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Do you want a mod that spawns a Grave with your items in it, upon death?


  2. I'd like to help!!!

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  3. Could be useful- not if it meant making it, though.

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  4. This idea is silly, Memento Mori already exists.

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  5. No.

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  6. Yes.

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  1. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie

    SkyeTheTerribleBeastie Big Damn Hero

    Initial Mod idea: craftable Graves made with any Gravestone and a Coffin, places upon death with items that would otherwise be dropped and lost, when auto-placed gives a quest that acts like any Outpost quest (in that it tells you what planet it's on, and has a Compass when you're on the right planet.

    Yes, I've seen that Memento Mori is a mod, but it's merely a bandaid to the problem of losing things upon death, like if there's Void and all your crafting items fall of the edge of known existence... your loss. Unless...

    Craft Grave -> Death -> Check if Grave in Inventory, use top left one first ->
    Grave removed from inventory -> Grave placed on player location -> Grave vacuum items for... 10 tics, stored within ->
    Check if "Recovery" quest already given- give quest "Recovery #2" if "Recovery" active, etc -> (Upon Respawn) Give Quest "Recovery" with the Grave's location as quest location ->
    Activate Grave -> Items removed from Grave storage and given to player -> Grave now breakable, not recollectable

    Assets probably found from: Vanilla quests, the item vacuum code from F.U., vanilla Gravestones and Coffin

    Item placement similar to the ship locker, places dirt background walls if it fails to place the first time
    If surrounded by liquid, place one block above top of liquid, dirt along the bottom edge
    If coding placement conditions becomes too complicated, Grave placement itself may have to spawn a pregenerated minidungeon, the grave surrounded by one block of dirt on every side, and a dirt background as well

    Grave is the size of a Coffin with dirt on the top, and a Gravestone on top

    Example crafting recipes/item list:
    Undertaker's Desk: (10 wood, 5 plant fibre, 5 paper, 5 iron bars)
    Umbrella: (10 fabric, 2 iron bars, black dye) - held, activateable, immune to Rain when active, 1-handed
    Bundle of flowers: (10 any flower petals, paper, string, plant fibre) - crafting item, holdable but not placeable, causes Crying when held, 1-handed
    Coffin: (any bed, any wooden crate, 10 fabric, 10 cotton wool)
    Basic Grave: (Headstone, Coffin, 10 dirt) - Normal
    Lit Grave: (Candle, Basic Grave) - Produces light
    Mournful Grave: (Bundle of flowers, Basic Grave) - Less pixels lost
    Solid Grave: (50 Iron Bars, Basic Grave) - Places some iron blocks around it for protection in hazardous environments
    Decorative __ Grave: (__ Grave) - Looks exactly like the input Grave, but acts as a Sign instead, can be manually placed, does not function as a Grave would normally, potentially act as respawn point if Undead race???

    I am technically capable of making this mod, but I need guidance and ideas and, yes, criticism, and to see if this would be something the people want.

    I can easily do: simple spriting, simple copy-paste-edit coding, mod format
  2. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie

    SkyeTheTerribleBeastie Big Damn Hero

    Step 1: Make the items, objects, recipes
    Step 2: Figure out how to get placing object on death to work- on death, surround player with dirt so items don't stray
    Step 3: Make it spawn the Grave to suck up items for an amount of time
    Step 4: Make it a "Recoverable"; holds items, activate to drop all its items on player, disappears when broken
    Step 5: Code it so that it will move to nearest location with no player-placed blocks to avoid accidental self-griefing???

    Thoughts: The grave placed on death could be a microdungeon with dirt, a vanilla gravestone, a vanilla coffin, and the optional items; whereas the decorational graves will be an item that looks identical to how the dungeon would spawn.
  3. NexusTheBrony

    NexusTheBrony Spaceman Spiff

    If this gets made, suggestion for a possible version: another item that instead of a grave on death, it shows as your dead body. This would be crafted with a mannequin and " Your DNA" (crafted by hand with no ingredients). To make up for the fact it uses a freebie item ("Your DNA"), only half your items are stored, prioritizing equipment, then hotbar items, then the rest
  4. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie

    SkyeTheTerribleBeastie Big Damn Hero

    Or a handheld craftable, something like a "Willful Soul" that'll place your Dead Body on death (which functions as a chest with the dropped items), which will "decay", or break and drop the items after a set period of time (one, maybe three hours?).

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