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    (Big post as suggested)
    Yawns Watching the TV stealing the remove from her couch as he flicks though the channels.

    Izuna would finish up in the Shower after a bit and looks around before grabbing a towel and wraps it around herself looking at her dirty clothes before she huffs adjusting the towel before walking out of the bathroom and walks towards the washer and dryer and throws the dirty clothes into the washer before re-adjusting her towel
    "I actually need clean clothes..." She blushes a bit her ears twitching repeatedly trying to flick water off of them her tail would be low to the ground before she rushes too the blanket on the couch and sits down bundling herself up.

    "Nice shower?" yawning all warped up in his blanket Glancing up before he looks away noticing she is just in her towel waiting her to warp up in the blanket again throwing the remove over to her "I don't know what to watch.." Finishing up the can of DR.pepper as he sits it on the table.

    She shifts around getting all comfy in her bundle of blankets before only her face is visible and she reaches out grabbing the remote which she starts to click through channels thinking before she looks at the remote's buttons and clicks some before she finds a channel with a movie on
    "Ooh..." she tilts her head "I wonder if we have popcorn!" She looks around before looking at him "Uh...do you think you can see if there's popcorn in the pantry?" She looks towards the kitchen curiously.

    "Sure" unwrapping himself from the blanket as he walks over to kitchen having a look around "Ehh.. I think so... I could cook some thing?" Starting to dig though the pantry hunting for popcorn as he pulls some out "Found some" walking over to the microwave as he reads the back it before throwing it in and turning it on.

    She licks her lips sniffing as the popcorn slowly finishes up and she blinks
    "What do you know how to cook!?" She calls out rather loud looking back at the movie as something explodes while she keeps her chin up out of the blankets her ears twitching randomly her tail popping out from under the blanket a bit swaying faintly.

    "Ehh.. I don't know? Food?" Watching the popcorn bag spin in the microwave than start to grow as he pops "I did a lot where I used to live cooking was just one of the smaller things" Sniffing with a smile as he pulls the popcorn just opening a little as he bangs it letting all the un-pop corn fall out before he tips it into a large bowl bringing it over and putting it down on the table as he goes back to his blanket warping himself up.

    she licks her lips glancing at him and makes a face motioning him over and pats the couch beside her before she grabs the pop corn and fits the bowl between them if he comes over beside her and starts to nomnom on the pop corn she pulls out with a ^-^ face
    "Yummmyy!" She giggles happily watching the movie.

    Pokes his legs out from his blanket not bother to unwrap it walking over dropping down next to her taking some of the popcorn eating it
    "Hmm.. it is good.. what movie
    Tilting his head as he watches.


    "I don't know but its kind of boring" She moves her hand around before clicking the remote and changing it back to the Comedy channel "There we go this is better!" She giggles checking outside as the sun seems to be slowly going down causing her to look at the time which reads...Eight thirty seven "Its getting late...You can go if you want" she shrugs weakly looking outside at the sun set.

    Chuckles as he watches
    "This is a bit better" Glancing outside with a small sigh looking around for a clock "Hmm.. getting dark outside.. guess I should head back to my room in awhile" giving a small yawn as he rubs his eyes "Been a busy few weeks.. be nice to have a real bed again".

    Shifts around nodding before she thinks
    "We should do something! I wanna do something! Wanna go to the Public Pool?" She questions curiously shifting around under the blankets smiling brightly.

    Looks over to her
    "We could... I'm just not the best swimmer" shrugging lightly from under the blanket "We can if you want to".


    "Well I guess we can do it tomorrow!" She blinks smiling before she gets up using the blanket for cover as she snatches his own blanket and walks off to the bed room "See you tomorrow Jonathan!" She calls out crawling in bed and snuggles up inside the mountain of blankets.

    "Sure.." talking over picking his back up and throwing it onto his back "Ill see you than I guess? bye Izuna" heading to the door and out going back to his room.
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    Annabelle - or Anne, as she most frequently called herself, flutters awake within the confines of her little room.
    How long was I asleep?, she thinks, wiping the sleepiness off her eyes. Yawning, she slips off her bed, reaching out for the little clock by her side.
    20:15... She slept for about five hours or so, she counts, and now it should be past dinnertime. Looking over to the metal door several paces in front of her, sure enough, her dinner is waiting for her, placed and packaged in such a way to prevent the contents from moving around or spilling out, fixed in place despite the turbulence happening around it. Seriously, she could've sworn they were actually nailed down or something.

