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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Bagheera Magaro, May 22, 2020.

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    So, I'm returning to Starbound after multiple years, and I've been delighted with the huge amounts of mods available. But, as I was pondering how best to arrange the design of a Secret Volcano Super Fortress & Malt Shack, the thought occurred to me that I might want to be able to ponder and examine any catastrophic lava mistakes at leisure rather than get booted directly to the respawn animation immediately after being fried extra crispy. (Also, it would give more time to laugh at myself or cool my head before respawning, depending on how funny/enraging the event was.)

    However, I have yet to find a mod that simply lets you hang around your body's former position until you hit a key or something. Am I missing it in my searches, or has it actually not been created? If it does not exist, can someone point me to where I'd find the needed info to make such a mod?

    tl;dr: Anybody seen a "hit key to respawn" mod for Starbound anywhere?

    Hm. Further research shows this kind of thing has been a problem/concern since at least 2014. It's 2020 now, so...uh...well, if it's in my potential abilities to help, I shall help.

    It also seems like there's a lot of different ideas on what should be done instead of normal death behavior, so I think the most solid approach would be for me to design a mod that's easy to add more functions to. I haven't done any modding before, but if it's anything like a simple "stick a branching logic path in the right place via code editing" then maybe I have a chance of actually succeeding.

    I'm thinking maybe having a branching logic path that starts when a player character's hp hits 0 and then goes through an "if <one type of Death Incurrance Policy hidden status effect> then <do this> <exit branching part>, elseif <other type of death insurance policy hidden status effect> then <do that> <exit branching path>, etc with the obvious ability to add more paths for more status effects later on. Sounds easy, right? (I'm sure there's actually going to be some series of intricate hurdles that prevent it from being that easy, but I'm still going to try.)

    If anybody has any ideas for names for this death effect choice mod system, I'm all ears (and eyes). So far I've come up with: Death Incurrance Policy (D.I.P.), Death Occurance Policy (which would have the comedic opportunity for Death Occurance Policy Effects (D.O.P.E.s) as a thing), Pick Your Own Death, and Death Effect Activated Thematic...uh...something-that-starts-with-H.
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