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    Now the moment Liam took out the brownie, this would be a disaster. These newcomers have no idea what Rapture smells like... Or does for that part.

    As the trio left to sort things out downstairs, Vance checked up on the state of him room thoroughly. Once he finished, he locked up and took the elevator with another group. Only the elevator was going up first. To the top floor.
    Vance considered trying to squeeze through the door before it shut, but was worried it would keep shutting and trap him in between the elevator and each floor while it went all the way to the top. This is the physical faction, not the mental one. Although nearly every surface was practically unbreakable, as they had to withstand the various faction members, most with immense strength. Vance probably wouldn't make it out from between those door.

    Vance presses the button for the main lobby, and impatiently waits for the elevator to reach the top floor. The more buttons he pressed, the more floors queued up after another.

    He sat there in the 9x9 elevator, lounging on the cold metal floor without any signal at all. The old Gifted were huddled in a group and I could hear them muttering clearly.
    "The future of the Gifted these days... Just look at that delinquent, just lounging in the ground like he owns it..."

    And at the exact moment, the elevator music kicks in.

    "Floor [REDACTED]" chimes the elevator voice.
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    (Evil Mattie)
    Izuna blinks looking at Jonathan then at Liam as he runs off as she would be about to take another bite out of the DRUGGIE BROWNIE(EvilMattie) and blinks looking down at it
    "Did..He...give me...a drug...?" she blinks again looking back up as Liam gets in the Elevator and she twitches "H-hey! get back here!" She hisses audiably her ears flicking rapidly as she starts growling a bit before she drops the brownie breathing heavily as she shakes a bit before her hair gains a red color along with her ears and tail before she charges towards the Elevator going to slam her fist into it as it would already be closed and going up to what ever floor he was going to go, She growls loudly hissing a bit as she blinks rapidly and continues slamming her fists into the Elevator doors before it eventually snaps inwards and she leaps into it "Get back here!" She screams loudly hissing as she starts bouncing up the elevator using the walls and her newly formed claws to dig into the walls quickly reaching the elevator Liam took before she brings her hand back and goes to slam it into the bottom of the Elevator "YOU DRUGGED ME!?" She yells loudly, it echoing as she continues to pound away at the bottom of Liam's elevator slowly making progress and possibly shutting the elevator down(Iunno how elevators work >.>).
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    Jonathan Looks to Izuna shrugging
    "I don't know... hey!" Running after Izuna as she starts to beat the elevator doors open "Izuna.. come on don.." Watching as she breaks them down as he runs into the elevator shaft just after she does as he looks up just watching her bounce up the walls like a child on redbull "I guess.." Sighing as he looks around Before he yells up the shaft "Izuna.. Come back here damn it!" Looking up one of the walls as he starts to climb upwards with a heavy sigh wincing as he hears the sound of her pounding at the bottom of the Elevator as he climbs
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    I'm so dead... He leans back against the wall of the elevator as the floor slowly dents upward with slowly but surely. The elevator continued to rise despite the abuse it was taking. Liam smashes the emergency stop button and leaps upward, pulling himself through the ceiling of the elevator. He then dives through the closed doors of the floor above and lands on the other side roughly, clambering to his feet painfully. Gotta get away...! He begins climbing through floors of the building, using the walls as hand holds and footholds in a desperate attempt to get some distance from Izuna.

    Liam stops to text Vance, his breathing labored.
    on floor 2X
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    Izuna breathes heavily growling loudly as she finishes punches through the Elevator flooring and crawls through after kicking it wide enough for her to get through and she looks around the Elevator twitching and growling, Her heart pounding fast as she lets out a high pitch shriek before she pounds roughly against the elevator walls sniffing quietly, her ears twitching rapidly as she tries to listen to where he is before she picks up his foot falls and climbs out from the hole she made and growls loudly before she charges up the side of the Elevator shaft in the process slightly cutting her self repeatedly, She lets out another high pitch scream of anger as she yells out
    "STOP RUNNING!" as she tries to get ahead of him floor wise, if she does speed ahead of him she would break the Elevator's door down growling loudly as she waits for him to appear.
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    As he climbs through floors, he can gradually hear Izuna catching up to him, the sounds of crunching metal reverberating closer and closer to his floor, shaking the very floor and walls. About to run out of breath anyways, Liam instead runs into the nearest apartments, passing through random faction member's housing one after another. He leans against a wall at the edge of the building and just stands, hoping that Izuna wouldn't be able to track him through walls.