    But she is hungry, and mulling over minor facts would have to wait. She takes the meal back to the bedside, and begins to eat. Her gaze drifts through the room as she did; a small, simple metallic room, with a single bed and enough room to put her luggage down and wander around, plus lights and an electric fan. It wasn't much, but she got used to it. How long has it been, a week? No, less than that, she's certain. Derika... The island of the Gifted. She still clearly remembers back then, when her family sent their only daughter on this ship-voyage. Even though they pooled their money with several other families, she knows it still hurt their savings. They're not rich, after all.

    Anne sighs, in part out of regret, finishing her meal. As simple as her room is, the room is apparently a 'VIP room', granted to her because her family had one of the biggest shares in paying for the trip. That was... Both fortunate and unfortunate at the same time, depending on how much her selfishness scale is on.
    Why did they have to use this ship, anyway? It's so heavily armed it might actually pass for an armored cruiser, and even despite the rumors about freaky wildlife around Derika, land and sea, it still seems like overkill...

    Then again, the unnaturally violent rocking she occasionally experienced, and the explosions she less frequently heard, might shed a bit of light on that matter. She kinda slept through most of it, though; not that hard when using your Gift - something she fancily calls 'Gradation Air' - makes you really sleepy.
    She was just going to practice said Gift when a voice through the intercom interrupted her.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, we're 'bout to reach land real soon, so get your bearings and grab your stuff, 'cause we're not responsible for anything left behind when you get down", the captain speaks through the intercom, prompting the little lady inside to get dressed and grab her luggage as the gears in her head click together.

    Rushing out of her little cabin, she can finally see her destination getting closer and closer, the almost-mythical island in the middle of the Pacific. Fortunately, she didn't lose her breath at the sight, unlike some of the other passengers that came in with her. She's never been one for panoramas, though, beautiful as they are, and she didn't carry her smartphone with her after all (Nice move, Anne. Nice move) she decides to just take a walk around the deck. Maybe she'll find something interesting.
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    Liam has to hold his hand to his mouth to cover up his grin. He couldn't help it, he'd just gotten away with stealing dozens of TV shows and movies that he'd never gotten around to watching. It was so easy for him, all he had to do was out his hand down on the case and it'd slide silently into his Pocket. He could feel his capacity sitting at around 110 lbs, a comfortable weight for him. Anymore than that and he'd have trouble slipping through objects. Any less and he'd be less prepared to deal with every situation.

    The sliding doors open with a hiss, the humid summer air hitting Liam like a wall. He quickly adjusts his temperature with some cool air saved from the comfort of his apartment, making it seem like he owned his own personal breeze to ruffle his hair.

    Looking around, Liam notices other Gifted coming up with their own methods of beating the heat. A girl wearing a tank top and running shorts is accompanied by a disk of limestone that shads her as she jogs past. Across the street, a little boy carrying a lunchbox walks comfortably in the shade, even though it was midday and there was no shade to be found on either side of the street.

    Liam decides to visit Vance next. The dude always had the best food, and Liam needed some custom clothing made that literally only Vance was capable of supplying. Liam slips out a skateboard from his leg and hops on, using bursts of air to accelerate. His friends had gotten him into skateboarding and he had to admit that it was fun. 15 minutes later, Liam rolls to a stop in front of the physical faction. He sends a text to Vance telling him to come upstairs.
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    (Bad post incoming)

