Dear ConcernedApe -- Responsible pet ownership.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lichbrite, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. LuthienNightwolf

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    I honestly don't get why so many people are objecting to a suggestion on a suggestion thread. If you don't agree, just keep scrolling...why come here and comment and put the OP's suggestion down? Is everyone not free to make suggestions, no matter how silly they might seem to others?
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    • Corraidhín

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      I honestly think there should be, if time allows, an update from ConcernedApe about the pets, not to say an overhaul, but the small yet important changes like feeding, and more complex, but extremely important things like the thread's author has mentioned. Games can be educational too without becoming boring or uninteresting, in fact it would be extremely irresponsible to not right such wrongs.
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      • Bon3z

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        I'm just going to put this here because honestly this is what this nonsense reminds me of.
        • MellowTigger

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          The fact that people feel it necessary to express their emotional response in this thread seems to be all the proof anyone needs for the assertion that pixels on a screen have significant and far-reaching impact on human psychology and behavior. Reducing the harmful impact seems a reasonable goal.
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          • sunlite

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            Little late of a reply, but I think that's a great idea. I mean, if CA didn't want Abigail to have a hamster because it's trendy, it would make sense. Arguably, guinea pigs are trendier than rats.

            I'd be up for that too. While I am obsessed with guinea pigs (if you haven't figured already lol) I am in general a rodent lover. How can anyone hate rats?!

            Also, I feel like linking this because why not?
            • LuthienNightwolf

              LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

              Ahhh lol That's totally gonne be me someday. :rofl: Sadly, I haven't actually been able to have rats for a few years because our apartments suck and basically don't allow any pets other than dogs and cats. :/ BUT we'll be moving at the end of the year and I made sure the new place does, and I'm SO getting a couple once we're settled. Rats are the best, I have missed having them around.
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              • Lilliput

                Lilliput Supernova

                I hear some apartments in New York are so fancy they come with free rats in every room! :poke:
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                • LuthienNightwolf

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                  I would be the one to feed them and try to make pets out of them too. lol I could never do a big city like New York though, far too many people. x.x' Needs less humans and more rats. lol
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                  • sunlite

                    sunlite Pangalactic Porcupine

                    Ugh, I'm in Chicago and even here I feel like there's too many people (and it's soooo dang cold!l)..but there's lots of rats and mice here and I half like it half dislike it. I'm thinking of moving to somewhere warmer/less densely populated as soon as my student loans are paid off....
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                    • Ogremk3bis

                      Ogremk3bis Void-Bound Voyager

                      So I have four Cavies, two are 7 years old, one is 5 and the youngest is 4. All except on love strawberries and can smell them from across the house or when I bring home berries from the market. I get squeak swarmed by little feet and noses. So...hey now that you know where my loyalties towards real world piggies...

                      You know in Ecuador they EAT GUINEA PIGS right? As a good friend to man from Ecuador I think Guinea Pigs should be offered as a food item in honor of his culture. Maybe I'll look into modding the game so we can add Guinea Pig farming...for food--because its a GAME. :p ;)
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                      • Seismothesaurus

                        Seismothesaurus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        *waves* Hey, I'm from the Chicago area originally (but I live in Toronto now).

                        Never had rats myself (well... not on purpose) but I was a techie in the theatre department in high school and our director kept a couple of ratties in his office. We used to hang out with them after class. I liked touching their tails a lot, lol.
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                        • LuthienNightwolf

                          LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                          I had asked a long time ago to have someone mod the rabbits into piggies, I suppose I could do it myself now that I kinda know what I'm doing. lol

                          I used to have a guinea pig named Gizmo that would wheek loudly when I rattled a plastic bag, ran the kitchen faucet, ran the microwave...basically anything that gave him the idea that he was getting food, whether he actually was or not. lol Opening the fridge was the biggest trigger though, that's where the veggies came from. lol
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