    He fills his lungs with oxygenated air he saves for emergencies and readies himself to fight. Superheated, accelerated 'bullets', lasers by the plenty, compressed explosions and shrapnel, gasoline, smoke, and light were among some of he many weapons he had. He decides to burst light, smoke, and gasoline if he needed to escape.
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    Izuna growls loudly her ears twitching rapidly before she leans down and breaks through the flooring breathing heavily as she lands on the floor and she shudders violently for a bit clenching and un-clenching her hands and coughs hard looking up and rubs her eyes faintly growling still before she looks around
    "Where are you..." She looks around a bit closer and sniffs quietly wincing faintly before she smells him and growls charging towards his direction, Once she gets into his view she would charge towards him before she gasps twitching visibly and drops to the floor before she rolls to a stop going silent as she's run out of enough blood to fuel herself with. Her breathing shallow as she lays in a slightly tangled mess her fluffy tail, hair and ears turning slowly back to their normal purple color as she lays passed out on the floor looking like she's sleeping with a sort of smile on her face purring faintly.
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    Once Jake had left, a supply of assorted metals had been delivered several minutes after. He keeps his word. And a strange glimmery feeling rises up in her chest at the thought, is this…happiness? Haku suspects that this is the first time someone had been even remotely kind to her, considering the fact that this feeling is unfamiliar to her-- whereas negative emotions, such as rage and sadness, were not.

    She examines the various metals she had been graciously given, and picks up the hunk of chromium and bites out of it like an apple. Yes, she was most definitely grateful towards Jake. How to repay him? Haku thinks back to their conversation, and her mouth twitches into a rare smile. It is something she has never tried before, but it was worth a shot.

    Haku begins her project by forming the same construct as she did earlier in her right hand and a slightly larger construct in her left. She imposes her will on the right one to give the nanites self-sustaining ability in a vast multitude of very specific situations and wires it with two commands: to return to the left construct and to reform into its original shape--both at a certain signal. With the left-handed one, she focuses more on self-repair, extra durability, and adds the source of the signal. The constructs detach and Haku throws the one in her right hand absentmindedly. After confirming a sufficient amount of distance between the two constructs, she presses a button on the one created from her left hand. Satisfied with the results, she turns towards the remaining metals and devours them.

    The project had taken an unprecedented amount of energy and Haku was exhausted. Hopefully there’ll be more food when I--

    But before she could finish the thought, Haku had already fallen asleep.
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    He remains with his back against the wall, staring at Izuna in absolute shock. Moments before, he was sure he was going to be brutally dismembered by the lightning-fast beast, but now that same creature suddenly stopped and later down to fall asleep right before him.

    Liam blinks and straightens up, letting out a deep breath. That had been close. Way too close. He looks around and realizes he was in a strangers apartment with an unconscious minor at his feet and decides to abscond before the situation escalated yet again. Maybe he'd test out his new gear. Whatever the case, Izuna could probably sleep it off. Liam cases the apartment real quick, placing a fedora on his head before walking out. The fedora falls off his head as he passes through the wall. Dammit.
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    ((Collab Post))


    "Since you're sooooooo sure she's safe to let out, YOU handle her." Jake's superior sighs and walks out.

    Jake shrugs. Sure.

