, (usually 5 minutes is optimal) the team captain can grab "the flag", beam up to his ship and deposit it there, scoring an extraction point. Obtaining a set amount of these, means the defenders have won (3 is recommended).
    1. Currently only the unstable branch can provide the full experience. (Some of the tech is not available in current stable build)
    2. There are two other possible versions. One is basically a siege mode of the same game - there are 3 teams: defenders - n players; attackers 1 - n/2 players; attackers 2 - n/2 players. The attackers begin two assaults from both sides simultaneously, their goal being getting their team leader to take his place at the top of the central tower. The first attacker team to accomplish that wins. If a set amount of time passes, the defenders win. Same classes as in other versions apply.
    3. The last version is more of a race, where two teams must find a way to climb a very steep mountain from one side. Using explosives along the way is permitted. The first team to get all it's members to the peak wins. No classes. Everybody gets pulse jump and shield tech. The explosives can be found along the way.
    The Concept:

    1. Defenders' unnecessary watchtower
    2. Command bunker
    3. Main defense tower with battlements
    4. Booby-trapped area. Along this plane marksmen of each team exchange fire
    5. Signpost to show berserk players where the foes are
    6. Some poor creature, caught up in the middle of a slaughter
    7. Attackers' resupply base
    8. Game master's controls
    EDIT: My younger brother just told me that I totally ripped the game title from Team Fortress 2
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  12. TheTwin

    TheTwin Tentacle Wrangler

    Is it okay if i run it on the unstable branch as long as it is made of stable only items? Or does it matter at all?
    (I'd like to build it aswell for myself, just for fun you know :D)

    So i would like to participate aswell :)

    Now for my Game :

    Hunger Games Starbound

    Who ist the winner? The Last survivor of course.

    What do we need?
    • An indestructible arena
    • Maybe a railwaysystem to provoke encounters as its the fastest but most dangerous route to travel at (high risk high reward)
    • Traps! Poison! More Traps! And Lava!! And Traps!!!
    • Battlegrounds!! (Different areas with special benefits like items, regrowing food, a kitchen counter as you can produce health items and buff items with those resources)
    • Dungeons which are dangerous as fk but reward you with access to crafting stations, items, armor, weapons and much more!
    • A closed off starting area in which no combat is allowed
    • Wiring circuits with awesome effects like "Someone entered the arena" = "All lights are // Spotlight on the entrance
    • Usable traps, for example a Trapdoor which can be activated from somewhere under which is poison/sawblades etc
    • A commentator/game master of course
    • Maybe activateable Wheather? Like a Sudden Meteor shower/ Poison rain/Snowstorm to make things a bit less comfortable
    • We need a working PVP-Mode!!!
    • A method to spawn monsters would be pretty nice aswell if we got that : CAGES of MONSTERS everywhere where ppl might be

    Now what are the rules?
    • Feel free to form teams, only one person can win though..
    • No Mods/Hacks
    • Only new characters
    • Only "Permanent Death" mode Characters OR only "Drop everything on Death" but you cant join anymore from the spawning area (closed gates)
    • Who teleports to his ship is disqualified
    • Who brings any items except clothes is disqualified
    • Who leaves the arena by whatever method is disqualified
    • Feel free to use whatever you can to kill people as long as its from the arena
    • Even if you play together there may be no groups!!! Friendly fire activated.
    • Everyone starts only with a Skyrail Rider tech. Tech cards can be found and activated at several tech stations which might be dangerous though

    The Game itself
    • Everyone gathers at Huge Chamber with 10 paths, you can choose one, only one character per path though
    • After approximately 5-7 minutes the first people might meet someone else
    • When someone dies he drops all of his items an is out of the game
    • The players behavior is all up to them, they can hide, run, assassinate, trap or do whatever they want
    • If more than one player ist alive after 30 minutes the Cages are opened
    • If more than one player is alive after 1 hour the Goblets Hall can be accessed, this will be announced
    • Whoever gets the Goblet first and keeps it for 3 minutes, (a random item the gamemaker can choose) WINS.