    Izuna would have gotten her clothes out of the Dryer and would be wearing them comfortably while sitting on the couch
    "This place is amazing it has food stocked up...Its got...well I dont know why theres clothes in the bedroom but I dont care these blankets are awesome!" She giggles happily snuggling up inside her blanket as she sips another Dr. Pepper and watches the Comedy Channel randomly laughing.
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    Sitting in his dark laboratory, Vance immediately responds with a "?", annoyed by the lack of details. He patches into the cameras setup outside the building and spots Liam quickly by his notable skateboard to find where exactly "upstairs" was.
    He slips off the lab bench he was laying on while browsing the Internet via his processor and locks up his lab to greet Liam above.
    Smart Liam stayed outside. Not sure the front desk would want to see that Dimensional delinquent again.
    Vance takes an elevator up from the Physical faction basement and out the lobby doors to where Liam was waiting.
    Before Liam can get a word off, Vance speaks "Hello Liam. I'll let you know now that my lab is STILL not a petting zoo. Much less your petting zoo. What's up?"
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    Lenard yawns as he walks the empty street, sunlight bathing him. "Probably should've gotten some sleep last night rather then watching TV 'till morning...." He says quietly to himself.
    He'd been driving his rental buggy to the small town of Donma ((I'm bad at names)) since sunrise, and was exhausted. He was out here to try and get a Z-Watch as they were supposedly sold at reduced price here. Plus he had to buy food and figured it'd be cheaper and tastier in a farming town like this one. Now thinking it over, why would an industrially produced electronic cost less at a farming town. He sighed as he realized he needed better sources of information. Still, the food must be fresher, and people always say to take care of yourself.... He waves his hair aside as he walks into the market. People hustling and bustling around, it was very noisy. Would be hard to talk here, he figured. Hard to haggle too.
    Exiting the store a few minutes later with a bag full of food, he looked up at the sun shining bright and very hot. "Why did I bring a jacket in this weather...."
    Making his way out of the town and into the road, which he knew would stretch to a parking lot where he parked his ride, he was taken by surprise when two ETG officers whacked him in the face with a stick. "GAH" He yelled as he fell backward, his food spilling everywhere. "HEY THAT COSTED ME A LOT O-" He stopped mid-sentence as he saw the two armed men in uniform standing over him. "Hey hey hey, let's not be too rash here" He said nervously as one of the men held him at gun point, the other appeared to be going back to get something from his bag. Now he could clearly see what was written on the officer's vest, 'ETG'. ((I'm gonna assume I don't have to roll dice for NPCs, but correct me if I'm wrong)) Lenard stared him down, his eyes shifting to a magenta color from their usual dark brown for a split second, as he began speaking, "Now why are you pointing your gun at me? I'm your partner, we're supposed to get this gifted guy, he's right behind you!" He yelled at him, praying to god this guy was stupid and his power would work. The man seemed to be confused for a second, before turning around and looking at his partner digging through a bag. "Go get him!" Lenard yelled, not wanting to lose any momentum. The officer turned around and walked to his partner, pulling out handcuffs and appearing aggressive. Sensing this was the time, Lenard ran down the road as fast as he could, focusing on keeping the officer busy as best as he could, but he knew that without full concentration he couldn't hold control for long. He considered trying to kill them with his knife while they were too busy fighting each other, but he figured one of them could kill him without a problem considering they both had fire-arms. Racing to his vehicle, he got on the buggy and drove off. Once he was fairly certain they weren't trying to follow him, he sighed in relief. "Well this was a waste of a perfectly fine day...." He said to himself as he drove back to Brinkhaven. "Waste of money too..."

    ((Now because this is my first post I wasn't sure exactly what were and weren't my limits as a RPer rather than GM in this RP, so I went full derp mode and made this. If this violates any rules I will delete it, I just need to know exactly what I can and can't do. Thank you for reading this word wall.))
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    He sits up in bed looking to the side at the time.. blinking a few times before he groans
    "Damn it.. so late in the day already.. first time in a good bed in a few weeks.. but still.." Jumping out of bed as he rubs his eyes putting some coffee on (( would we at least have that much in our housing? Xp )) before he throws some cloths on quickly Drinking it quickly not bothering with milk or sugar.. after all his room didn't have any food unlikes Izuna's as he picks up his bag heading out of his dorm quickly checking the door is locked as he heads down to the ground floor walking over towards Izuna faction house seeing the other two giving them a small nod in hello (( if you two stop him ill just edit it)) If he isn't not stopped he just heads inside
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    Liam throws his hands up "Hey, I wouldn't want to touch those things if I could help it. You know how I feel about petting lab-born monstrosities." He flips his board onto one end and absorbs it with his leg before continuing. "I was gonna ask if you could make me some organic clothing, matched to my DNA." ((Short post since busyyy))
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    Jonathan not being stopped heads into the faction house catching the elevator as he heads up to Izuna room Knocking on the door as his stomach grumbles
    "Izuna? You awake yet...?" Giving a small sigh.. wondering why her room was full of food and his was just empty
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    Izuna's ears twitch as she pulls out a rather big colorful shirt and some shorts before she pops her head out of the bed room and she hums opening the door as she looks up at Jonathan
    "Morning!" She gives a smile before walking away leaving the door open as she walks into the kitchen pulling out a Soda which she sips on giggling happily "I like my apartment its nice!" She plops herself down on the couch before snuggling up inside her blanket her tail swishing happily beside her as she looks over at Jonathan "Dont just stand there come in!" she fixes her big colorful shirt after wards.
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    Jonathan Gives her a small smile
    "Morning" Walking in closing the door behind him as he gives another small yawn glancing to the kitchen as his stomach grumbles again "Thanks.. my place doesn't have food like yours.. If I cook some thing here could we share?" walking over to the couch sitting his backpack down before he sits down next to her patting his side as he sighs muttering something to himself
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    "I guess so... Grow some nanites and form them into clothing that'll fit you. Sounds like a good idea, so you could pass through walls without stripping nude for once.
    I have the materials to grow yours upstairs in my room I think... I don't recall ever bringing them down to the lab since I moved, so a cube of old nanites should be sitting in the closet... Probably the only thing of mine left.
    Once we get up there, we'll see how it goes."
    Vance leads Liam into the building and up the elevators to his floor. He moves down the hallway to his door and tries to open it with his keycard. Still locked.
    "Ugh Liam, can you open it... It'll be faster... I dunno what keeps happening to my cards. Second time this month."
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    Izuna blinks her ears twitching before she gets up dragging the blanket along with her towards the door looking at it with a tilt of her head before she unlocks the door and pops her head out at first just looking forwards before looking up at Vance her ears twitching up at him while she wears the comfy blanket
    "Uh....Hi?" she blinks looking up at him with big eyes tilting her head still.