    It has been two days since he had last seen her, and the higher-ups had been furiously collaborating with the mind readers to make the best use of the information they gained. Of course, they refuse to act upon the information for silly reasons like 'safety' and 'too dangerous' so Jake had decided he would simply get Haku to tell him where to find the bases. Once she remembered that is.


    A snow covered village. Haku was sitting on a ledge overlooking the entire place while snowflakes gently fell and blanketed the ground. It was nighttime, with the full moon shining brightly and the snow sparkling from the reflected light. It was peaceful--something she didn’t get inside the village. In fact, she had snuck out here tonight to stargaze. Here she was free, here she was safe, and here she didn’t have to worry about anything. Her gaze travelled down to the village again. They had fallen on hard times, a famine. And it is all my fault-- as usual, she smiled bitterly at the many bruises she had accumulated. The villagers had been utterly furious. Haku shivered, but not from the cold. Her eyes pleaded with the stars, Can I... ever be useful? Am I a necessary existence...?

    [Jake and Kuhaku]

    He walks over to Haku's cell/room and unlocks the door to find the sleeping form of Haku. To his satisfaction, a tray devoid of metal sits to the side. "Haku."

    Haku blearily stirs at the sound of her name, but fails to wake up, too engrossed in the memory/dream.

    "Haku," Jake repeats, with a tad more force this time.

    Haku finally blinks open her eyes to find a tear slowly rolling down her face. I was...crying? Hastily wiping it away, she sees Jake staring down at her,

    “Why are you here?”

    "You're to accompany me until I deem you safe. Put this on." Jake teleports a blank Z-Watch in front of Haku. The watch would serve as a tracker as well as monitor for the safety of everyone involved.

    Haku glances at the contraption. While she trusted Jake a tiny bit, she still harbors some mistrust.

    “What does it do?”

    "It's like a phone."

    “Is that all it does?” Haku responds, narrowing her eyes.


    “And when you say like a phone--what are its exact capabilities? All of them.”

    "You forgot what a phone is?"

    “You’re avoiding the question.”

    "I'm telling the truth. It can use the Internet, take and send pictures and videos, send messages, make calls, play games, record audio, locate other Z-Watches, and be located by other Z-Watches. Your watch cannot locate others however. That'll be unlocked when it's deemed safe. Now put it on and don't eat it."

    “So I’m being tracked. Not surprising since everyone here is hostile towards the ETG.”

    "We all are."

    “Fine. Monitored more closely than the others. But be more direct next time-- I don’t appreciate half-truths and deception,” Haku says flatly.

    Jake shrugs slightly. "Okay. Do you remember the locations of any bases?"

    Haku gingerly puts on the Z-Watch. At the very least it’ll be a useful tool, even if I am being tracked by it. Turning to face Jake,

    “I don’t remember the locations of any specific bases, but I remembered I was headed toward Indonesia. Why are you so determined to find ETG?”

    "To kill them. That direct enough?"

    “...Yes. But why do you and everyone else hate ETG?”

    "They hunt and kill us Gifted."

    “So I must’ve killed a lot of people…” Haku mutters to herself.

    "You did."

    “You weren’t supposed to hear that. And why did you leave ETG?”

    "...let's go." Jake appears in the hallway, outside of her room and gives her an expectant look.

    Haku stares at Jake, her eyes betraying no emotion,

    “You have to understand that I lost practically everything who I was. I have no reason to rejoin ETG. But I don’t have a reason to join you guys either. The only reason why I haven’t ran off to the ETG to figure out who I am is because this place and you showed me an iota of kindness.”

    "Then don't make me change my mind."

    “...Alright,” Haku grabs the finished project off from the table and rushes over to Jake’s side, appearing to be a white blur in the process.

    "You can stay with Vance for now. He may be able to extract your memories as well." Jake starts walking toward the exit.

    “Who is Vance? And what is his Gift exactly?” Haku says while following Jake.

    "Ex-ETG. Biokinetic. We'll be taking the subway."

