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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Kurachi84, Dec 12, 2018.

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    as the title says, a mod that won't give debris, you know... the stones, wood and fiber on your farm
    it'd be nice to keep the ones you start with, as you get some early fiber for a scarecrow, but after that, season changes should NOT give any of it

    i thought to put it at the mods, as i'm sure the vanilla game should be with it
    that redicilous priced giant watch is insane, and will only be available much later in the game
    having the greenhouse makes it less painful, but starting a new character, which has to make money, will be harmed by that stuff... and it's very annoying to redo the cleaning

    i even pause the time now, just so i don't lose time i wanna use for my farm and the villagers
    that's with timespeed mod, btw
    at summer, i'm like "yeah!! lets get some melon seed......s.... ugh, first stupid cleaning

    ps. if possible, i'd love to have such mod also for 1.3.28, as i'm still using it for now, not sure if it could be made for that one AND the new version, but i play .28 still

    EDIT: also would like a mod or mods to grow rice (one on nexus is hidden) and get vinegar through crops or such
    i don't know much about plants myself, haha

    i also would love to see more weapons, ones that are basically same damage, but different combinations of stat bonusses.... and maybe some a little different, so combinations of weapons that have different stats of what the vanilla ones have.... and a list with the weapons their stats would be great, so we can see if we agree with the mod's changes

    that's all i think off right now :)
    already made a Secret of Mana themed mod suggestion, so that'd be great too, even if only the monsters and such would be changed (not the villagers, as i use a mod that does something to some villagers already..... don't wanna lose my female versions of normally male spouses)
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    • Kurachi84

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      BUMP with an update: i also would love to get a cat mod that gives us Puar from the Dragonball series (not sure why i stayed awake to think about that, last night)
      extra info about this topic: i already changed the topic, as i had more ideas
      • Kurachi84

        Kurachi84 Star Wrangler

        update: i'd LOVE to have new boots which make you move faster, but have no defense or immunity
        imagine them as free time boots.... maybe shoes, if possible
        like they are no good in the dungeons, but you can run at your (non-wilderness) farm for your crops and such
        maybe 20-25% faster would do

        EDIT: if someone would like to make these mods, they can, of course, make it for the newest SDV and SMAPI, so i can catch up to them as soon as (almost?) all the mods i use, get support for the newest versions
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          i tried the horse mod with dragonite, but the head is way too.... headbanging(?), and epona gets dull
          i thought "what would be a good horse" i have thought about horses in anime and games, but i couldn't think off....
          wait, i know!!! what about the anime ABOUT horses?
          what i'm asking, and this may sound real weird/perverted, depending on how you look at it, but i'd love to see "Special Week" from the anime "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" :rofl:
          not sure if anyone knows it, but it's a pretty peaceful anime, and she's pretty cute, so why not?

          i'd also like a mod that changes the galaxy sword from 60-80 "attack speed + 4", to "attack speed +2" and either "+ 2 defense" or +"10% crit chance", if possible
          must be compatible with CJBItem Spawner and CJBShowItemSellPrice, and "[CP] Make the Galaxy Sword Galactic"
          i have no idea how to mod, but i guess it's similar to each other, anyway
          maybe also the galaxy hammer with instead of "attack speed+2, weight+5", "attack speed+2, defense+2 or +10% crit chance"
          i don't use the daggers, so don't care about that, maybe make it different if you will, for yourself

          i'm a defensive kind of person in games, but crit chance also can be defensive, in a way, so if you'd want to use it, and want that stat instead, i can live with both

          ps. the reason i don't like weight, is that the enemies need to be killed, and that's gonna take longer if they are being pushed back all the time
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