    (Sam is gonna loss the power to do posts for a whole day soo uh yea that's happening)
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    The mood whiplash is really starting to get on his nerves.
    First the peaceful snow, then the corpse party, and now a lazy walk down a beaten path toward a city in the distance only to be interrupted by a god damn rotting raptor. Really, it makes him want to cut something. Anything really. The sheer violation of logic is just getting annoying. What the flying hell does a random ass raptor have to do with literally anything? It's not as if he's on an island full of highly dangerous exotic wildlife. And a zombie raptor? Really?

    On it's face was a piece of paper with a red outline and writing in a language he couldn't read. It struck Snow as peculiar, but irrelevant. The raptor was sitting on a rock down the path, right before a bend. It stared directly at him with unblinking eyes. Its tendons were exposed and its skin a sun-bleached white. This thing just plain needed to be put down. Luckily he was in the mood to do it.
    Unluckily, he had no such methods of doing it.

    Frozen in confusion as soon as he caught sight of it, it was no surprise that the raptor made the first move.
    But he wasn't dumb. He couldn't outrun a raptor, zombie or not, and he knew that. Instead he dashed forward.

    The raptor leaped, claws outstretched whilst screeching a bone-piercing roar. Pulling his hand back and moving to the side as much as he could, he smashed his fist into the raptor's face. It staggered off to the side, rearing around to lunge again.

    The raptor's leaping too early. Perhaps its eyes weren't any good anymore? It would explain how he could see it before it attacked instead of being ambushed. In any case, killing it probably requires getting his hands dirty...

    He hastily pushed up his sleeves while taking a few steps back to create some distance. The raptor closed the gap Snow created in no time. Like before, it leaped with its talons outstretched, attempting to pounce him. Unlike before, it didn't leap too early, and Snow couldn't step out of the way. Caught in his failed attempt to evade, he smacked the talons away on reflex, saving himself from dealing with those. Of course, this didn't stop the jaw, which sunk snugly into his neck/shoulder right around the collarbone.


    Thoroughly aggrieved, in pain an overall done with this raptor, He grabs a hold of its neck and squeezes. His fingers dig into its flesh and he starts to raise it up off the ground as much as he can. It's heavy as hell, and he doesn't really get it completely off the ground, but he feels it let up on the assault on his neck and start to thrash violently. Grabbing it by the snout and ripping it off of his flesh, he pushes it away before kicking it to the ground.


    Now absolutely covered in blood and quickly bleeding out, (everywhere) he was starting to feel light-headed. As if on cue, the raptor was getting up and shaking it off, giving him no time to breathe.