    Haku nods in reply, “What does Vance do with his Gift though?”

    "Anything he wants." Jake checks his watch and raises an eyebrow. He teleports behind Haku and holds his hand to her back, then brings them both to the subway platform nearby. The train pulls up to the platform right as they land, and Jake motions for Haku to get on.

    “Could you warn me when you’re about do things like that? If it were anyone but you, their head would be rolling on the ground right now,” Haku comments while getting on the train.

    "Didn't wanna miss the train. And I’m not the only one that would survive your blades."

    “Oh, I’m fairly sure of that. But it was just a warning. It would be ‘bad’ if I were to kill someone reflexively. Especially since I’m on probation.”

    "Yes it would be. Hmm. No. It's okay. I don't mind. As long as they aren't important and it wasn't on purpose."

    “Alright then. Is Vance important?”

    "..." Jake thinks about that for a moment.

    "...No, but you don't have to worry about accidentally killing him."

    “Which means he’s durable enough to spar with,” Haku reasons.

    "Yes." Jake texts Vance to go to his lab and prep a room for a 13 year old girl to live in.

    Haku gazes curiously at Jake’s Z-Watch, “How do you use that?”

    "When you have signal." Jake answers brusquely.

    Haku sighs, Jake was not in an answering mood today it seems. She just simply stands there, and notices the vast amount of people around her for the first time, Must’ve been distracted by all the talking… Haku edges away from the crowd of people. She does not know or trust any of them. They are all a potential threat.

    Jake texts Liam to come to the Physical faction as well. If Haku was to join their kill-team, she should meet and train with them all. He receives a reply almost immediately, with Liam saying that he was already at the Physical faction.

    Haku starts analyzing everyone around her, determining their strengths and weaknesses. That calmed her down. She could now react optimally if something were to happen at least.

    Jake gives Haku a warning before teleporting her this time. "Going now." He states as he brushes his shoulder to hers. They appear beside the stairs on the platform, Jake leaning into the wall to absorb the leftover kinetic energy. "The physical faction should be just above us." He says as he starts up the stairs.

    “Okay. Wait. I have something to give you. As thanks.”

    "Hmm? Oh I'm accompanying you there, were we'll spar with Vance and Liam. What is it?" He asks, a bit surprised that Haku had a gift for him.

    “Here,” Haku presents a sheathed knife to Jake, “It’s the first time I’ve made something like this though.”

    "...Thank you." Jake accepts the knife with a bit of wonder. She made this for him while he was gone? He examines the sheath, turning it over before drawing the knife inside. The knife was mainly black with a silver edge, by the looks of it about 6.5 inches long. The hilt was more black metal with a slight spiral corrugation pattern down to the pommel.

    “The knife is made out of high-carbon steel. It will never rust or dull,” Haku turns her gaze elsewhere, somewhat embarrassed, “...The sheath will never wear either. And it has another function.” Haku points to the button on it, “If you ever throw the knife, pressing the button will cause all the nanites in the knife to disperse, travel back to the sheath, and reform into its original shape… You mentioned that you wished your knives could be auto-retrieved. So I thought….” Haku trails off her last sentence.

    "It's amazing. Again, thank you. No one’s ever given me a gift like this before..."

    “No one’s ever given me a name before,” she retorts, color rising to her cheeks, “And I can customize a design on both the sheath and knife if you want.”

    "It's okay. Just leave it... Blank." Jake smiles despite himself. He'd only ever smiled like that before around Liam and Nariko.

    Haku laughs. She couldn’t--and didn’t want to contain the bubbly feeling inside. For the first time in her life, she was experiencing so many emotions. Like as if her world was only colored in black and white (and red) and now all the other colors were being paint splattered all over it. No, she was not going to return to the ETG. She was happy here. Such a foreign emotion, but very real, she thought.

    “Well--” she begins, but is cut off as the train pulls up beside the platform, the doors opening clamorously. After the train leaves, she grins mischievously at Jake,

    “You should smile more. Suits you better than that sullen expression you normally wear.”