    Working on an arena right now.. its tough to build that sh.. ;D

    PS :If there is anyone who would like to host this kind of events contact me i would
    love to plan/build those Arenas man!
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  13. Consumer of Souls

    Consumer of Souls Big Damn Hero

    Stable and unstable are both OK!
  14. The Squid

    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    Please note that this is a revision of my original post.
    Death Arena: Two players are placed in a large arena made of Glitch stone bricks. They are each given one tech of their choice (mechs and cars excluded), two weapons, and tier-five armour. The armour varies depending on the race of each player; if the player is a Floran, they will have Floran armour, a Human will get Human armour, and so on. The weapons they receive will be of equal strength. The only difference between the players will be their race and their tech. Another variation of this: The Slaughterhouse. Five to ten players with all of the aforementioned gear will fight to the death in a large arena constructed of Glitch stone bricks. The last player standing wins.
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  15. Khuur

    Khuur Pangalactic Porcupine

    Whether or not the contest is over, I'd like to throw a few ideas in. I love minigames! I used to design them back when the Halo games had interesting gametype editors. Oh, Forgehub and XForgery, those were the days.

    1. Capture the Gem! No but seriously, that game became standard in Terraria for a reason. It's a classic!

    2. Cooperative survival game played in multiple rounds in equal-sized teams. One team is composed members of the crew of a transport vessel that has crash landed on a Floran hunting planet covered in ruins and whatnot. They have to work together to find the scattered NPC passenger survivors (in stasis pods or whatever) and rescue as many as possible and escape (hopefully without being killed by the Floran hunters). Life support on the stasis pods remains functional for only three days, after which the crew will have to give any unfound up for dead and make it out alive.

    The survivor crew starts off with slightly better gear than the hunters do, but after five minutes the hunters get access to roughly equal stuff. This gives the survivors time to find a couple weapons that have been scattered around, and NPCs to work with. Each NPC they find will follow and fight with whichever player activates them (however that logic works). That player then has the choice of either keeping the NPC around for additional firepower against the Florans or to escort them back to their downed ship, where there is still a functional teleporter that will transport the NPC to a safe zone, where they will count as points for the survivor team. Survivors have only 1-2 lives.

    The Floran hunting party team has unlimited lives, and seeks to kill the crew members (as the NPC civilians do not provide enough of a challenge or something). They cannot kill NPCs still in stasis pods, but they can kill those that are awake with the survivor playres, robbing them of points. The hunters also would not be able to access any of the gear scattered around the map in hidden chests and whatnot (presumably the scattered belongings of the crashed ship, as well as the caches of previous victims). Each night they gain access to a single chest with some gear and traps and tech and whatever to help them with that night's hunt (raising the stakes).

    NPCs regenerate health over time. Crew starts out with limited supplies including bandages, basic weapons, flash lights, and climbing rope. Additional gear including weapons, armor, med kits, torches, and tech can be found scattered throughout the map in hidden chests and caches. They cannot place or break terrain (to hole up), and have only 1-2 lives (depending on gameplay). Crew members drop gear when they die.

    Round starts at dawn of day 1. After dawn of day 3 or 4 (depending on gameplay), passenger NPC stasis pods may no longer be activated. The round ends when all members of the crew are either dead or have teleported to safety. They score one point per survivor in the safe area (including players).

    Hunters cannot break terrain (though they can place traps), and cannot access the gear chests meant for the survivors or the stasis pods that spawn NPCs. They have unlimited lives, and spawn in a base on the opposite side of the planet as the downed ship. It is a small planet. Each night they gain access to more gear which they use to hunt down survivors. Hunters do not drop gear when they die. They score one point per crew member (player) they kill.

    Teams should switch for the next round.

    EDIT: Notably, this is also basically the plot of Risk of Rain.
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  16. LeeJohn

    LeeJohn Phantasmal Quasar

    Yay! I finally found a way to make screenshots without ACTION! (courtesy of @The_Nuker ) so I added a concept pic to my OP.
    Also I couldn't have built this thing in time without his help (and Starcheat).
  17. Consumer of Souls

    Consumer of Souls Big Damn Hero

    After much thought, consideration and hours upon hours of playtesting, I am happy to announce the winner of this small-scale design competition!

    Congratulations, LeeJohn! Your minigame proved to be the favorite of our small group of jurors. Easy to set up and extremely fun and engaging to play. You will receive a copy of Age of Empires II: HD Edition AND an extra copy of Starbound!

    Khuur will also receive an extra copy of Starbound for being the luckiest one in the bunch! I used a "random number generator" found on to determine the winner for this.


    Congratulations to both of you and a *GIGANTIC* thank you to everyone who participated! Keep up the good work.;)

    EDIT: LeeJohn, my apologies! Due to my recent password change, I am unable to send your prizes to you until the next friday. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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