    He forces his wound to stop bleeding before gathering up the blood the did lose and forming it into a crude blade and freezing it in its form. As the raptor began its charge once again, he ran forward to meet it. Throwing off its distancing, not trusting its eyesight and just plain not expecting him to charge forward, the raptor didn't leap, which made it a lot easier to run the side of the blade into the raptor's throat. Predictably enough from the raptor's rotting nature, it cut through like butter, continuing into the body, all the way out through the tail.

    With a final gargled roar, it fell, falling into two pieces in a way that would be comical if not for the rotting gore and searing pain in Snow's shoulder.
    He'd have to get to a hospital soon.

    Now unsure of what to do with the crude blood blade, he suddenly realizes why he's been thinking doing stuff like this is weird. He shouldn't be able to, right? It's not normal or something? Maybe someone in the city can answer that.

    Wanting to return to the blood to the body in an attempt to help rectify his blood loss but not wanting to let blood flow through his wounded area again, he attempts to cut his finger on one of the raptor's teeth. Unfortunately, they aren't that pointy, (perhaps dulled from use or age? Worn away by decomposers?) and aren't held to the raptor's mouth very well, so he ends up ripping out a tooth on accident. If they were that easy to remove then...

    Yep. Shoulder full of teeth. It'd probably be wise to leave them in.

    Suddenly realizing he could just cut himself with his blood blade, he drops the tooth, feeling like an idiot. He continues his journey down the path, working to funnel an entire blade through a tiny cut. the city was drawing near. Perhaps he could ask them about their zombie dinosaur outbreak.
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    Liam had been reaching for the door when it opened on him. The door passes through his outstretched hand, up his arm, and through his face, leaving him half-way through the door and thoroughly surprised. A small girl with animal ears and a tail blinks up at him. "Vance, you sicko!" Liam exclaims. "You're disgusting man, experimenting on a little girl for "research purposes". Is this why you didn't want me going down to your lab?!" Liam shakes his head and sighs. "What's your name little one? It's okay, you're safe now. I won't let him hurt you any longer." He says, giving her a kind smile.
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    "Liam it's not what it looks like! Let me explain!"
    Vance looks back at the girl and back at Liam.
    Obviously, this was an escaped experiment gone loose. Possibly highly dangerous.
    "Liam back up! It must have gotten in here somehow from the labs! She could strike at any moment!"
    Vance grabs the door and pushes it shut a little, preventing Izuna from passing through, but enough to still view her.
    Looking back at Liam, Vance whispers "They've never spoken before, we need to capture her"
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    He pulls his hand out of the door rapidly in fear of being bitten and contracting some horrid furry disease. He didn't want to grow ears, it would ruin his hair.

    "Why did you have a little girl in your labs?!" Liam whispers back as he glares at Vance.

    "How'd she even escape anyways? Aren't your experiment cells like, indestructible and everything? Does that mean she broke free? Just what kind of monster have you created?!"

    Liam backs up against the far wall and crosses his arms. "Noooope. This is your mess. I don't handle biological stuff, that's your thing. Go put it down before it chews up a pillow or something." He says firmly.
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    "Hey don't look at me like that, she must've grown from some nutrient tank or something without me noticing and run off while I was out.

    "I'm working out the kinks in the cells, they're mostly safe. The "maximum security" door I admit is a bit of a joke and could use some improvements."

    Vance looks back at Liam for a moment and says "Was that a joke about your Gift?" before looking back at the animal girl staring at him.

    Provoke target. Vance fully envelops himself in his nanite suit and reaches through the door to poke Izuna. She's got my blanket!

    Vance nervously speaks "Hello there. How did you escape. Much less enter my room. Or even find my room for that part."

    ((*Posts this before I forget that Izuna also has actions*))
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    "No I was serious. I can't absorb living things remember? So I could get scratched and bitten up and do nothing about it.

    Why are you speaking to it anyways? It's obviously too wild to be reasoned with."
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    (Sorry for late answers, I was away~!)
    Izuna blinks at all that happens and she opens and closes her mouth blinking again
    "Uh...Wait..what...I..I got a key card from the lady down stairs...Um...What..." she fixes the blanket around her shoulders "And im not a little girl im Thirteen!" She grumbles shifting around with a slightly pouty/Glaring face as she looks up at Vance then at Mattie as she opens the door, or at least tries to "I'm Izuna!" She shifts around staring at them both making a possibly adorable frowning face with her cheeks puffed up a bit.

    (Cuteness Claimed the page - http://imgur.com/3EEu8Z7 )

    (Small edit)
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