    "Meh. C'mon, I'll introduce you to them." A bit self conscious now, Jake hurries up the stairs and enters the physical faction building.

    “Okay,” Haku chirps and follows Jake in pursuit.

    A muscular young man with short brown hair and blue eyes laying stomach-down on a skateboard rolls past Jake and Haku, nearly hitting them. "Hey Jake!!!" He yells as he barrels past.

    Threat. Haku’s eyes dilated. Threat. Her heart rate sped up. Threat. When Haku saw the skateboarder barreling towards her, she instinctively transformed her entire right arm into a blade and was about to intercept the man until--

    "And that's Liam. My brother." Jake sighs.
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    (seeing as how Sam is asleep/Away)

    Izuna wakes up some time later(IM guessing this is after Liam is fleeing from Izuna after she passed out :rofl:) groaning as she looks around blinking as she's inside a strange building and she digs in her pockets quietly and pulls out a key card then looks at the door she broke down and sighs faintly "He gave me a drugged brownie...and I chased him...good job Izuna...Good Job..." She grumbles and stands up fleeing the not so destroyed apartment and reads her key card number before she takes the elevator that DOESN'T have a gaping hole in its flooring down to her Apartment which is on the 3rd floor up from the lobby and walks down the hallway looking at her key card before nodding and stows the key card away, soon taking the Elevator down to the Lobby to see Liam and two strangers "Heeeyy Liam!" She calls out before inhaling and yells in annoyance "WHY WOULD YOU GIVE ME A DRUGGIE BROWNIE DO YOU DO DRUGS THATS VERY BAD FOR YOU!" She lowers her voice and plucks at the slightly torn fabric of her big colorful shirt frowning "And I ripped my shirt...or...well..um..that other persons shirt..." she exits the elevator frowning as she looks at Liam then looks to the other two blinking up at Jake then looking at/up at Haku's right arm blade then at her, Being really short I would guess she would be looking up at her but most likely up to her chin...or collar bone and gives a smile her mood changing "Hai! Im Izuna!" She makes a ^.^ face her cat ears twitching and fluffy tail swishing happily in the air.
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    Jonthan Is only half way up as the elevator stops and Izuna brutally smashes a hole in the bottom of it as he sighs muttering to himself
    "If only I went and had food first... I would be climbing a freaking elevator shaft cashing a hyped up 13 year old.. and I wouldn't be so damn hungry" Finally climbing into the elevator as he sighs stepping out having totally lost the two of them, He has a quick look around not finding the two of them as he goes into the none destroyed elevator heading back to Vances room to grab his bag lucky that no one locked it since they left as he heads down the lobby seeing the four of them as he walks upto Izuna somewhat annoyed and flicks her lightly on the ear "Did you really have to chase him and leave huge holes every where?"
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    Haku opens her mouth in reply to Jake’s revelation but is interrupted when a girl around her age essentially bursts from the elevator accusing Liam of giving her a drugged brownie. Haku looks at Jake and replies, “I’m beginning to have serious doubts about your brother’s character.”

    Turning to the stranger, Haku tenses but decides to stay on the defense until the newcomer makes a threatening gesture. Receiving a greeting instead, Haku reverts her arm back to normal and responds, “Hi Izuna, my name is Kuhaku. But you can call me Haku for short. Are your ears and tail fully functional? What is your Gift? And can I pet you?”

    Haku reaches out to pet Izuna’s head.

    But spots another person heading towards them. And instantly is on guard again.

