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    This is an easy solution for all those dedicated server admins out there. I wrote an easy to adjust batch file to do all the hard (and sometimes confusing) work for you. There are only a few steps to follow.

    1. Download the attached zip-file and open it
    2. Copy the 2 files in there over to your starbound directory, either into the win32 or win64 folder, depending which version you use.
    3. run the file "StartServerWithSteamMods.cmd" instead of "starbound_server.exe" from now on.

    This can get handy if you want to run different configurations (or universes). Just make copies of both of my files with new names, adjust what you need and run from there.


    Here you can set a special storage directory for your server. You can also change the default bindings here, but only adjust those if you REALLY know what you're doing.

    Also: Do NOT fix the JSON format! The batch file will add the brackets, which are needed for you.


    You can set some filenames here. But leave all below the clearly marked delimiter in peace.


    I hope this little piece helps you in future. Comments and suggestions are welcome.



    - added another custom variable to the batch file


    - removed that custom variable again since the server didn't like it after a bit (weird, but yeah)
    - implemented automatic lookup for the Steam directory (not all install their games into the steamdir)

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    This looks very useful, but no screenshots.
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    Well i didn't look into it since 1.2 .. so cll it out-dated until i have time to look into it

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