    “And you are..?” Haku addresses the man warily, narrowing her eyes.
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    (IceSolstice, I love you now :rofl:)
    Izuna blinks
    "Oh uh hi Haku and w-wah uh! y-yes they're functional um my Gift wait-wah!" She tries responding to the mutliple questions only to have her ears flicker and she is pat on the head causing her to purr a bit looking peaceful now "Um...Yes they're functional, They move and stuff...and my gift um I can get really angry...I guess..and..I guess you can pet me..and gimme a second..." She turns to Jonathan before she kicks him roughly in the shin "NO FLICKING THE EARS!" she yells at him before looking back at Haku and gives a ^-^ face letting her pet her(Did I do that right).
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    Jonthan winces a little as she kicks him
    "Than dont chase after people and smash open elevators.. it was a pain to climb that thing" Looking over to Haku "oh sorry.. Im Jonathan nice to meet you" Holding his hand out slight but not too far not really wanting to lose an arm to her looking at Izuna with a small sigh "I was trying to make sure she didn't get herself hurt as she raged after Liam" giving the ear he flicked a scratch "But he did drug a thirteenth year old.. so i suppose he had it coming"
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    ((Ah. Thanks, mas0n99. ^_^ This is my first actual RP.))


    Haku watches amusingly as Izuna kicks the unknown man in the shin. Ignoring the man’s plight for now, she focuses her attention back onto Izuna and continues petting her. Izuna’s ears were soft. And fluffy.

    “How do the ears work in conjunction with your hair? Do you have superior hearing? And what happens when you get angry? I’m guessing that a physical change accompanies it since we’re in the physical faction housing right now,” Haku asks, barraging Izuna with a string of questions.

    Haku listens as the stranger introduces himself as Jonathan and stares at his outstretched arm, confused. Did he expect some sort of gesture from her in response? But she greets him back anyways, “Hello. I’m Kuhaku. But I prefer to be called Haku.”

    Upon hearing his explanation, Haku glares at Liam and reprimands him, “How could you drug someone like Izuna?”

    Looking back at Jonathan, Haku asks, "What's your Gift?"
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    (You're doing a very good job at making me giggle :rofl:)
    Izuna blinks as her ears are played with causing her to purr a bit louder and then her ears twitching frequently before calming down and she giggles a bit blinking as she's bombarded with the questions
    "Ah! uh I have...better hearing and smell...Um..." She glances to the broken elevator doors in the back ground and points in their direction, "My hair changes to red...." She puts on a adorable -3- face smiling quietly, randomly giggling as she's petted "I like being pet.." she mumbles quietly/out loud, her tail would swish low and happily to the ground as she purrs a bit loudly.

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    Haku’s line of sight follows to where Izuna is pointing. Broken elevator doors. Meaning no one will care if they’re ‘disposed’ of. After Izuna finishes talking, Haku walks over to the pair of doors and taps on the metal. High quality. To only be this damaged when a Physical faction member goes on a rampage. Yes, this must’ve been some special metal indeed. Haku rips both of the doors out and gingerly carries them. Setting one of them down, she releases nanites to consume the one on the ground while she tears out chunks from the other door with her hands and eats them,

    “It’s like beef jerky. Not the taste I mean.”
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    Jonathan gives a shrug wondering if any one on this island knows what a handshake is as he looks to Haku
    "Nothing important.. I can ehh.. Create? things I guess but only if I can figure out how it all works before I can" Watching her rip the door off and carry them back rising an eyebrow "Not as interesting as most of the other peoples powers here"

    (( claimed for the aussies!))
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    Izuna blinks watching as Haku rips the strong elevator doors then eats both of them, her ears twitch before she walks over to Haku and sits down next to her blinking as she watches her curiously
    "Wow...I cant eat doors...well...I cant eat metal..Hm" She tilts her head "Cool" She tilts her head and smiles happily her fluffy tail still swishing back and forth before she giggles "You have a cool power Haku" she gives a thumbs up before looking at Jonathan and shifts around huffing as she rubs one of her ears a bit looking at Liam and Jonathan.

    (I think we should now wait for Liam/Jake after Ice replies to this stuff)

    http://imgur.com/9Hur6FL have this, Stupid sam page claimed but no matter >.> ))

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